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Iolite Sunstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Iolite Sunstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Iolite Sunstone is a beautiful stone to look at which gives you the ability to effectively widen your imagination and establish a deeper connection with the divine realm.

Very effective and highly powerful, Iolite Sunstone is a shamanic stone that is highly beneficial when used during the process of trying to connect with beings from other dimensions.

Iolite Sunstone Properties

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This beautiful violet crystal can be extracted from schists, gneisses, metamorphosed rocks, and quartz veins. It consists of an orthorhombic crystal system.

With a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5, Iolite Sunstone has a very greasy lustre.

Also known as Cordierite, it was first described and named after Pierre Cordier, a French geologist at the time back in 1813.

It takes its official name from the Greek word which translates to “violet”.

Iolite Sunstone is pleochroic and has the ability to transmit a variety of different colours at different times.

Its most common colours are blue, gray, blue-green and violet-blue.

Iolite Sunstone can be found in many countries around the world including Sri Lanka, Brazil, Finland, Africa, Myanmar, India, Norway, and the USA.

Why Would You Use Iolite Sunstone?

Also known as the “vision stone”, Iolite Sunstone has the power to expand your imagination beyond its original limits so that you may gain further wisdom and knowledge.

If you are in the creative arts, you can use Iolite Sunstone to help aid in boosting your creative ideas by allowing your imagination to run wild.

You can also use this stone during meditation and astral travelling as it will help clarify your vision and open your mind to all new horizons.

By allowing you to activate your third eye chakra, this stone will let you to gain access to psychic abilities which will help you a great deal during your interdimensional travel.

Iolite Sunstone can also help to refine and tune one’s intuition. It helps you to always remain sharp between the ears and react to any situation that presents itself to you.

This stone also has the ability to activate your throat chakra which is beneficial to your vocal cords and speech.

You will be able to patch your ideas together much more effectively when conversing with other people. And you will find yourself speaking much more fluently.

You can use Iolite Sunstone to harness its powers before a big presentation or meeting. You won’t let anything get past you and face all critics head-on.

It can also be used by someone who is just starting to experience and develop psychic powers and abilities. Because doing so can cause a strain on your body.

Iolite Sunstone will help your body heal and relieve you of the stress that using your psychic gifts may cause.

If you have a lot of headaches and migraines then this stone can provide relief from some of the pain.

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If you are looking to find solutions to certain problems in your work or private life, you can use the powers of Iolite Sunstone to expand your vision so that you are able to find the perfect outcome.

By allowing you to see more clearly, Iolite will be able to help you navigate your way through every walk of life without taking any damage from opponents.

You can use Iolite Sunstone to gain full control over your actions and mind. It helps you to be always motivated by what drives you the most.

You can also use Iolite Sunstone to fully experience your visions in their truest essence. And you will feel them manifesting as close to reality as possible.

You can use it to start a journey of self-reflection, to find yourself and the person you really are.

Also, you will find answers to long lost questions. And you will discover things about yourself and your personality that you didn’t know before.

You can use it together with the seven laws of attraction. With it, you can try to bring your dreams into reality by letting your imagination do all the work.

You can focus on your dreams and start creating scenarios in your head that you would like to come true. Iolite Sunstone will help turn these dreams into reality.

How Will Iolite Sunstone Help You?

Iolite Sunstone can help grant you a variety of psychic gifts and abilities that will allow you to understand the true meaning and reason behind the universe.

It will allow you to recognize yourself as not just a mortal. But a spiritual being that has been sent on this earth for a specific reason.

Iolite Sunstone will enable you to reach the success that you desired all throughout your life. It does so by allowing you to have deep self-realization of your true purpose in life.

This amazing stone will help you bring your ideas into reality. That way nobody can never accuse you of being ‘all talk’.

With this stone in your possession, you will triumph over every hardship that comes your way. It will strengthen your mental endurance.

By allowing you to fully reflect on your soul, Iolite Sunstone will enable you to put everything into perspective. And this will allow you to differentiate everything that’s important to you with everything that is of no importance.

It will also help balance your yin and yang energies so that neither side overpowers your personality.

In this way, Iolite Sunstone will help you achieve a great balance of character in life. And it will be hard for people to predict your moves considering they will never be able to know your motivations.

Iolite Sunstone also has an abundance of healing properties that can help your body to stay healthy and running.

If you are someone who wants to transform their body over holiday season then it can be your perfect companion. It helps in weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and getting rid of fatty deposits.

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Iolite Sunstone is also linked with improving the liver function. Your body can help remove any toxins that may be present inside your body which could cause you harm.

By increasing metabolism, Iolite Sunstone aids in the growth and strengthening of the overall body.

Due to its calming effect on the mind, Iolite Sunstone is very helpful in times of fever and malaria. It will help relieve you of pain and anguish.

Spiritual Healing

Iolite Sunstone helps heal up your soul by allowing you to dispel any past negative thoughts and traumas.

By accepting your circumstances, Iolite Sunstone will enable you to confront your reality head on. You can finally move on with life and start to focus on what’s ahead.

This stone will also encourage you to recognize and admire your own individuality. That will help you become much more self-confident and expressive.

By allowing you to form a deep connection with the inner-most cores of your soul, Iolite Sunstone can be used during shamanic ceremonies to help the soul during its out of body journey.

By plucking away the sins you’ve committed in the past, one by one, this stone will help you rid your soul of past scars and traumas.

Also known as “Viking Stone”, Iolite Sunstone is associated with the angel of vision (Gabriel) and the spiritual warrior (Michael).

The uplifting energies of Iolite Sunstone will enable it to attract all kinds of happiness and joy. Your soul can feed off of these and become more satisfied.

When you’re truly satisfied from within, that’s when you’ll start to find true happiness in the world around you.

Love and Romance

Iolite Sunstone is great at harmonizing the energies of both male and female. Therefore, people consider it to be highly beneficial when it comes to love and romance.

By allowing you and your partner to understand each other’s space and limitations, it will help you develop a very strong bond with your partner.

By being in your life, Iolite Sunstone will enable you to see the importance and value of everything around you. You’ll always be living the moment and enjoying every second of your life.

This will help bring you and your partner together as both of you will start to notice all the great things about each other. And you will start enjoying the blessings that you have been given in life.

Allowing you to express yourself in front of your partner will help them fall in love with you every day.

As in any relationship you have to take responsibility for your own actions. And Iolite Sunstone will help give you the courage to take up this responsibility.

Doing so will enable your relationship to become mature. And will also allow your partner to see you in a whole different light.

Every couple goes through financial fights at some time or another. But having Iolite Sunstone in your possession will allow you to become very good with handling your money.

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If you are very dependent on your partner for everything, then it will allow you to change this dependency. It does so by encouraging you to do your own work yourself!

Iolite Sunstone will negate all negativity from your surroundings. You can focus on building a long term sustainable relationship with your better half.

How to Use Iolite Sunstone for the Best Results

Using Iolite Sunstone during meditation and shaman ceremonies is the best way to make use of this magnificent stone.

By allowing it to influence your thoughts and surroundings you can use Iolite to benefit you during your out of body experiences.

You can use Iolite to remove any energy blockages throughout your whole system. And it can encourage a free flow of chakra throughout your entire body.

If you have trouble sleeping then you can use it by putting it under your pillow every night before sleeping.

Iolite Sunstone helps aid in adapting to new sleep patterns. And it allows you a good night’s sleep, filled with peace and calm.

You can keep it on you at all times, in your pocket or wallet. This ensures that the stone is always within your auric field.

You can hold on to the stone before very tense situations. This helps to ease and calm the body down so your nerves don’t get the better of you.

Wearing it as a part of jewelry is best when it is worn on top of the throat chakra.

You can also use it in earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings to always keep it on you. It is a very beautiful stone so it will certainly attract attention.

If you happen to find an Iolite Sunstone, you can easily make it a part of your jewelry. Or you can just keep it on your person at all times so that you’re always supplied with its energies.

You can also combine it with other stones such as Sugilite, Purpurite, and Tanzanite. This maximizes the energy output and therefore the benefit.

My Final Thoughts

Iolite Sunstone is truly a very exceptional stone that has great metaphysical abilities that have the ability to truly change your outlook on life.

Having this stone in your possession will bring you nothing but good fortune and making fair use of it will allow you to achieve great success in life.

Iolite Sunstone is one of a kind stone that has the potential to expand your imagination forever.

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