Green Aquamarine: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Belonging to the family of Aquamarine stones, Green Aquamarine is a powerful crystal with amazing energy that is useful to remove obstacles in communication.

The stones are regarded as stress-releasing instruments, which makes them beneficial to aid with issues that stem from anger, stress, and panic.

Green Aquamarine Properties

Green Aquamarine stones are readily available and can be fashioned into various kinds of pieces of jewelry in accordance with the way they are cut.

The name “Aquamarine” has Latin roots and is literally translated into “water of the sea”.

The stones are usually blue-green in color and can be clear, opaque, or milky in appearance, all of which are popularly sought after by collectors or people interested in wearing jewelry made with the stone.

An interesting fact that not many people know about Green Aquamarine is that it originally contains inclusions of yellow within the stone, which comes from minerals like iron and beryl.

This yellow color is later removed by treating the stone with heat, leaving only a bluish green hue in the stone.

Green Aquamarine is mainly found in Brazil but it has also been discovered in several other places across the world, like the USA, India, Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Kenya, and Afghanistan.

Why Would You Use Green Aquamarine?

Green Aquamarine stones are excellent healing instruments, which means that the natural crystal energy of the stone can be used for emotional, spiritual, and even physical treatments.

In fact, one of the most significant uses of Green Aquamarine is that it enables the user to let go of things that no longer serve them emotionally.

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Therefore, one could use this stone to get over an emotional shock or trauma of the past.

If you’ve been through heartbreak or grief and can’t seem to find the will to forget about it, using Green Aquamarine will instill in you the reassurance that life moves on.

You can’t keep hanging on to things that have already happened because there is no way to change them.

What can be changed, however, is how you react and deal with the circumstances that you were placed in.

The healing powers of this stone serve as gentle reminders that it is time to close one chapter of your life if you wish to move on to the next.

It is also a source of great encouragement for you to stay positive in the face of adversities, no matter how challenging your situation may seem.

All that you have faced in life up till now has happened for a reason and this crystal is only reminding you that there is no fruit in questioning why you were chosen to face such troubles.

Working with the higher heart and the thymus chakras, Green Aquamarine infuses you with a soothing vibration that makes you feel at ease with yourself and with the world around you.

It should be noted that the stone contains very high-frequency energy, which can feel quite overpowering when used for the first time.

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Having said that, the immensely powerful impact of the stone is definitely something to look forward to because it implies great things for your personal development.


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Included in this personal growth is the effect that Green Aquamarine has on communication.

The stone is famously known for being an aid with troubles of communication, especially that which is divine and spiritual in nature.

This makes for another very important metaphysical reason for using the stone.

Green Aquamarine is recognized for being a throat chakra stone, which means that it specifically targets this chakra of the body to efficiently target any issues relating to the throat.

Hence, you would use the stone if you’ve been having trouble talking to your spirit guides or paying attention to the divine messages that are constantly being sent to you.

Since the stone will improve all aspects of your life pertaining to communication, you can expect to receive a renewed sense of confidence and understanding when you interact with other people.

These traits will help you convey your thoughts and feelings more clearly and effectively to other people.

In addition, you will also be braver when it comes to saying ‘no’ because you will begin to understand what it is that you truly want.

Thus, if you are not comfortable with a particular person or situation, the energy of Green Aquamarine will help you to maintain your resolve and avoid being coaxed to do something you might regret later.

Moreover, the stone will increase your stamina to deal with tough situations and equip you better to handle sadness.

Ups and downs are a part of everyone’s lives and this stone will make sure that you remain grounded as you go through life.

How Will Green Aquamarine Help You?

The stone is an excellent stimulant of self-healing.

Hence, Green Aquamarine will pull you out of your state of sadness or despair by calming you down and keeping you composed in the midst of chaos.

When you keep a Green Aquamarine with you, its peaceful vibrations start to extend towards your body and tap into your chakras, pinpointing the exact problem areas within you.


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These vibrations bring comfort to these areas, be it a physical injury or disease or an emotional scar. Whatever kind of pain you are going through, Green Aquamarine will boost your endurance tenfold.

Remember, your troubles are only as big and serious as you deem them to be.

By helping you improve your outlook towards yourself and the world around you, the comforting energies of the stone make you realise that you can overcome any hurdles that come your way.

After all, when you are hopeful about the future and truly believe that things will get better, that is when you will stop fretting over what is happening and focus on the things that need to be done.

When used to its fullest, Green Aquamarine will have a powerful effect on all aspects of your life, especially the ones you think need to be worked on the most.

Crystals K

Another very important effect of Green Aquamarine on the person who uses it is that it makes you stronger.

This strength is not just physical; it is the emotional and mental strength that Green Aquamarine grants that helps you reaffirm your belief in your own capabilities.

So if you’re someone who works in a demanding profession or if you simply want to reinstate your motivation to achieve greatness, using the stone will inspire you to put your head down, get a grip on your emotions, and work hard towards your goals.

The stone has also been described as an aid to achieving a better quality of life but this only happens because it emanates positive vibrations that help keep your spirits up at all times.

Most of the benefits that you can reap from the stone will come when you meditate with the stone.

As you focus your thoughts towards it, the energies of the crystal will synchronize with your personal energies to ensure that the universal forces work in your favor and guide you to your true purpose in life.

Finally, by reducing stress, anxiety, and fear, Green Aquamarine helps overcome any troubles that arise from such negative emotions, like headaches, migraines, mental fatigue.

Green Aquamarine and Spiritual Healing

Green Aquamarine has a lot of implications when used for spiritual purposes.

Due to the nature of its vibrations, which are calm, tranquil, and soothing, the stone has the power to help you transcend into a higher meditative state of bliss.

This is the state you need to be in if you want to get in touch with your spirituality.

In fact, it is here that you will be able to contact your spirit guides and hope to listen and see the things that the divine beings are trying to open your eyes to.

Green Aquamarine will harness your inner instinct for perceiving the forces that are unseen by the naked eye.

Regular use of the stone is known to amplify such innate gifts, including that of psychic healing, visions, and intuition.

When you want to develop these skills and make more efficient use of them, make sure to think of these when you meditate with the crystal.

This is necessary because the energies of the stone will accentuate when they are directed towards a particular goal, especially when that goal is to develop psychic gifts.

The synergy between the crystal energy and your personal energy emitting from your higher chakras will result in a pure, positive, and fruitful spiritual experience.

Since it helps bring a person closer to the divine realm along with all of its beings, it will help you understand your spiritual purpose in life.

This is the kind of awareness that you need to fully comprehend your abilities and your strengths.

As you embark on astral travel during your meditation routine, you will be exposed to all kinds of forces, both good and bad.

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However, keeping the stone with you will ensure that any disharmony or toxic force that tries to make its way to you is prevented in order to protect you and allow for a positive spiritual experience.

Green Aquamarine, Love and Romance

While the power of Green Aquamarine may seem intense and overwhelming when you start to work with it, in the longer term, it leaves you awash with a new sense of love and compassion.

The key is to not fight the change in emotions that you will definitely feel as a result of using the stone, especially if you want betterment in your love life.

The core energies of Green Aquamarine are meant to provide solace and invoke feelings of affection.

In essence, you will become more loving, caring, and even more sensitive, especially to the people around you that you feel strongly about.

Due to the nature of such powers that come with Green Aquamarine, the stone is bound to bring success in your relationships.

You will realise which people you need to keep in your life and who you need to cut ties with in order to give yourself space to grow.

It is important to remember that self-awareness is a key quality that is developed with the use of Green Aquamarine.

This awareness starts with the self and extends to the people around you, whom you will be able to judge better.

As a result, you will understand the importance of certain people in your life and make the effort to keep them close to you.

Rest assured, all your efforts will be recognized and reciprocated, and when you find true love, no force on earth will be able to stop you from creating a successful relationship with your significant other.

Those who are already involved with partnerships will feel more at ease when it comes to communicating with their partners and will develop a deeper understanding of one another.

How to Use Green Aquamarine for the Best Results

As the “aqua” in the name suggests, this crystal is associated with the element of water.

Therefore, it has much to do with the dilution of negative emotions like fear, anger, or self-deprecation.

Whether you wear the stone as jewelry or keep it within your surroundings, or even in your pocket, as long as you are in its vicinity, its energies will continue to work their magic on you.

The most effective way of using the crystal is to make sure it is present in your aura for the longest periods of time throughout the day.

My Final Thoughts

Whether you use Green Aquamarine to stimulate effective communication, instill self-esteem, or increase your emotional strength, the positive energy of the crystal are bound to work on you.

So if you start to witness some very important transitions in your life soon after using Green Aquamarine, you need not fight them because you will acquire the strength to embrace these changes and use them to your advantage.


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