Heulandite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Heulandite jewelry

Heulandite Properties

Heulandite is from the Zeolites group and is closely associated with Clinoptilolite.

It’s a hydrated calcium sodium aluminium silicate mineral that can be found in basalt cavities.

Zeolites are categorized into seven families: Stilbite, Natrolite, Harmotome, Gismondine, Chabazite, and Analcime.

Heulandite creates sprays of complex translucent crystals exhibiting soft color hues. Its colors range from clear to white, pink, yellow, green, grey, brown, and black.

It can be vitreous or pearly, and it can exhibit a translucent to a transparent luster.

Heulandite is often mistaken as Stilbite. August Breithaupt discovered the distinction in 1818 and named it Euzeolite, which means beautiful Zeolite.

H.J. Brooke also came to the same conclusion in 1822 and named it Heulandite, after Henry Heuland, a mineral collector.

Why Would You Use Heulandite?

Heulandite will promote an altered state of awareness and assist you in accessing and visualizing ancient knowledge.

It will also help you access your Akashic records.

Heulandite Cluster ExampleThis stone will show you how you can unlock the inherent messages of your dreams and activate the portals to interdimensional reality.

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It will unlock the connection between your heart and your head, helping you become more centered and uplifted while easing your emotional burdens.

Heulandite will calm the mind and promote meditative states to open yourself up to divine guidance.

It’s also a high-vibration stone that will stimulate your brain and improve mental clarity.

It has been traditionally used to help make contact with spirit guides and develop psychic abilities.

Heulandite will help you connect with your spirit guides and improve your psychic abilities.

It will support you in connecting with mother earth and the heart of Gaia. It will also calm your emotions and protect your ability to forgive and love.

You will also learn about the past lives that you have lived and help you with healing situations that are of a karmic nature.

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It will also stop you from repeating the same cycles and reliving the bad situations over and over.

Heulandite is an excellent stone to help you focus your thoughts. It will clear your mind of negativity and help you attract more positive thoughts.

It will support the synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain and stimulate them so that you can better connect and make an impact on other people.

The more you access this particular part of your brain, the more you will also realize that you can access divine guidance more quickly and easily.

Heulandite will boost your psychic visions and develop your psychic abilities.

It will promote the overall good health of the body, especially the brain. It will also make you more aware of the subtle vibrations in your environment.

Heulandite will help you release your pain or anger from past life events that are caused by blockages.

The energies of Heulandite will also help you direct your thoughts properly and express your emotions clearly.

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Heulandite is the perfect stone to have when you are serious about making bigger changes in your life!

How Will Heulandite Help You?

Heulandite, Healing and Health

Heulandite can be very beneficial in the treatment of growths. It can also be very useful in the attainment of weight loss goals.

Heulandite is associated with the base chakra, which can be found at the base of the spine, and its energies radiate to the legs and the feet.

It can promote the overall health of the physical body. It can also be used in healing and maintaining the balance of the base chakra to ensure good mobility.

Heulandite can stimulate overall physical healing. It can also enhance good blood flow to the lower body.

Its healing energies can assist the bladder, kidneys, and the liver. It can also help with inner ear problems and with boosting the respiratory system.

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Heulandite and Wealth

Heulandite will guide you in making wiser and more positive choices that will steer you away from a negative path, especially when it comes to your financial journey.

It’s the perfect stone to have when you need to be more open to something new. It will also inspire you to step up in your roles at work or with your business.

This will result to more abundance and prosperity in your life!

Heulandite, Love and Relationships

Heulandite will help ease your emotional pains. It will make the pain hurt less and the process of moving on more tolerable.

This stone will also stimulate your heart and crown chakras. It will bring you energies of love, balance, and inner peace, which will positively influence your relationship with the one you love.

Heulandite will promote a healthy balance in your heart and mind.

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It will make you aware of the things that you should do to make your bond stronger, and it will also remind you what you need to do to keep yourself happy.

This stone will help you experience joy every day in your life and connect to positive emotional energies. It will also encourage you to become more compassionate and kind.

The energies of Heulandite will help you overcome your emotional shock or grief. It will also guide you in releasing your unhealthy emotions.

It will prevent you from being sarcastic, resentful, or judgmental.

Heulandite will also encourage change and help you achieve a powerful emotional healing.

The loving energies that are flowing throughout your body will inspire you to become more compassionate towards your partner.

The lovely energy flowing through you will inspire you to become more patient and understanding towards others. It will inspire you to forgive, especially all the people who have wronged you.

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Its energies are very calming to your emotions, and it will encourage you to develop positive feelings of love.

All the negative and unhealthy feelings will fall away, and you will be able to get rid of your anger, jealousy, and insecurity. Heulandite will also remind you to stop being patronizing and superior.

How to Use Heulandite for the Best Results

Heulandite is a guardian filter stone. It’s an excellent stone to use if you have prized possessions you want to protect or guard.

It’s also very useful when you travel and go on adventures a lot.

When you take Heulandite with you on your escapades, it can work as a protective shield against accidents and injuries.

When you work with the energies of Heulandite, you will also effectively keep the negative energies away from you.

Make sure that you wear it on your body as jewelry, or keep it in your pocket or purse wherever you are.

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Pink-colored Heulandite stones will increase your personal power and your physical vitality, especially when the demands of your life start to get overwhelming.

They will give you peace and calm, and they will give you the strength and discipline to keep it in your life.

Place a piece of Heulandite in the southwest part of your home or room. This will attract more love and romance to your relationship.

It will also make you feel happy and fulfilled in your journey in motherhood because it will promote the growth of maternal love.

Using this stone in meditation will also help you move your life to the direction that you want. It will help you overcome your obstacles and look forward to the future with a happy heart!

The Best Combination to use with Heulandite

You can pair Heulandite with Axinite, Golden Herderite, Cryolite, and Rhodolite to strengthen your brain stimulation.

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Combining it with other high-energy crystals and stones will also emit strong vibrations that will help you move forward in your life.

If you wish to strengthen your connection with the earth, you can use it with Stellar Beam Calcite, Stellerite, Merkabite Calcite, Satyaloka Quartz, Creedite, Clear Apophyllite, and Phenacite.

Heulandite will also work well with other heart chakra stones. It will harmonize with Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, and Pink Morganite.

It will also be beneficial when paired with Gaspeite, Green Tourmaline, or Green Amethyst.

If you wish to access your Akashic records, you can combine it with Goethite, Shaman Stones, Creedite, Cavansite, Chiastolite, or Blue Apatite.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Heulanditeheulandite meaning

Heulandite is not only a powerful meditation tool.

It will also help you focus your energies and move towards what’s truly important.

It will help you get rid of the distractions, and it will inspire you to overcome all your challenges.

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It’s also an excellent stone that will help you connect your past life experiences, which will be relevant to your present experiences.

Heulandite is a stone of transformation, and it will help you bring change in your life in a balanced, focused, and practical way.

It will also bring your yin and yang aspects into balance!

This beautiful stone will enhance your psychic abilities, lucid dreaming abilities, and spiritual visions.

It will also help you achieve emotional healing and give you support as you come to terms with your loss.

It will ease all feelings of loneliness and grief.

Heulandite will help you heal from emotionally traumatic experiences and help you have a more heart-centered existence!