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Picture-Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Picture-Jasper Properties

Picture-Jasper is one of the most famous and sought-after stones in the world.

It’s a beautiful form of Brown Jasper and can be described by its excellent and seemingly landscape patterns on its surface, formed over time by nature.

Picture-Jasper is an opaque stone of the microcrystalline Quartz variety. What sets this stone apart is its extraordinary banding or veining which is created by silicate or petrified mud.

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Picture-Jasper’s remarkable colors are because of its high iron content and the level of minerals and impurities present in the stone.

It has different shades of brown, so you get a stone that’s brown with some blue, black, tan, or ivory shades present as well.

When cut or polished, this stone can show very detailed images on its surface that look very much like scenes or pictures!

Why Would You Use Picture-Jasper?

Picture-Jasper is a great stone for meditation because it will merge your consciousness with the earth.

It will show you how you can be ecologically responsible so that you will enjoy being here in this world together with other people and other living things.

When you pair it with Heliodor, Picture-Jasper will remind you that you are here on the physical plane not only for yourself. You are here to bring happiness, love, and meaning to other people’s lives as well!

It’s a protective and nurturing stone that will bring you comfort during your low days. It will also alleviate your fears and remove your worries.

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Picture-Jasper will enhance your creativity and boost your visualization skills.

Whatever you put your mind on, and whatever you desire, you will find it easier to achieve because it will be very clear in your mind!

This stone will also help you overcome writer’s block.

It’s perfect for artistic people who have trouble finding inspiration.

It will give you constant stimulation, which will result in a high level of productivity.

Picture-Jasper brings energies of connection and comfort. It will positively influence your home, and bring relaxation, composure, security, and stability in your life.

How Will Picture-Jasper Help You?

Picture-Jasper, Healing and Health

It can help in healing the body when it suffers injury or illness. It can also hasten the recovery period after a prolonged illness or an extended stay at the hospital.

The healing energies of Picture-Jasper can bring gradual physical strength and renewed vitality.

It can also help you quit bad habits, like drinking and smoking, and make sure that you quit for good.

It can remove the toxins from your body.It can fortify your kidneys, as well as your intestines and your stomach. It can also be used to balance your body’s mineral content.

The healing energies of Picture-Jasper can also boost fertility and bring about happy and healthy pregnancies, especially when you pair it with Pearl.

It can give protective energies to a pregnant woman during childbirth as well.

It’s also known to be effective in treating skin disorders and alleviating symptoms of allergies, particularly those brought on by chemicals and chronic lung conditions.

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Picture-Jasper can aid in the treatment of the bowel system. It can also be effective against hernia and conditions that affect the prostate.

If you are suffering from IBS, chronic constipation, or obesity, Picture-Jasper can be quite beneficial. It can also provide relief from nosebleeds, colic, and other physical pains in the body.

Picture-Jasper is also a stone that you should use if you’re feeling out of balance physically, or if you’re lacking enthusiasm.

Picture-Jasper and Wealth

Picture-Jasper is particularly beneficial in business endeavors, so you should pair it with Lodestone. It will encourage initiative and confidence so that you will be able to get started on your plans and execute them properly.

It will inspire creative vision and practicality in starting in your own passion project or business.

You will also not be swayed into doing something that can hurt your project or business just because it sounds good and exciting.

The energies of Picture-Jasper will show you how you can control your urges and stop being reckless with your decisions.

Picture-Jasper will also give you a sense of security and stability. Even if everything is happening so fast, you will not lose your bearings, and you will be able to keep a handle on things.

This stone will give you a good sense of your own power. It will emphasize that you can achieve anything you want and accomplish your financial goals by believing in what you can do.

Picture-Jasper will make you demonstrate independence and leadership. It will bring energies of abundance and vitality, and it will promote growth and expansion.

This stone will help you balance your thoughts and make sure that you are communicating in a healthy and positive way.

It will ensure the good flow of energies that will inspire you to have new visions, dreams, and ideas!

Picture-Jasper, Love and Relationships

Picture-Jasper is an excellent talisman to bring your hidden emotions to the fore.

Whether they are hidden feelings of anger, fear, guilt, and hatred, or even admiration, love, and lust, these feelings will be brought to the surface.

When it comes to these feelings, Picture-Jasper will work to expose them so that they can be properly addressed.

This stone will help you deal with these feelings with courage, and with positivity and lightness.

Picture-Jasper will give you the strength and understanding to endure painful or frustrating experiences, especially ones that affect you, your partner, or your relationship.

It will give you the mental and emotional staying power to work through the issues and to process your experiences in a positive way.

This stone will instill a sense of harmony and balance in your relationship that will help you focus on the important things. You will spend less time bickering or pointing out each other’s flaws.

Instead, you will be celebrating each other’s strengths, and helping each other turn your weaknesses into strengths.

There may be some resistance at first, but you will realize that you both are willing to do everything for the good of your relationship.

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Picture-Jasper will also remind you to see the joy in the simple things. You may be so preoccupied with work, family, and relationship conflicts that you fail to see the little miracles that happen every single day.

This stone will ask you to slow down, breathe deeply, and appreciate the miracle in life that is love!

When you look at it from this perspective, all your relationship challenges will feel smaller and more conquerable!

Picture-Jasper is a stone of fresh starts. It will help you make a new beginning and support you with every decision. It will let you find your way to a new horizon and discover your new capabilities.

Picture-Jasper is also a transformer stone that can change your current romantic situation for the better.

It will improve your romantic prospects if you’re single and looking, or if you’re simply feeling jaded.

This stone will help you transform a problematic relationship and aid your efforts to grow and change into a better partner and lover.

It will give you a healthier and more positive outlook on love and relationships.

How to Use Picture-Jasper for the Best Results

Because Picture-Jasper is an ecological stone, you can use it in your home, office, or business to get rid of the technological, environmental, or geopathic pollution or radiation.

You can place it in a room where you eat, or where your young children stay or sleep, or where you work on projects. You will enjoy more patience, stability, and creative energy wherever this stone is!

Hold the Picture-Jasper in your hands and let yourself be surrounded by its calming and soothing energies. Breathe its white light and state your intentions.

Carry it around with you inside your purse. Wear it as jewelry and place it closest to your chakras.

Put it under your pillow or on your nightstand to protect yourself while you sleep, and to induce a deep and relaxing sleep. It will also induce lucid dreaming!

Remember that your Picture-Jasper stone will work well if you cleanse it regularly. Doing this will clear it of the negativities that it has absorbed.

You can put the stone in the soil of a healthy houseplant for a day, or cleanse it gently with water. Place it under the sun or the moon for at least four hours.

Picture-Jasper and Emotional Healing

The emotional healing properties of Picture-Jasper will help you see and understand the bigger picture.

Because this stone nurtures and keeps your emotions balanced, Picture-Jasper also grounds your base chakras with its earthly energy.

This provides you with the calm and the wisdom to get rid of your fears and reflect on your life situations with wisdom.

The emotional healing properties of Picture-Jasper will encourage inner journeying and inspire you to connect with sacred energies that reveal old secrets for a balanced life.

This stone is believed to carry the energies of harmony, stability, and protection from all kinds of harm.

Picture-Jasper is also known to alleviate fears and anxiety and make you feel secure and brave enough to overcome any problems.

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Picture-Jasper is also known to promote good and positive thoughts, as well as energy and enthusiasm to constantly be in action.

This is a highly grounding and harmonizing stone that has a strong connection to the earth. Its grounding energy will provide you with a solid sense of who you really are, the journey you have taken, and where you want to be.

Picture-Jasper is also known to bolster creative visualization and promote feelings of responsibility.

When you are infused with the emotional healing energies of this stone, you can’t help but have a desire to care for the planet and protect it.

As a caring and protective stone, Picture-Jasper will bring your peace and comfort during your painful moments, and take away your fears, anxieties, or stresses that you may have.

This stone will stimulate your root chakra and fill your body with stabilizing spiritual energy.

Picture-Jasper connects you to the Earth’s energy and consciousness, helping you better understand that living in balance is very important.

This stone will help to energize and awaken your creativity and your efforts, making it the perfect stone for getting rid of any kind of blockages.

It’s also a wonderful good luck charm and talisman, working to protect and heal, and inspiring you to live in the moment, especially if you pair it with the September Birthstone.

Carry a piece of Picture-Jasper if you want to be inspired by creativity, confidence, and good luck.

The beautiful patterns that you can see on Picture-Jaspers are believed to be images from the past that Mother Earth wants people to see.

These images may lead to a better understanding of your past fears. Picture-Jasper allows you to see the big picture and keep going with strength and courage.

Use this amazing stone to start all over again without being afraid of failure. Carry a piece of it with you when you want to receive good results.

Take a piece of Picture-Jasper with you when you need a little bit of creativity and inspiration. This stone can be extremely helpful in making your goals and dreams a reality.

Because of its powerful earth ties, the Picture-Jasper is a great stone to work with for any kind of purpose.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Picture-Jasper
picture jasper meaning

Picture-Jasper will work in your life as the supreme nurturer.

It will sustain you during your times of stress, and it will bring you the peace that you need to remain strong and standing.

It will absorb all the negative energies that you may encounter or experience, and it will work doubly hard to make sure that you remain whole and unaffected.

It will give you the fortitude to tackle your problems and improve your organizational abilities.

Picture-Jasper will stimulate your imagination and help you transform your ideas into something concrete.

With the guidance of Picture-Jasper, you will be able to achieve a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance that will convert all negativity into positivity!

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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