White Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

white jade meaning

White Jade Properties

White Jade is a kind of Nephrite Jade that’s usually white, off-white, or cream in color.

It’s a calcium magnesium silicate mineral.

White Jade is also referred to as Mutton Fat Jade when it’s a translucent white or pale yellow.

It’s also known as Chicken Bone Jade when it’s cream or light brown, or an opaque white.

Why Would You Use White Jade?

White Jade is a gemstone that holds a lot of meaning and plenty of healing properties. It’s believed that it has a positive and brilliant power of light that’s right within the stone.

This stone is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful. Its powerful healing energies are known all over the world because it has the ability to purify the energies of your heart.

White Jade also has the ability to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life. It will make challenges seem easier, and it will make your troubled mind calmer.

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When you pair it with Tigers Eye, this stone will help you in accepting certain truths in your life that you can no longer change.

It will increase your luck and improve your human relationships. It’s a stone that you should always have with you when you want to forge friendships or strengthen your connection to people.

The energies of this stone will inspire you to be kinder to people, and it will help you get rid of your feelings of isolation, loneliness, or abandonment.

White Jade will help you heal your old emotional wounds.

It will remove the hurt, anger, and bitterness in your heart, and it will shine a positive and healing light on your emotional trauma.

With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to transmute your negative feelings so you can make progress towards your future!

White Jade’s frequencies connect to your chakras.

It unlocks and activates your chakras so that you will be open to receive the guidance and information from the higher realms.

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It will connect to higher energies so that you will also have a stronger awareness of higher dimensions. It will increase your insight and help you act on your intuition.

White Jade will connect you to your soul’s impulse so that you will live a more spiritual and enlightened life.

This will be a life that’s in accordance with the higher energies, and with the understanding of the bigger picture of your life experiences!

How Will White Jade Help You?

White Jade, Healing and Health

When it comes to physical healing, White Jade can help the body heal itself.

It can support the bladder and kidney, and it can ease the pains of arthritis and other illnesses related to the joints and bones.

White Jade can help with fluid retention, irregular blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure.

White Jade can correct and stabilize the power in the reproductive system. It can improve the fertility cycle, and it can protect both baby and mommy during pregnancy.

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It can also help in treating problems in the reproductive system and provide pain relief for menstrual pains.

White Jade can also be beneficial for cancer patients, and those who are suffering from diabetes.

It can effectively detoxify the system and get rid of toxins.

This stone can also be used to improve the functions of the liver. It can help strengthen the eyes and the skin and boost the body’s immune system.

White Jade and Wealth

White Jade can also bring richness, prosperity, and abundance in your life.

Since the ancient times, this stone has been valued because of its abilities to bring luck in health, business, and love.

You can say that the White Jade will be your supporter for life because it will always look out for your best interests.

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It’s a very helpful stone when you’re starting to lose your confidence in yourself and your motivation in achieving your goals.

White Jade will balance the energy of things and ensure that your luck flow is smooth and free.

It will also give you support in overcoming your financial difficulties and enhancing all kinds of good luck and good fortune in your life.

White Jade will help you direct your energies to where they will be most advantageous and beneficial. It will filter the distractions and allow you to envision the best results.

White Jade can be used to help you know for certain whether someone likes you or disapproves of you.

You will become more aware of other people’s feelings, opinions, and suggestions, and this will bring more harmony and cooperation in the workplace.

White Jade, Love and Relationships

White Jade will calm strong emotions and encourage you to go about with your dealings with your significant other in kindness and gentleness.

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You can’t avoid snapping at or saying hurtful words to someone you love, but this stone will help you remain kind and gentle.

It will help you get rid of negative feelings that are preventing you from thinking clearly.

It will strengthen you and lift you up so that you will be able to make the right decision about matters of the heart.

White Jade will strengthen your mind and promote emotional healing. It will help you release the emotions that are preventing you from moving forward.

It will protect you from negative energies and negative influences.

It’s an excellent stone that will help you stay grounded and stable even when there are so many things taking place in your life.

It has gentle and stabilizing energies that will relieve your anxieties and eliminate negative feelings that are brought about by fear, jealousy, or insecurity.

It will support you and help you do the right thing by making you see the potential consequences of your actions.

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Not only will White Jade bring you wealth, health, and longevity. It will also promote love and emotional balance, as well as peace and harmony in your relationship!

It will give you the stamina to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of love. It will also make you a more faithful and trustworthy partner.

It will make you realize just how fortunate you are to be able to experience loving and being loved by someone incredible!

White Jade will also keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, and it will teach you how you can be more caring and generous in your relationship.

Your successes and accomplishments are what will fuel you to be a better partner, not the other way around!

There will always be challenges and struggles in love, and White Jade will make sure that you are equipped with the right amount of courage and determination.

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It has a loving, gentle, and steady energy that is also just and merciful.

How to Use White Jade for the Best Results

Wearing White Jade jewelry is highly recommended if you want to benefit from the healing powers of this stone.

Keep White Jade close to you for the whole day. That includes sleeping as well.

This stone will improve your body’s ability to defend and protect itself. Doing so will also detoxify the blood and calm your nerves so that you can fully relax.

White Jade is beneficial for those who work giving advice and doing counseling work.

It will be best to have this stone with you always when you deal with mental health problems or work in a high-stress environment.

The Best Combination to use with White Jade

If you wish to enhance the healing properties of your White Jade that will benefit your physical body, particularly the adrenal glands, you can use it with Malachite, Peach Aventurine, Sugilite, Ametrine, Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian.

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You can also pair it with Ruby, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Kyanite, Bloodstone, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Emerald, or Cuprite.

If you want to increase your concentration so that you will complete your tasks ahead of time, you can pair your White Jade with Eisenkiesel Quartz, Hematite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, Carnelian, Sodalite, Flourite, or Obsidian.

For increased courage or inner strength, using White Jade with Charoite, Prasiolite, Richterite, Agate, Chrysoprase, Chevron Amethyst, Tigers Eye, Sodalite, and Variscite will help you achieve this.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of White Jadewhite jade meaning

White Jade has the ability to mellow down your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It will also help you rid yourself of negative energies and negative thoughts.

It’s a stone that will bring peace, serenity, and luck. It will also aid in your decision-making process.

It will block out all the distractions and allow only the best results to come through.

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It’s very beneficial to your heart in both the physical and spiritual sense. White Jade is also a very protective stone that will keep you out of harm’s way.

White Jade is a very humbling stone that will make sure you’re bound to the earth’s energies and to your most basic source of happiness.

It’s a stone that will also make you reflect on your journey, and what challenges you have overcome just to get to where you are.

White Jade will help you achieve all that you desire so that you will have your heart’s content!