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Lavender Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lavender Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lavender Jade Properties

Lavender Jade is a kind of Jadeite, which is one of two distinct and different minerals that are known as Jade.

Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate that’s usually hard and lustrous.

It’s the rarer kind of Jade and is the more expensive. It also occurs in different shades of lavender.

Why Would You Use Lavender Jade?

You need a Lavender Jade in your life because it will purify your spirit. It’s an excellent stone to use in spiritual retreats or during meditations.

It will help you release your cynicism and restrained anger, and it will inspire you to adopt an attitude of serene and peaceful acceptance.

Lavender Jade is a stone that you must have when you’re experiencing storms in your life.

It has a soothing effect on your nerves that will calm you down even when you’re experiencing some of the busiest and most chaotic situations.

This stone will recharge your energy and guard your overall well-being. It will reduce the effects of fear or shock, especially when something unexpected happens.

It will also make you feel valued and looked after even when you’re far away from the loving presence of your friends and family.

Lavender Jade is an excellent stone that will help you dispel your feelings of sadness, grief, worry, or guilt. It will also uplift your spirits and give you an attitude of a winner!

The healing energies of Lavender Jade are also beneficial when you want to remove your excessive desire to fit the norm.

This stone will make you realize that being a different person in order to be liked will not work in the long run.Trying to please everyone will be detrimental to your health.

This stone will make you brave enough to create change, and to embrace the things about yourself that you can no longer change!

Lavender Jade will inspire you to start living in the present and to stop focusing on the past. It will also encourage you to look forward to the future.

This stone will help you quit your follow-the-leader attitude and make you think and act independently. It will help you release your compulsive desires to give in to the popular opinion.

Lavender Jade is also an excellent professional support stone. It will help you make the best decisions when it comes to your career, especially when you find yourself at a crossroads.

It’s especially beneficial to healers, nurses, doctors, or veterinarians, as well as to educators.

It will help you make accurate and practical diagnoses, and it will aid you in imparting knowledge that will help shape young minds.

With the guidance of Lavender Jade, you will be able to overcome your struggles and remain unruffled by setbacks.

You will also realize that they are a part of life, and they are what make life interesting.

The lavender rays of Lavender Jade carry the energies of destiny, dreams, magic, and inspiration.

When you work with the energies of this stone, your life will be filled with magic and wonder!

Lavender Jade has a higher vibration that will stimulate your soul chakra.

It will enlighten you in a spiritual way and infuse you with humility.

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It will also provide a soul connection and the highest kind of illumination. This stone also symbolizes your connection with the infinite and your oneness with God.

It will fill your life with peace and wisdom, and it will carry energies of vision and intuition.

It will enhance your psychic awareness and make you benefit from this stone’s energies, which are often focused on connecting with the etheric and cosmic levels.

Lavender Jade will also support you in achieving and expanded emotional awareness. It will increase your capacity for kindness, compassion, and empathy.

This stone will help you interpret your dreams and use them to achieve great accomplishments. It will also help you focus on yourself and what matters to you.

Lavender Jade will help you in understanding your own feelings and hidden yearnings.

How Will Lavender Jade Help You?

Lavender Jade, Healing and Health

Lavender Jade is a potent cleansing stone that can help your body filter and eliminate the toxins.

It can be very beneficial in treating the kidneys and the spleen, as well as the supra-adrenal glands.

Lavender Jade can also help keep the balance in your body’s fluids, including the water and salt, and acid and alkaline ratios.

This stone has a highly restorative quality, and it can help your skeletal and cellular system to re-bind and repair themselves.

It can help in removing pains that can be expected during the process of recovery. It can also help heal stitches and binds quickly and properly.

Lavender Jade can also aid fertility and help deal with the pains and trauma of childbirth.

Lavender Jade and Wealth

It will stabilize your personality and integrate your mind with your body. It will also help stimulate new ideas and make your tasks less complicated.

Lavender Jade will help you achieve your goals by making your tasks easier to act upon.

This stone will help you value your dreams, desires, and ideals more. It will also support your ambitions by building your thoughts on your physical reality.

This stone will give you the confidence and the capability to see your projects through to completion. It will also make you independent and self-sufficient to do what must be done.

Lavender Jade, Love and Relationships

Lavender Jade has a gentle energy that will soothe, heal, and balance. It will also bring inner peace and harmony in your heart and in your relationships.

It’s a stone that will put you in touch with your emotions. It will encourage you to remain calm and be moderate when dealing with emotional matters.

It will help you keep your self-control during emotionally charged moments. It will also encourage you to be self-sufficient in your own relationship.

Lavender Jade is a gift that’s traditionally given to anyone who has been hurt or broken by love. It will heal your pains and make you look forward to the future.

It will remove the hurt in your heart and make you appreciate a new love when it comes knocking on your heart.

Lavender Jade will ease your emotional hurt and leftover bitterness from your past traumas. It will also bring feelings of inner peace.

It will teach you the meaning of subtlety and restraint when it comes to handling emotional matters. This stone will also support you in setting clear boundaries.

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Lavender Jade is a powerful dream stone that will help you release your negative thoughts and soothe your irritability.

It will help you free your suppressed emotions through your dreams!

Lavender Jade will strengthen your sense of discernment, and it will help you perceive truth and recognize the signs.

This stone will also help align your thoughts and emotions with your personal truths so that you can improve your current romantic situation.

How to Use Lavender Jade for the Best Results

Lavender Jade is a fantastic amulet that will protect you and everyone you love. It will safeguard your possessions and your physical security.

The healing energies of Lavender Jade will also protect your beliefs against doubt, and they will support you in staying true to your ideals.

Lavender Jade will reinforce your strength of character and give you emotional support during your trying times.

When used regularly, Lavender Jade will clear the path of difficulties and promote harmonious relationships.

It will also make you more at peace when it comes to accepting the situations in your life.

This stone will encourage cooperation and understanding with all the people in your life.

Lavender Jade carries fire energy which will illuminate, energize, and inspire you. This works in a way very similar to the effects of Amethyst. Place it any space in your home or office that you use to work or come up with new ideas.

You can also put it somewhere that you and your loved ones like to hang out because it will help you have a close and peaceful relationship.

Place it in the south area of your house to enhance its healing energies and help you benefit the most from them.

When worn on the body, Lavender Jade will inspire you to make quick and good decisions.

Make sure that you hold one in your hand when making business transactions because Lavender Jade will also bring you luck, abundance, and prosperity.

Meditation with Lavender Jade

Lavender Jade is an important stone to have in your life if you are seeking ways to cleanse your soul and expel negative energies out of your system.

The stone is often used by people during meditation and spiritual retreats because it helps release all the unnecessary energies in your body that hold you back from achieving peace within yourself.

This is a stone that will rid your body and mind off of the pent-up anger and resentment that you’ve been carrying around with yourself.

Such negative emotions do nothing but weigh you down and use up a significant amount of your energies, which is why Lavender Jade meditation will allow you to smooth out this negativity.

The powers of the stone inspire people to stay calm and composed in the face of difficulties and accept the world for what it really is.

The energies of Lavender Jade have soothing effects that help calm your nerves down even under the most chaotic circumstances.

When you meditate with Lavender Jade, you will feel a sense of well-being a wash over you.

This is because the stone replenishes your energy levels and sustains them at a level that is high enough for you to go about your day without getting exhausted and burnt out by your responsibilities.

Lavender Jade also goes a long way to ensure that you are least affected by a fear, shock, or threat, especially when you combine it with the December Birthstone.

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This is particularly useful for unforeseen circumstances that have the potential to take you back and traumatize you.

Lavender Jade will guard you against any such traumas and shower you in energies of courage and bravery so that you feel like the most invincible person on the planet.

The stone will also boost your sense of self-worth and make you feel valued by your friends and family during times when you are not around.

Once you start meditating with Lavender Jade, you will feel a renewal of energies because the stone largely uplifts your spirits and bolsters an attitude of self-confidence in your overall aura.

Another way in which Lavender JAde will impact your life is by expelling the unnecessary and insignificant need to fit into the society by doing what the general norm is.

The energies of this stone remind you that you are your own unique person and there is no reason to limit yourself to the criteria imposed on you by others.

The stone brings a realization that being someone who you are not just so that society will accept you is counterproductive to achieving success in any area of life.

In fact, when you refuse to bow to the rules of others and show everyone that you work on your own pace, you will eventually garner the respect and adoration of the people around you.

The energies of Lavender Jade will push you to be the person who brings change in an otherwise monotonous and restricted world where everyone is leading the life that others expect them to lead, not the life that will make them happy.

The Best Combination to use with Lavender Jade

Lavender Jade will work well with almost any kind of stone or crystal.

But if you want to increase its abilities to attract prosperity and abundance, you can combine it with Peridot, Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Grossular Garnet, Citrine, or Bloodstone.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Lavender Jade
lavender jade meaning

Lavender Jade is a stone that will help you focus your attention and make you feel calm and collected.

It’s the perfect stone to calm your mind and refresh your spirit. It’s also a stone that will bring plenty of good luck to your life!

It’s the perfect companion stone that will relax your nerves when you’re feeling an enormous amount of pressure.

Lavender Jade is very beneficial when you have a challenging and energy-consuming job.

It’s also a stone that will positively influence your moods when you’re feeling depressed or in low spirits.

When you feel inexplicably drawn to this stone, it’s about time to get yourself a piece of Lavender Jade and experience all its healing properties!

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