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Dendritic Opal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Dendritic Opal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Dendritic Opal is a crystal that has much to do with synchronization of chakras within a person’s body.

With energies that bring great hope for growth and strength, Dendritic Opal will give you the clarity and perspective that you need in life.

Dendritic Opal Properties

A specific type of Opal, Dendritic Opal is dark in color and has tubular or dendritic patterns on its base.

Although the stone is usually found in black and white, the black color may have varying shades, from blueish black to a dark grey hue.

The composition of this stone includes a black mineral known as Manganese, with the dendrites taking a distinct leaf-like shape that resembles a fern.

Dendritic Opal is also commonly known as Merlinite, which is often used when the stone is being referred to for its metaphysical properties.

The stone is extremely rare because it is excavated and produced only in New Mexico, where there is only one mine for Dendritic Opal.

Why Would You Use Dendritic Opal?

The vibrations that emit from Dendritic Opal work on the same frequency as one’s inner energies, targeting them in particular to align the physical and spiritual energies.

In fact, the growth that is believed to come from Dendritic Opal is not just spiritual, but physical as well.

The stone contains powers that activate a person’s third eye chakra, strengthening their intuition to achieve more clarity in their perception of the world around them.

Having the stone in your surrounding aura will open your eyes to the natural experiences that you witness on a regular basis.

More awareness of your environment is a means of achieving harmony both on the outside and within.

Therefore, if you’ve been feeling particularly low or out of tune with your inner self, using Dendritic Opal is bound to balance your energies and clear up any concerns that cross your mind.

The energies of Dendritic Opal are also highly beneficial for self-evaluations, in the sense that they help reorganize and regroup a person’s thoughts and emotions.

If you have found yourself at a crossroads in an important situation in life, you can use the stone to regain some perspective so that you can better judge right from wrong.

By doing so, you will also effectively be figuring out which path to embark on because you will have a better understanding of what outcome it may or may not lead to.

Another very important benefit of Dendritic Opal is that it enables you to be more accepting of others. As with Aegerine it will open your mind to the possibilities of being friends with others.

People who have been feeling exceptionally wary towards others around them will benefit largely from the stone because its vibrations will make them see the good in every person.

These vibrations also serve to remind you that everything in life has happened, or is happening, for a reason.

Your role in the universe should be to focus on your blessings and share them with others around you who may not be as fortunate as you are.

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Additionally, the stone will align your masculine with your feminine energies so that you can achieve a better sense of balance from within.

How Will Dendritic Opal Help You?

Dendritic Opal affects your health, self-confidence, and overall outlook in life in many positive ways.

For one, it boosts your social life by making you appear to be more approachable.

In this way, you will find it easier to put yourself out there and interact with others, perhaps even allowing yourself to meet people that share your views about the world.

The energies of the stone are such that they really focus on your inner strength and wisdom, channeling your best qualities so you can master the skills you want to achieve and use them productively.

By turning you into the best version of yourself, the stone allows you to harness your personal power so you can finally start working towards achieving your true purpose in life.

One of the most significant physical benefits of Dendritic Opal is that it boosts a person’s mental health and power.

So if you’re looking to develop stronger brain power, the stone will help you accomplish that.

By using the stone, you will not only be able to take in new information more productively, but also be able to retain a lot more knowledge than you could before.

In essence, this is a crystal that will hone your mental capacity and capabilities, which in turn will make you more self-aware and better at reading other people and situations.

With this self-awareness, you will also feel empowered enough to make decisions that are good for you.

Another very interesting way in which Dendritic Opal affects a person is by giving them a window into their past lives.

This isn’t so that you can relive any unhappy memories from the past, but in fact, analyze them and learn important knowledge from these experiences.

These images may be disturbing but revisiting the past is an essential step to getting the closure you need to go on with the rest of your life.

It is not easy to receive these images but Dendritic Opal is a helpful tool through this journey.

It is also believed that the crystal attracts coincidences, the occurrence of which is important to make you understand the meaning behind all that is going on in your life.

Dendritic Opal and Spiritual Healing

Dendritic Opal will work with your power chakra or solar plexus in order to help bolster your creativity.

When you open your mind to new experiences and push the boundaries of your mental capacity, you will effectively be inviting a closer contact with the higher spiritual energy around you.

This new approach towards the world around you will strengthen your sense of perspective so that you know what is and is not good for you and act in accordance with that.

The stone also has a massive effect on the sacral or navel chakra.

The vibrations of these chakras are important because they are associated with your intuitive skills.

The stronger your intuition, the more clearly you’ll be able to see through situations and people.

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With strong psychic and intuitive gifts, you be more aware of the spiritual guidance that you receive on a daily basis.

Many people often end up ignoring these spiritual signs from the divine realm and others just can’t seem to find them despite searching for them.

Dendritic Opal helps ease this process so that there are no hindrances in communication between you and your guardian angels.

The stone attracts good energies and spirits towards you, creating an aura of positivity in your surrounding area.

In essence, the stone connects your inner spiritual energy with the divine energies so that you can always stay informed and connected with the deepest levels of your consciousness.

Keeping the crystal in your house or near your body will amplify your higher sense of self and purpose, channeling all your inner energies and manifesting them towards positive outcomes.

Dendritic Opal, Love and Romance

By attracting good fortune into all avenues of your life, Dendritic Opal is bound to transform your love life too.

It won’t do so by striking your partner with cupid’s love arrow.

Instead, the energies of the stonework on developing your own personality so that you can better handle relationships with partners.

The stone helps you organize your thoughts, which will reflect into your life as well.

By understanding how to divide your time between your professional and personal life, you will be giving your partner fair attention and love that is due to them.

These energies also make you emotionally stable and stronger so that you can tackle any challenges and arguments in a composed manner.

You can even avoid having any kind of falling out with your partner because your improved sense of judgment and clarity will help you solve a problem at its roots before it blows up in your face.

The energies of Dendritic Opal will also make you more tolerant towards others, which means your partner will be more appreciated by you.

Rest assured, your significant other will notice these changes in your attitude towards them and will subsequently become closer to you.

Keeping the stone in your house will actually affect all individuals that reside in its presence.

The crystal is known to help make an individual more humble and less judgemental of others, helping them realize where the other person is coming from.

When you acknowledge the importance of those around you and learn to accept them for who they truly are, not only will you grow as an individual but you will also experience growth and strengthening of the bond you share with your loved ones.

How to Use Dendritic Opal for the Best Results

Dendritic Opal is more commonly labelled as “Merlinite” in jewelry stores, which means you won’t have to go through much of a hassle to purchase it.

It does not contain any toxicities, so you can hold it or keep it in contact with your skin for however long you may want.

However, it is important to note that the stone will cause you to have out-of-body experiences, which can be both good or bad.

Since the crystal has powers that can aid astral travel and induce shamanistic visions, you should be prepared to experience some intense trips through past lives.


These powers can transport you to a specific point in time and location if they sense that you need to get closure from the people in that life.

Putting the crystal under your pillow will give you a good night’s sleep.

So if you’ve been having restless nights and finding difficulty in sleeping well, Dendritic Opal is bound to help you sleep peacefully.

Due to its power to work with your vision, the stone also induces very vivid dreams, especially those of life in the past.

It is important to understand that you will need to make a lot of effort, expelling your spiritual and emotional powers towards the stone in order to achieve its true purpose.

Simply praying that the stone works once you bring it into your house will not do the trick.

You need to specifically direct a particular line of thought towards the stone so that you can successfully embark on that journey.

If your thoughts have no direction, the stone won’t know what you want to improve.

You will have to work closely with the stone, really communicating to it all the things that you wish for yourself.

Remember, your energies need to connect with its vibrations in order to initiate any sort of spiritual journey.

Finally, due to its strong spiritual powers, it is recommended that you also keep protective stones with you while you work with Dendritic Opal in order to keep you safe from negative psychic forces.

My Final Thoughts

A stone with such immense powers, Dendritic Opal is a must for anyone who wants to explore their spirituality.

When used in the correct way, the powers of this crystal can truly transform your life by helping you make peace with your past.

A lot of people can’t tap into their full potential in their lives because of unseen forces of the past holding them back.

Dendritic Opal works its magic in this regard, allowing a person to see what they went through in the past life, why they went through it, and what they need to do to succeed in this one.

If you invest in this stone, you should be prepared to witness some very vivid psychic visions and mystical experiences.

While these images may not come instantly and won’t be easy to see, once you get a grasp of using the crystal, you will become a different person.

The journey may be dark and difficult, but it will pave the way for enlightenment in your life so that you can finally understand why you were brought into this world.

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