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Hypersthene: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Hypersthene: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Hypersthene is a powerful and highly beneficial crystal when it comes to developing one’s psychic abilities.

Not everyone is blessed with a strong gift of clairvoyance, and even those who are may often find it difficult to use this gift to its full potential.

Hypersthene is known as a “magical stone” for precisely this reason.

Hypersthene Properties

Belonging to the pyroxene family of crystals, Hypersthene originates from the same roots as Bronzite.

The name “Hypersthene” was coined in 1804 and is an amalgamation of the Greek words “hyper”, meaning above, and “stonos”, which means power.

When the words are brought together, the meaning becomes “over strength”.

The analogy behind this name relates to the fact that upon its discovery, the stone was mistaken to be Amphibole, but was even harder in texture.

To refer to this hardness, the stone was thus given its name.

The stone also goes by another name, “Orthopyroxene”, but Hypersthene is the more commonly used name, especially when it is referred to in the metaphysical context.

The mineral composition of Hypersthene includes magnesium, iron, and varying amounts of silicon and other minerals. The composition will differ from specimen to specimen.

For example, in one variation known as pure Enstatite, there will be no iron, whereas, in pure Ferrosilite, there is no magnesium.

The deep brownstone is often lined with shimmery, lighter hues. In certain versions, the color may also be lighter and take up shades of black, green, grey, or a light brown.

Hypersthene is found across several parts of the world, predominantly in regions of North America, like the US and Canada.

In Europe, the crystal is found in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Greenland, and the Czech Republic.

Other places where the stone has been discovered are parts of Australia and New Zealand. The stones have a very distinct physical property that sets them apart from other prism-like crystals.

Hypersthene is known for its unusual optical uniqueness because its appearance often depends on the direction that you look at them.

Looking at the stone from different angles will show you various colors of the crystal, making them stand out from other crystals.

Why Would You Use Hypersthene?

Hypersthene contains an abundance of metaphysical powers that can aid a person in numerous ways in life.

The most important purpose for using the stone is to help with meditation.

This is because the healing that you would hope to achieve with meditation is largely facilitated by the crystal, which will ease the process of healing for you.

Known for its effect on psychic powers, Hypersthene will activate your third eye chakra, which has much to do with your intuition and gut feeling.

In fact, even simply being in the presence of the stone will help you develop your psychic gifts because its vibrations will touch all areas of your auric field.

What’s important to note here is that the stone won’t just start working its magic if you pray it to do so.

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Instead, you need to actually communicate with it, directing towards it all thoughts about the issues that need to be worked on and fixed in your life.

If you are seeking answers pertaining to the concerns that you’ve been harboring in your mind, you will find that after a session of meditating with the stone, the solution will be presented in front of you.

This is perhaps one of the most significant purposes for which Hypersthene is recognized for. Like Aegerine, it provides solutions to problems and answers to questions.

This is the “magic” of these stones and is also the reason why many people going through an existential crisis or stuck at a crossroads in life will resort to the use of this stone for help.

In addition to being particularly useful for guiding a person to the right solution to a problem, the stone also aids with a person’s journey to achieving success.

This happens when your intentions are clear because only when you know what you want to achieve will the vibrations of the stone start working to manifest your thoughts and plans into tangible outcomes.

The stone can also be used as a stress reliever.

In fact, part of the healing that it induces during meditation has much to do with the way it brings harmony in your mind, smoothing out any obstacles that weren’t letting you achieve inner peace.

People who are tired or particularly stressed out by work or other factors will find that meditating with Hypersthene will help rejuvenate their energy levels and bring down their anxiety.

All of these effects will only occur if you relax and open yourself enough to allow the powers of Hypersthene to work on you.

How Will Hypersthene Help You?

In addition to being a wonderful aid for achieving a meditative state of mind, Hypersthene facilitates the healing process following an illness or accident.

When a person is recuperating from a sickness or disease or is trying to break a bad habit, Hypersthene will ensure that they get the rest that is needed during recovery.

Its calming properties will help keep your mind at peace, creating an aura of serenity and tranquility around you so that you can let go of your worries and allow yourself the time to recover.

Since the energies of Hypersthene work significantly on a person’s mental and emotional capacities, it is believed that the stone can largely help overcome depression.

So if you’re having a bad day or are going through a depressing phase in life where nothing is going according to what you desire, unwinding with the stone is bound to combat the anxiety and stress that you may have been feeling.

Hypersthene also has several health benefits.

Since it contains important minerals like iron and magnesium, it makes sense that the stone assists with blood-related issues like leukemia and anemia.

Its healing properties also extend to stomach issues and problems of the prostate, ovaries, and the pituitary gland, as well as helping to combat any infection or worms in the large intestine or gut area.

Interestingly, the stone does not only reduce stress in your mind but also targets any problem areas in your body that may have been affected by that stress.

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Any strain that you may have been placing on your limbs, neck, shoulders, or other parts of the body will be released and the healing process will start as soon as the stone is used.

The stone may even help a person suffering from Achilles tendon – such is the healing power of the stone.

If you’re not going through any illness, but are simply looking for an energy boost to take charge of your life instead of feeling exhausted all the time, the stone will help you in this regard.

Hypersthene and Spiritual Healing

Hypersthene has been known for its spiritual energies since quite some time now. An extension of these energies is the stimulation of a person’s innate magical gifts.

If you’ve been blessed with a sense of intuition or the ability to witness psychic visions, Hypersthene will amplify these traits and enable you to let your intuition guide you in the right direction.

The highest form of success you can achieve in life is to be completely at peace with who you are and be fully self-aware.

It is only when you understand the purpose you are meant to fulfill in this life will you be able to focus and activate your full potential to achieve your goals.

In order to bring you to this level of enlightenment, Hypersthene works by bringing you to the realization of a higher sense of self.

It enables you to connect with your spiritual side, which in turn paves the way for better and effective communication with the divine realm.

When your bond with the divine beings is strong and clear, you will find harmony within yourself.

In fact, once you come to the realization that your guardian angels are watching over you and making sure that the forces of the universe are working in your favor, you will feel invincible.

A strong connection with the spiritual realm will be achieved through the channel created by the energies of Hypersthene.

With the vibrations of this stone, your eyes and mind will open up to very vivid visions that will make your connection with the spiritual guides clear to you.

In addition, you will also be more observant and attentive to the spiritual voices that are trying to communicate with you.

It is important for the psychic sense to be heightened if you want to truly receive and implement the message that the spirit guides are sending your way.

Hypersthene will essentially amplify your clairvoyant gifts so that you can receive these spiritual messages with ease and regain your belief in spirituality.

The process of spiritual healing is further facilitated by the powers of Hypersthene as it resonates with the chakras located in the higher parts of your body, like the crown chakra and the soul star.

Both these chakras need to be activated and worked at their full capacity if you want to bring your thoughts, intentions, and feelings into fruition.

The spiritual healing brought forth by Hypersthene is essential for anyone who seeks harmony within themselves.

The energies of your spirit are constantly being affected by changes in the universal energies around you, so an imbalance is bound to take place.

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However, Hypersthene can fix this imbalance and prevent it from happening again because it allows for synchronicity of your inner energies.

Once you achieve such balance within, all the other things in life will fall into their right place at the right time, paving the way to success for you.

Hypersthene, Love and Romance

The foundation of any relationship is compromise and problem-solving.

You will get into arguments with your partner and your relationship will get bumpy at times. You can’t prevent that because this is the case in every partnership.

That being said, Hypersthene can be used for the specific purpose of finding quick fixes to problems as soon as they arise so you can nip it in the bud before it leads to a bigger issue.

Instead of letting a problem persist, the stone will beckon you to take immediate action to address the issue productively so that everyone is happy with the result.

The effects of Hypersthene are known to be quick and effective, which makes it an ideal tool for relationships.

What’s more is that it works with a person’s base or root chakra as well, which is the essence of good connections with the people around you.

Goes without saying, Hypersthene is bound to strengthen your bond with a partner that may have been feeling distant lately, bringing you closer to them so the light in your relationship is never snuffed out.

How to Use Hypersthene for the Best Results

Most people wear Hypersthene as jewelry, either around your neck as a pendant or in your ears as earrings.

Wearing jewelry made from the stone is the easiest and most convenient way to keep it close to your body, especially if you’re hoping to see its health benefits.

When used during meditation, it will help to hold a piece of Hypersthene between your fingers, focusing your thoughts towards it to create an aura of serenity around you.

Regardless of how you do it, make sure that the stone is very close to you or is present in your vicinity in order to reap its full benefits.

My Final Thoughts

The energy that is emanated from Hypersthene is remarkable in many ways.

One of the most important ones of these is perhaps that, before anything else, it works on your personality, boosting your self-confidence by developing your sense of self.

All physical and spiritual benefits aside, Hypersthene is bound to improve your sense of self so that you can learn to respect and appreciate yourself more and then make strides in the path that you choose in life.

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