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Golden Labradorite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Golden Labradorite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Golden Labradorite is a rare and unique stone which symbolizes the power of illumination, clarity of mind, male qualities, and positive energy.

It is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Golden Labradorite Properties

Golden Labradorite is found as transparent, golden-yellow-colored tabular crystals.

Large reserves of this stone have been discovered in Mongolia, Finland, Greenland, Russia, United States of America, Italy, Madagascar, Scandinavia, and China.

Also known as “Bytownite” and “Oregon Sunstone”, Golden Labradorite gets its name from its golden color and the fact that it was first found in “Labrador”, a place in Canada.

Why Would You Use Golden Labradorite?

The use of Golden Labradorite is an efficient way to boost your creativity, particularly if you belong to a creative field of work and face difficulty finding innovative ideas when required.

This stone also comes with the ability to make you feel motivated and excited for every day, helping you achieve maximum productivity.

Moreover, Golden Labradorite is said to aid you in managing your personal power effectively.

Use this stone if you want to get rid of your unstable and volatile emotions, and become emotionally calm and peaceful.

Also, Golden Labradorite can give you the clarity of mind and aid you in choosing the right paths in life.

Likewise, this wonderful stone will enhance your thinking ability, allowing you to think more profoundly and make wiser decisions.

If you often find people walking all over you and easily disregarding your opinions, use Golden Labradorite to become more assertive and have your voice heard.

Similarly, this stone also has the ability to bring you out of your meek shell and transform you into a confident and self-assured person.

Furthermore, this brilliant stone is ideal for you if you find it difficult to face your problems and fears as it can remove your fears and make you courageous.

Likewise, by enhancing your endurance, Golden Labradorite will give you the power to tolerate a distressing situation in life until it is resolved.

Golden Labradorite will also assist you in getting rid of hesitation and being confident in your own decisions and plans.

Use this stone if you resist changes and feel uncomfortable in new situations because it can help you adjust properly to the changes in life.

If stressful situations immediately make you anxious and nervous, use Golden Labradorite to remove anxiety and replace it with the strength of mind.

In addition to this, Golden Labradorite is a powerful stone when it comes to removing negative feelings from your heart and severing ties with people who emotionally drain you.

Golden Labradorite can also assist you in letting go of things which no longer add positively to your life, and the stone replaces useless aspects of your life with valuable, new opportunities.

If you assume the worst in every situation and are surrounded by pessimistic thoughts, possessing Golden Labradorite can help you develop positive and bright thoughts.

Interestingly, Golden Labradorite has very strong manifestation power which can play a key role in bringing your heartfelt desires to life.

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People have also used Golden Labradorite for ages to get rid of their bad habits and toxic traits, to become the person they were destined to be.

For those of you who are not very strong-willed or determined, using Golden Labradorite can be your way to achieve great will-power.

Another great ability of this golden-hued stone is that it can help you express your true identity and be highly aware of your inner strength.

Keeping Golden Labradorite with yourself can help you find purpose and meaning in life, so use this if you have been trying to bring purposefulness in your life.

Moreover, this stone is very helpful for introverts who want to be more social and interactive as Golden Labradorite can give you the bold qualities of extroverts.

Golden Labradorite is also an excellent stone to enhance your intellect and train your mind to think more analytically.

Also, people suffering from an insecurity complex will find this stone very beneficial because of its power to elevate one’s self-esteem.

Furthermore, Golden Labradorite will offer you protection against spiritual or physical harm.

Not only that, but Golden Labradorite will bless you with childlike playfulness and ultimate happiness if you consistently use it with faith.

Additionally, if you have been feeling lost and confused, keeping Golden Labradorite can help you uplift your spirit and find happiness in life.

How Will Golden Labradorite Help You?

With its masculine vibration and solar energy, Golden Labradorite should be used to balance the energy in your body.

Additionally, this stone can balance your male-female energy as well.

Furthermore, its male solar tone can bring increased physical vitality to you.

Golden Labradorite is a very powerful tool to improve your stamina and stay energized and fit all day long.

Apart from that, Golden Labradorite is essential in treating the problems associated with kidney or bladder.

Similarly, this stone can assist you in the healing of liver and spleen related problems.

Also, if there are toxic substances in your body, you should immediately get rid of them as Golden Labradorite is useful in detoxification.

Additionally, this bright yellow stone has the ability to help you overcome bed-wetting and enjoy long and peaceful hours of sleep.

If your slow metabolism causes digestion problems, using Golden Labradorite can improve your metabolism rate and help with any issues of the digestive system you might be facing.

Moreover, this stone can clear any blockages in the path of your energy and help it to flow to all parts of your body.

Plus, Golden Labradorite can ease any feelings of nausea you experience.

Golden Labradorite can also help you think of more creative and out-of-the-box ventures to bring success and wealth to your life.

Also, the power of manifestation of this brilliant stone can manifest wealth for you.

Not only that, but Golden Labradorite can give you the power to accomplish your goals and bring your dreams to fruition.

Similarly, Golden Labradorite also possesses the power to enhance your focus and help you stay on the right path towards success.

By reducing your laziness and giving you motivation, Golden Labradorite will make you more productive at work.

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This stone can prove to be very beneficial in business as it can give you the intuition to know the thoughts and feelings of your rivals.

Furthermore, Golden Labradorite can make you more efficient by helping you get rid of procrastination and effectively fulfill all your tasks for the day.

If you are a student, the ability of this stone to improve your intellect can help you defeat your competition and earn admiration from others.

Similarly, the clarity and acute vision gained by Golden Labradorite can assist you in solving the problems that are obstacles in your path of success and wealth.

You should carry Golden Labradorite with yourself when going for a job interview, as its power to enhance your confidence and personality is sure to impress the interviewer.

Similarly, you should consider using Golden Labradorite if you belong to a managerial position since this stone will assist you with the hectic responsibilities and decisions that come with such a position.

Likewise, you can use this stone when you need just that little amount of inspiration to kick start something major and important.

Golden Labradorite and Spiritual Healing

Golden Labradorite is said to enhance spiritual focus which can enrich your spiritual journeys.

And if you are involved in dream work, use Golden Labradorite to wake up in higher planes and gather valuable information to bring back.

This stone also has the power to connect you to the origin of consciousness in our Universe, which is called the Great Central Sun.

Using Golden Labradorite regularly can give you an invisible power which will help you advance your spiritual goals and dreams.

Also, using this stone can assist you in recognizing the Divine in various aspects and experiences of your life.

In addition to this, Golden Labradorite is beneficial in fully grasping the extent of your spiritual abilities and confidently using them.

Golden Labradorite has been used for years to enhance psychic gifts and improve intuition, both of which are necessary to explore your spiritual potential.

This stone is also perfect for use during astral journeys because the presence of Golden Labradorite has a very calming and serene effect on the user.

Golden Labradorite, Love and Romance

With its wide range of abilities to promote love between two people, Golden Labradorite is an excellent stone to breathe life into your relationships.

Golden Labradorite is useful in developing the required relationship with your significant other.

Moreover, this stone has the power to develop an intense connection between souls, which can take your bond to an altogether new level of intimacy.

Use your newfound creativity gained by Golden Labradorite to add surprises and an element of freshness to your relationship to remove dullness from it.

Golden Labradorite can also help you enhance your charm which will ultimately assist you in attracting the most stunning partner(s).

You can also use the stamina gained by Golden Labradorite to improve your performance in bed and fully satisfy your partner’s sexual needs.

Make sure you use this stone regularly to completely draw out its powers of strengthening your relationships with your loved ones.

How to Use Golden Labradorite for the Best Results

Before using Golden Labradorite you should have a basic know-how of this stone to make the best of its powers.

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There are various ways to use Golden Labradorite but the most widely preferred way is to use it during crystal meditation.

If you want to meditate with this stone, the best time to do so is early morning because it allows you to feel the effects of the stone all day long.

Moreover, you can wear jewelry made out of this stone as well which is very exquisite and ensures that the stone remains inside your auric field.

If you are using Golden Labradorite to wake up feeling energized, place the stone under your pillow before going to sleep, and wake up with the enthusiasm to accomplish all that you have set for that day.

If you intend to manifest your desires through this stone, imagine detailed visions of what you want while meditating with it.

And if you want to enhance your resolve and will-power through this brilliant stone, the right way to go about it is to wear it around your body as jewelry for a long period of time.

Also, if you want to become more confident and extroverted by using Golden Labradorite, keep it with you wherever you go, since you can need it anytime during any interaction.

Furthermore, to allow its energy and power to affect you, try having a very positive mental attitude while using Golden Labradorite.

Also, it is important to know that the effects of Golden Labradorite will be more potent if you use it regularly and with complete faith in its abilities.

My Final Thoughts

Golden Labradorite is a rare but brilliant gemstone used for its vast array of physical and emotional healing powers.

By possessing Golden Labradorite, you can transform yourself as this stone will give you more confidence, focus, determination, creativity, motivation, and courage.

Golden Labradorite can also be used to bring abundance and wealth to your life, especially through its power of manifestation.

In addition to this, this stone has a healing effect for numerous physical illnesses or diseases including digestion issues, nausea, energy imbalance, liver and spleen problems, bed-wetting, and the presence of toxins inside the body.

Using Golden Stone to enhance the relationships in your life will add intimacy, excitement, and understanding in your bonds with your family, friends, or lovers.

Also, during spiritual travel, Golden Labradorite can enrich your journey by increasing your focus, clearing your vision, and helping you realize your true spiritual potential.

Using Golden Labradorite the correct way can reveal all its hidden powers to you.

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