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Nirvana Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nirvana Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nirvana Quartz is a potent form of quartz crystal that holds incredible metaphysical energies.

These energies are known to pave the way for an individual’s personal enlightenment, which makes Nirvana Quartz a very useful instrument to stimulate self-awareness and confidence.

Nirvana Quartz Properties

Nirvana Quartz is a relatively younger variety of quartz crystals as it was first discovered in 2006.

In fact, its discovery was the result of global warming, due to which the Himalayan glaciers began to melt away and deplete, thus unveiling the existence of this kind of quartz.

Due to this phenomenon, another name given to this crystal is also ‘ice quartz’, especially the pieces that look very similar to strangely-formed samples of ice.

The name ‘Nirvana Quartz’, on the other hand, has roots in the Buddhist religion and has a more spiritual connotation to describe the stone.

The state of Nirvana in Buddhism is where one can completely free the mind and body of the limitations that bind us in the perpetual cycle of life.

This is a meditative state of immense bliss where a person is free of any karmic burden that is being carried from one life to another.

Since the stone is believed to have qualities that facilitate spiritual growth to a point where a person is fully aware of the self and the higher purpose, Nirvana Quartz is named after this particular level of enlightenment.

On a scale of hardness, the stone fairs at 7 and usually takes up an irregular and rough shape.

Its mineral composition is a combination of silicon dioxide, the main composition of the quartz, and calcite, which is responsible for the growth of the mineral.

Owing to this, the crystal is also often labelled as the ‘growth interference quartz’ and is only found in the Himalayan mountain range located in the north of India, where these quartz stones are formed beneath glacial layers of ice.

Why Would You Use Nirvana Quartz?

Nirvana Quartz has become a popular tool to achieve a meditative state.

However, there are several other unique uses of the stone that make it such a highly sought-after crystal.

One of the most significant of these uses is its power to guide one’s journey to complete inner peace.

The stone will instill tranquility in the mind and soul of its user by removing toxic and unimportant thoughts.

The whole purpose of meditating with Nirvana Quartz is often to achieve a state of inner silence by stopping the thinking process and clearing your mind of any thoughts.

Once you are in such a meditative state, you will come closer to feeling the spiritual energy within you.

In turn, your mind will become more open to the presence of divine forces around you,

For anyone who is spiritually disconnected, Nirvana Quartz will help spiritual energy to into them and guide them towards the path of self-discovery.

Goes without saying, the vibrations that emit from Nirvana Quartz must be welcomed and embraced wholeheartedly if you truly want to connect with your spiritual side.

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In order for the stone to work, your faith in divinity needs to be strong and you need to have faith in your own spirit.

Another very helpful property of Nirvana Quartz that is of great use to spiritual people is that it allows one to draw the line between the real and the unreal.

This means that you will be better able to distinguish between your thoughts and the truth.

There are powers in the stone that make one more aware in the moment and focus on what they are experiencing and feeling.

By enabling you to be able to tell when something is really happening and when it is just a figment of your imagination, these energies make sure your expectations are managed.

It is good to be hopeful, but wishful thinking can distort your approach towards a certain task or goal.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Nirvana Quartz will keep you in line and your feelings in check so that your mind is not overpowered by emotion.

There is a belief that such high energy crystals as the Nirvana Quartz were not found by coincidence.

In fact, man was destined to find and use these stones as part of the Divine scheme because these are the tools one needs to get closer to their true purpose on this earth.

By bringing clarity into your mind and organizing your thoughts, the quartz makes you realize your own potential and allows you to clearly see why you have been placed on earth and given this life.

Subsequently, you will become a better judge of the situation and circumstances around you as well because you will have better knowledge about why they are occuring.

Once you start to see the world around you through this lens, a lot of your questions will be answered on their own and you will finally be able to start focussing on the things that matter.

How Will Nirvana Quartz Help You?

Simply put, Nirvana Quartz brings enlightenment.

This is the kind of enlightenment that will open you up to the divine truth and is meant to bring your spirit in unison with your higher, spiritual self.

Your life is meant to be lived fully and with Nirvana Quartz you will find a sense of purpose in the path that you have been walking.

The energies of the stone make one realize the importance of letting go, especially of the people and experiences that are holding you back from succeeding in your journey towards enlightenment.

With more clarity in your mind, you will see through the people that are not serving you anymore and are instead only hindering your road to success and fulfilment.

Before anything else, it is crucial to pay importance to yourself.

This is the only way you will be able to harness your spiritual side and embrace the immense growth that it can bring.

By learning to love yourself and cutting off toxic relationships, you will free up a lot of the unnecessary burdens that are being carried along.

Nirvana Quartz makes you strong enough to make such essential changes to your life so that you can start your journey of enlightenment as soon as possible.

How To Charge Crystals and Stones

The vibrations that emanate from the stone will also serve as an excellent boost in confidence for you and make you a more self-reliant person while keeping your knowledge of the truth intact.

Since the stone is quite potent in nature, you will need to remind yourself to stay grounded while meditating with it.

The effect of Nirvana Quartz on you will be quite intense.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel overpowered by its vibrations because that is just the way the stone takes its effect on you.

That being said, once the crystal does its work on you, you can expect to reaching a deeper state of relaxation and peace.

This is when you will know that you’ve reached the point of self-awareness and in this state you will also find the cure for stress and anxiety-related troubles that you may have been facing.

Nirvana Quartz and Spiritual Healing

Nirvana Quartz is known as a stimulant for clairvoyance and intuition.

The stone works in synchronization with the energies that emit from your higher chakras, which is what makes Nirvana Quartz so useful when it comes to the powers of consciousness.

Soon after you start using the quartz, you will feel the strengthening of your psychic vision and hearing.

These are essential tools that equip you to better communicate with your personal spirit guides and help you pay heed to the divine message being conveyed to you.

The stone does not only make you realize the existence of a divine force but also helps you contact beings and spirits that exist in the higher realm.

These unseen forces often require a great amount of inner peace and harmony before one can even hope to get in touch with them.

Fortunately, Nirvana Quartz is one of those metaphysical stones that do exactly that by focussing largely on your higher chakras.

Regardless of the color of crystal that you are using, its vibrations will touch both your heart and the higher heart (thymus) chakra.

These are the points of your soul through which the quartz can allow for a better and smoother flow of high-power energy from your higher chakras, like the crown or the third eye chakra, to the rest of your soul.

Once this connection is developed, it can lead to quite an intense experience where you will feel a lot of spiritual changes within you.

A stronger sense of clairvoyance means that you will be able to see visionary messages very clearly.

In fact, the extent of these psychic visions that Nirvana Quartz facilitates is such that people have claimed to witness a breathtaking, brightly colored light surrounding them.

This is a sort of spiritual shield that the crystal will make around you to keep negative forces at bay as you tap into the deepest levels of your spirituality and try to reach the higher realm.

Don’t fight this experience when it starts to occur because it is very delightful to witness.

Other visions that may appear in front of you will also be quite clear and explicit because the whole point of using Nirvana Quartz is to aid with your discovery of the divine truth.

Healing Crystals and Stones: Meanings, Properties & Powers

When you experience such scenes, you can rest assured that the spirits that visit you will only comfort you and bring you peace, as is achieved in the state of Nirvana.

Therefore, you need to enjoy the bliss and tranquility that comes with such meditation.

Any vibration that you feel in your brain is simply the movement of energy via your system and is an indicator that your mind is being expanded to take in more knowledge about the world.

This is a surefire way to work on your intuitive senses and use it to make better decisions for yourself.

Nirvana Quartz, Love and Romance

Nirvana Quartz has as many benefits for your relationships as it does for your own self.

By making you more sensitive and compassionate, you will find it easy to take your partnership one step further by deepening a stronger sense of mutual understanding.

With heightened intuitive abilities, you will also become a better judge of the people around you.

This is an important trait to possess while you make a conscious effort to look for a partner who can very well turn into your significant other for a long time to come.

The stone enhances and deepens the bonds that you have formed with your loved ones.

When you start to understand your partner better, you will be honest to them and to yourself as well, which is the key to a successful relationship.

How to Use Nirvana Quartz for the Best Results

The best way to reap the benefits of Nirvana Quartz is to place a piece of the stone right below the heart, especially on the chakras located there.

This positioning of the stone will stimulate the process of healing in the desired areas and is a middle point where your higher energies can meet the lower energies and work in unison.

As you use the stone, you will feel a movement of energy up and down your body.

These forces are meant to aid with self-acceptance and you will thus release any limitations that have been placed on you by the outside world.

My Final Thoughts

Not only is Nirvana Quartz a means to strengthen the soul, but it is, in fact, a road to a brighter, more enlightened future where you are in touch with yourself.

The purifying energy of the quartz will enable you to understand the true nature of all that is around you so that you can master the art of seeing the true purpose of your life.

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