Nuumite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nuummite Properties

Nuummite is said to be one of the oldest minerals in the world. It has been around for about three billion years!

The beauty of the Nuummite is astonishing.

It’s a striking black stone with flashes of bright iridescent sprays that will remind you of meteor showers or fireworks.

These flashes often come in two varieties.

There’s the multicolored one that has blue, gold, green, and golden bronze tones, and there’s the one that comes with red tones, although they are quite rare.

The name Nuummite means ‘derived from Nuuk’ in the Greenlandic language, and it was the name given by the Nuuk Town Council to the type of rocks found in the Nuuk vicinity.

Greenland is the only known source of this magnificent stone.

Why Would You Use Nuummite?

Nuummite energy can be very still and quiet when you need it, and it will also come to life with vibrant force when you need it.

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It has a very potent energy that can be useful to you and the different aspects of your life.

It has also become known as the Sorcerer’s Stone.

After using this stone, you will feel inspired to work on your personal magical or psychic abilities, and you will suddenly find yourself wanting to know more about this subject.

It resonates powerfully with the earth’s energies, and it will enhance any magical abilities that you already have.

Nuumite Pendant ExampleNuummite has a strong element of the mystical and the magical.

You will be more attuned with yourself and the natural energies of the earth.

It will work harmoniously with your chakras and facilitate higher communication with your spirit guides and guardian angels.

It will give you protective energies, especially against stronger kinds of magic or harmful sorcery aimed at you.

It will help you to be present in the moment and guide you more easily toward your life journeys.

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It will remove any energy block and clear the damage done to your personal auric field.

Nuummite has the ability to harmonize your intellect with your psychic and intuitive wisdom.

It will assist you in harnessing your inner power, and it will help you master yourself.

Using this stone will stimulate your intellect and strengthen your mental faculties.

You will have sharper memory, and you will easily recollect important things and knowledge that’s stored in your subconscious.

How Will Nuummite Help You?

Nuumite, Healing and Health

Nuummite is very rare and hard to get, and it’s also a very powerful healer. It can be used for general healing purposes and relieve pains and discomforts.

It can be very helpful in tissue regeneration and in easing the pains associated with degenerative diseases.

Nuummite can be used to fight infections and regulate the body’s insulin production. It can also help in the treatment of disorders of the eyes and the throat.

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Nuummite will act as a detoxifier that will rid your body of toxins that harm your body. This stone will be particularly helpful for people who are undergoing cancer treatments.

It can purify the blood, relieve infections, improve your eyesight, and support the central nervous system.

It can enhance memory and mental activity. It can improve speech and reduce anxiety and stress.

Nuumite and Wealth

Nuummite is a strong stone that will bring you good luck and increase the wonderful synchronicities in your life.

The seemingly random events that take place in your life will move you strongly and courageously toward your goals, and they will lead you to their manifestation!

It will offer clear and strong guidance so that you will make the best decisions when it comes to your finances. It will greatly amplify your power of attraction and manifestation.

It’s a stone of personal magic and good luck. It’s definitely something that you should always have with you if you want to enjoy wealth and prosperity!

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Nuumite, Love and Relationships

Nuummite will encourage self-exploration and self-examination.

It will force you to deal with the things affecting yourself or your relationship, and it will make you accept the truth that you’re reluctant to accept.

It will make you realize a lot of truths, some of which will be harder to accept than the others. But Nuummite will make sure that you can adapt to the changes and move gracefully forward in life.

It has a strong grounding energy that will remedy your lack of enthusiasm caused by the blockages that have built up over time.

This grounding energy will also work in removing anything that’s preventing you from being happy with your life.

Nuummite will help you release the past that has held you in a state of pain, denial, or inability. It will cleanse these bad energies from your heart so that you will feel inspired to start fresh.

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Things will not happen right away. You will need to give it time before you can actually feel ready to give love another shot.

There will be times when you will miss what once was, and there will be times that you will wish you can just go back in time.

That’s perfectly normal. You will grieve for the relationship that did not work out, for the love that was never given the chance, for the right love at the wrong time, or for the failed second chance at love.

There will be many reasons that will stop you from trying again, but there will be more reasons why you should.

Nuummite will help you move forward with joy and optimism. It will take away your fears and put your mind at ease.

You will also be able to settle your issues and forgive past transgressions. You will come to terms with the events of the past so that they will not affect the present or the future.

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The thing with moving on is that you must fully embrace your past and be able to let it go. Nuummite will make sure that you are free from the clutches of the past so that you can finally start over again.

Nuummite will protect you from emotional vampires and help you deal with the effects of your emotional shock or distress.

It will guard you against people who demand so much from you without even thinking about your own well-being.

Nuummite will show you how you can come to full power, and it will make you recognize your gifts and talents.

Your personal power is not acquired overnight, and you will usually have to learn tough lessons to even possess it.

Nuummite energies will help you get rid of self-imposed limitations that are keeping you from having the love or relationship that you deserve.

How to Combine Multiple Stones for Maximum Benefits?

It will encourage you to dream big and aim high. Go wherever your heart will take you, and let yourself be pleasantly surprised!

This stone will support you in prioritizing and acting on what’s truly important. It will remind you that the most important thing is to simply be yourself! People will love you for it.

Nuummite is a gifting stone that symbolizes deep love. It is only achieved by loving another with all your heart, even if you don’t know where the both of you will end up.

It’s throwing caution to the wind and going where life will take you. It’s hoping for the best, but also working real hard on your relationship so that it stands a chance.

Nuummite is also a powerful stone of transformation that ignites the energies of passion, power, and intention. With this stone in your life, you can make anything happen.

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It will take you to the direction that you want your relationship to go, and it will help you realize all your dreams and desires in love.

This is the stone that you should have with you if you’re ready for change!

How to Use Nuummite for the Best Results

Wearing it every day or carrying it with you will help your body integrate its vibrations and energies. Using it as a pendant is the most effective way to keep it close to your body.

The Best Combination to Use with Nuummite

Nuummite is best combined with Tugtupite because these two stones are found in the same region in Greenland. They will harmonize and complement each other naturally.

Adding Cryolite to the mix will bring more potent emotional healing. This combination will help you let go, forgive, and move forward in your life.

You can also pair it with Moldavite for transformation, with Seraphinite for healing, and with Amethyst, Labradorite, Scolecite, and Sunstone for spiritual protection.

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My Final Thoughts on the Power of Nuummite

Once you begin to work with the energies of this magnificent stone, you will realize why it will encourage your spiritual growth.

Within this dark stone is a mystical and magical vibration of the earth that you can always count on whenever you need it.

Nuummite will increase your good luck and inspire manifestation by enhancing the positive synchronicities in your life.

Nuummite is a very powerful and interesting stone to have, and you need to have it in your hands to fully experience the extent of its power!