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Analcime: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Analcime: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Meaning Of Analcime

Analcime is a rare and beautiful mineral that belongs to the Zeolite family. Its unique and interesting properties, in addition to its attractive crystalline structure, have made it a highly collectible stone.

It is one of the best-known stones for Manifestation magic and dream magick!

The name Analcime comes from the Greek “ana” meaning up or throughout, and “lithos” meaning stone. That is because of its ability to go through the entire stone while at the same time remaining unchanged.

This is one of the main reasons why this stone has grown in popularity among metaphysical practitioners.

Analcime Properties

Physical Properties Of Analcime

Analcime crystals are usually clear, gray, or white in color with a bit of reddish, yellowish, and greenish tint.

Analcime is a hydrated sodium aluminum silicate with the formula NaAlSiO4(OH)·7H2O. It crystallizes in the monoclinic system and typically occurs as stubby, prismatic crystals terminated by pinacoid faces, and as spherical or nodular masses. Crystal surfaces are often striated and tarnished in appearance.

Analcime typically forms as a secondary mineral, along with other zeolite minerals like Natrolite and Thomsonite. It forms from the weathering of feldspar-rich rocks such as granite or pegmatite.

These crystals usually form where there is an abundance of silica-based minerals, as it is an indicator mineral that forms from the hydrothermal processes that are common to those kinds of rocks.

These crystals have a vitreous luster and can have a transparent to translucent appearance.

There are no cleavages present and there are uneven fractures.

Analcime crystals are not known to be very hard crystals because they have a score of 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

It is a member of the Zeolite group. Its name is from the Greek word analkimos, which means weak.

This is because this crystal has a weak electromagnetic charge when rubbed, just like Zeolites.

Notable occurrences for this crystal include Switzerland, USA, and Iceland. There are also deposits in Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

Analcime Metaphysical Properties

Analcime’s most noticeable property is its ability to make a “connection” with other stones. When placed touching another stone, Analcime will mystically take on the attributes of that stone.

This means if you have a piece of Analcime laying on top of your computer, it will become an excellent aid for healing or meditation because it will pick up on the energies from the other stones!

It is also a high vibration crystal which makes it perfect for dream magick and manifestation work.

Analcime on Calcite
Analcime on Calcite

Why Would You Use Analcime?

Analcime is a good crystal to have because of its ability to increase your mental clarity.

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It will unlock, activate, balance, and align your heart chakra as well.

If you work with a lot of people and need to follow rules and guidelines, having this crystal with you will boost your creativity and strengthen your own sense of individuality.

This crystal will support you in achieving a healthy physical, emotional, and mental state when you are going through changes or transformations in your life.

The healing energies of this crystal will also keep you grounded and strong because they will make you focus on the things that you should be thankful for.

This crystal can also benefit teamwork and group activities because it will bring harmony and organization to everyone involved.

Analcime is a beautiful crystal that will enhance your creative abilities and boost your focus and concentration.

Frequent use of this crystal will also give you a different but positive outlook on life.

Analcime can help you build rapport with people that you have only just met. It will also soothe your nerves and bring out your confident self when in a confusing or tense situation.

This crystal carries powerful properties that will promote cooperation in a group setting by surrounding you with peace and serenity.

If you’re someone who has a certain brand of uniqueness and quirkiness, this crystal will help you further develop your skills and talents that will endear you to the people you work with.

The vibrations of these crystals will enhance your innate gifts and allow you to find your own style.

This crystal is a powerful aid when you are working in a team or a group situation because it will invite others to notice and appreciate your gifts and talents.

Analcime will bring peace and harmony to the people that you are interacting with.

It will help you build a more cohesive and cooperative group that will also have no issues accepting each other’s differences.

The heart-based energies of this crystal will support you as experience changes in your personal or romantic life.

This crystal has a good number of healing properties that will be beneficial to your emotions and how you relate to the person you love.

Analcime resonates well with the crown chakra, so it can give you the stability you need when dealing with the effects of changes or events in your life.

Cut Analcime

How Will Analcime Help You?

Analcime, Healing and Health

On a physical level, Analcime is known to be very beneficial to the pancreas.

It’s also an ideal crystal to use for water retention.

Diabetes sufferers should not be without this crystal because it can have a positive influence on your sugar levels and in managing its symptoms.

The healing energies of Analcime are very good in strengthening muscle structure, specifically ones that have already atrophied.

Analcime is known to have a healing effect on brain tumors.

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Analcime is a powerful detoxifier that will absorb and eliminate toxins. It’s also believed to be very beneficial in relieving symptoms and treating goiter.

If you wish to break bad habits and unhealthy addictions, get yourself a piece of Analcime.

It’s also good in removing feelings of bloatedness.

Analcime and Wealth

Analcime energies can invite energies of opportunities, luck, and financial gain.

Its energies will increase your luck when it comes to things that can change your financial status.

If you want to use Analcime to improve your finances and increase your wealth, keep Analcime crystals in a dish where you put your loose change.

Keep a tumbled stone in your wallet, purse, or pocket every day, too.

You can also place a few Analcime crystals where you keep your important documents that have to do with your business or finances.

Wear it to your business presentation or financial meeting so that you will increase your confidence and convincing powers as well.

Analcime, Love and Relationships

Analcime crystals possess a sweet heart-based energy that is very beneficial to any relationship.

It’s known to be very helpful when you want to remove the struggles or disharmony in your relationship.

It will work with you in recognizing the problems in your relationship. It will also encourage you to take responsibility for your actions that have led to problems between you and the person you love.

It’s a very supportive crystal that will be with you as you deal with the different changes in your relationship.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, Analcime can help you remain faithful to your lover.

It will remind you of all the wonderful things that you share with this person so that you will not be tempted to stray.

Even if you’re miles apart, Analcime can help in maintaining your closeness and ensuring stability in your relationship.

This crystal’s vibrations will also help relationships where one person is dominant and the other one is submissive.

It will work to balance the power and energy in your relationship so that you are both in equal footing.

Analcime will clear your head when you are dealing with a lot of heavy emotions and confusing thoughts.

It will also strengthen your heart and mind when you’re going through tough times in love.

When used daily, it will increase your feelings of peace and tranquility and eliminate emotional weakness.

It will stimulate optimism and get rid of your feelings of isolation.

The healing energies of this crystal will also inspire you to be more considerate of other people’s feelings.

If you’re single, it will dispel your fears in love that are preventing you from truly giving your heart to someone.

Analcime will inspire you to put yourself out there so that love will finally find you!


How to Use Analcime for the Best Results?

Analcime is most effective when worn close to the skin and when placed within your personal auric field.

Crystals By Condition Or Use

Wear it as jewelry or carry it with you in tumbled form. You can put it inside your purse, pocket, and bag, or even slip it inside your bra.

You can also use these crystals in the bathtub when you’re cleaning your body to take the cleansing experience on a metaphysical level.

Put a piece of Analcime crystal under your pillow when you’re resting or sleeping. It will help you relax quickly and promote deep sleep.

The Best Combination to use with Analcime

If you have a favorite creativity crystal or stone, you can pair it with Analcime. It will strengthen and amplify the creative energies present in the stones and help you complete your work with flair.

You can pair your Analcime with Ametrine, Yellow Apatite, Heliodor, Amber, Orange Calcite, and Carnelian.

Other creativity stones which you can use with Analcime include Triplite, Bastnasite, Bustamite, Serandite, Tunellite, and Picasso Marble.

Analcime is also a powerful clarity crystal. If you use it with Pollucite, Turquoise, Pudding Stone, Smokey Quartz, Mariposite, Thomsonite, and Magnetite, you can amplify its abilities to clear your mind.

You can also pair it with Rainbow Moonstone, Actinolite, Stellerite, Augite, Anatase, Cerussite, Herderite, Malachite, Moldavite, and Green Selenite to boost its healing properties and help you go through the changes in your life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Analcime

Get yourself a piece of Analcime because its energies will stimulate your intellect and eliminate the negative energies in your aura.

It will help you recognize the divinity inside you.

It will show you how you can release old programs in your mind and connect you to higher states of consciousness.

If you’re engaged in activities that you feel are mundane or even silly, Analcime will teach you to balance your physical pursuits with your spiritual desires.

Analcime will help reveal the hidden warrior in you if you always feel fearful.

If you like doing everything with precision, order, and schedule, Analcime will show you the magic of the unexpected and the satisfaction of taking a chance.

Analcime will also show you the value of simple but strong connections. It will remind you that worrying about the little things all the time will do you no good, so let go and just clear your head.

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