Meteorite Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Meteorite Crystal is a rare yet powerful crystal which is said to originate from outer space.

This crystal represents emotional balance and support, extraterrestrial awareness, physical healing, and spiritual growth.

Meteorite Crystal is associated with the third eye, earthstar, soul star, base root, and crown chakras.

Meteorite Crystal Properties

Meteorite Crystal occurs as a round stone and is usually found in black, gray, metallic gray, brown, or silver color.

Since this crystal is very rare it is not commonly found, but an abundance of it is available in Antarctica and the Sahara Desert.

Meteorite Crystal gets its name from the fact that it originated from outer space as debris of comets and asteroids, etc.

Why Would You Use Meteorite Crystal?

Meteorite Crystal comes with very rare and unique properties that are even treated as sacred in some religions.

If you often experience intense stress, use Meteorite Crystal to relieve stress and free your mind of any mental burden.

The use of Meteorite Crystal is also very common because of its ability to lessen the chaos in your life and bring stability of all sorts in it.

If you are someone who easily loses focus and has a very short attention span, regularly using Meteorite Crystal can help you become more focused and enhance your concentration.

Furthermore, Meteorite Crystal is also beneficial for mental growth.

This crystal can also speed up the recovery of physical injuries.

You can also become a more courageous and bolder person by keeping this crystal with yourself as it can help remove your fears, including the worst of your phobias.

This crystal will, apart from other benefits, increase your drive and motivation in life which will help you achieve your dreams.

Additionally, Meteorite Crystal teaches one that change is never too difficult as this crystal can assist you with breaking bad habits and replacing them with productive ones.

This crystal is also very advantageous in cleansing your mind of all negativity and filling it with vibrant, joyous, and positive ideas.

If you wish to break out of your meek shell, you can possess a Meteorite Crystal and gradually develop confidence and gain a sharp sense of self-assurance.

Meteorite Crystal is a highly protective stone and it can lead you away from dangerous situations by making you listen to your intuition and gut feeling.

Use Meteorite Crystal if you are disturbed because of your turbulent emotions and need emotional balance and stability in life.

If you are someone who easily gives up on significant things in life, regularly use Meteorite Crystal to enhance your willpower.

Meteorite Crystal is also extremely beneficial for when you want to find the right direction in life.

Likewise, this beautiful crystal can help you derive important lessons from the events and happenings in your life, so that you can avoid any potential mistakes in the future.

Also, this rare crystal can balance and stabilize your emotional body.

If you are surrounded by a lot of disturbing thoughts and meaningless noise in life, using Meteorite Crystal can help you get rid of them in order to attain true peace in life.

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And if you are someone who fears public speaking, you can use this stone to improve your communication and speech.

Moreover, Meteorite Crystal can stimulate your kundalini energy, enhancing your sexual abilities which will lead to a more fulfilling sexual life.

Use this powerful stone to remove the darkness in your life and move forward towards light.

Besides, Meteorite Crystal is useful in times when people try to walk all over you because this crystal will give you your own strong voice and identity.

By keeping Meteorite Crystal nearby, you can align your entire chakra system as well.

Plus, if you are struggling to understand the reason behind your existence, Meteorite Crystal is the ideal crystal to find the purpose of your life.

For people who are suffering from hopelessness, keeping Meteorite Crystal with yourself can help you become more hopeful, mentally strong, and optimistic.

People who belong to professions which require quality creative form will deeply benefit from the ability of this stone to enhance creativity.

Use this crystal to get rid of melancholia and live a truly serene and joyous life.

By possessing this crystal, you can start your journey towards true freedom by breaking all emotional and mental chains that hinder you from moving forward.

Keep yourself safe against bomb blasts or hijacking attempts by wearing this crystal on your body at all times.

Additionally, you can use this stone to align and balance the active fields of your body.

Lastly, if you keep this stone in your home, it will gradually transform you into the person you want to become along with bringing necessary changes in your life.

How Will Meteorite Crystal Help You?

You can use Meteorite Crystal to improve your professional life and bring prosperity in life.

Since Meteorite Crystal can enhance your communication skills, you will be able to deliver your presentations and speeches more confidently, earning respect and admiration.

There are times in life when solving a problem requires some time, so in those cases using Meteorite Crystal will give you the required endurance to tolerate the problem until it is resolved.

Moreover, Meteorite Crystal has the power to bring good luck and finance in your life.

Plus, this crystal is very useful when you want to work towards a significant goal and need the dedication to achieve it.

Since Meteorite Crystal can improve your creative expression, it is very useful for when you need to get inspiration and novel ideas.

If you belong to a field of research, particularly astrophysics, this stone can be very useful for you as it can help you gain knowledge of the solar system and other dimensions.

Furthermore, Meteorite Crystal is often used to treat mental distress, which is why it is very beneficial for people who deal with high stress-inducing situations on a regular basis.

Also, Meteorite Crystal is useful when treating diseases and illnesses related to the circulatory system.

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Moreover, this crystal is very important for athletes since it has the ability to boost your stamina and help you stay energized for longer periods of time.

Similarly, Meteorite Crystal possesses the ability to make your physical vehicle very strong.

Along with this, Meteorite Crystal can increase your strength drastically, which is again very important for athletes.

In addition to this, you can use this crystal to alleviate problems related to the blood such as anemia.

Not only that, but Meteorite Crystal can strengthen and cleanse your blood.

Additionally, this crystal can help with physical growth as well since it stimulates the reproduction of cells quickly.

Not only that, but this crystal can help you overcome your addictions by assisting you with the withdrawal symptoms and cleansing your body of the addictive substance(s).

If you have suffered from any serious tissue damages, using Meteorite Crystal can help you with the recovery process by strengthening the tissues.

No matter what kind of ailment or illness, Meteorite Crystal can assist you in its physical healing by speeding up the recovery process.

Meteorite Crystal and Spiritual Healing

During meditation with Meteorite Crystal, you are likely to receive otherworldly information and visions which will enrich your experience.

In addition to this, meditating with this crystal can even assist you in making a connection to your past lives.

The regular use of Meteorite Crystal can provide you spiritual enlightenment as well.

In fact, this crystal is known as a ‘bridge to the higher levels of awareness’ since it can help you access high levels of knowledge.

Furthermore, Meteorite Crystal can be used to stimulate psychic abilities, especially activating the dormant ones.

Moreover, Meteorite Crystal has the power to establish telepathic communication.

Not only that, but this rare crystal will enable you to make connections across barriers of time and distance.

This crystal will also help you develop strong links with extraterrestrial beings.

Meteorite Crystal also has high grounding energy which will keep you safe during astral travel by grounding any excess energy to the Earth and keeping you rooted in this world.

Furthermore, this wonderful crystal has the power to help you establish a strong connection with the angels and other divine beings in the higher realms.

Also, Meteorite Crystal is important for increasing your awareness of other dimensions which is beneficial for people interested in multidimensional traveling.

Since this powerful crystal has the ability to increase your inner visions, it will improve your spiritual journey.

The powers of Meteorite Crystal are also very significant in dream work.

In addition to this, Meteorite Crystal can be used to stimulate or further develop your clairvoyant abilities and have extremely vivid visions.

Meteorite Crystal, Love and Romance

Meteorite Crystal has such unique properties that it can add love, romance, joy, and trust into the treasured relationships in your life.

If your relationship is suffering because of your sexual inabilities, eliminate this problem once and for all with the regular use of Meteorite Crystal which will make you and your other half live all your sexual fantasies to the fullest.

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Since Meteorite Crystal can foster trust between two people, it will help you and your significant other confide in each other and get closer.

The confidence and self-assurance gained by Meteorite Crystal can help you attract suitable romantic partners and win them over with your charm.

The creativity gained through this crystal can be used to add exhilaration and newness to your otherwise dreary relationship.

As Meteorite Crystal is lucky for new beginnings and relationships, you should use this when you are looking for a new romantic partner.

Do not let any misunderstandings or mistakes drive you away from the people you hold close to your heart since Meteorite Crystal can be your tool to fix your relationships properly.

How to Use Meteorite Crystal for the Best Results

Before you start using Meteorite crystal, look up the abilities and uses of this crystal so you can achieve maximum benefits from it.

While there are various ways to use this crystal, holding it or keeping it close during meditation is said to provide an extremely enriching and serene experience.

If you intend to align your active fields using this crystal, the right way to go about it is wearing the crystal on your body.

If you want to become more positive by using Meteorite Crystal, you should ensure that you do not focus on negative thoughts and ideas.

Also, if you want to pull in the cosmic energy using this crystal, lie down, relax, and place the crystal above your heart chakra.

After using Meteorite Crystal, you should leave it for some hours in the sunlight to recharge it for use next time.

You should also ensure that Meteorite Crystal does not come into contact with any moisture since water will quickly corrode the crystal.

Also, make sure that you have full faith in the abilities of this crystal to transform your life so that it can completely affect you.

My Final Thoughts

Meteorite Crystal is a beautiful crystal used for emotional support and balance as well as spiritual awakening and growth.

As Meteorite Crystal is said to bring prosperity and good luck to the wearer, it can make you extremely wealthy and successful.

Moreover, if your relationship with your loved one is suffering, you should regularly use this crystal to bring back love and happiness to it.

Since Meteorite Crystal can heal a lot of physical illnesses and diseases, you can use it to assist with physical growth, anemia, stamina, fatigue, blood problems, and addiction.

Using this stone for self-transformation is also very popular since it will make you more creative, determined, strong-willed, courageous, and optimistic.

The most important spiritual power of this crystal is its ability to establish powerful connections with divine, multidimensional, and extraterrestrial beings.

By properly using Meteorite Crystal, you can bring light back to your life.

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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