Phantom-Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Phantom Crystal for love

Phantom-Crystal Properties

Phantom-Crystal is a variety of the quartz that has formed on earlier existing crystals over the course of a million years.

It’s a crystal or a mineral deposit within a crystal.

Its name is taken from the particular structure of the Phantom-Crystal’s crystallization.

Each crystal exhibits the outlines of many other smaller crystals, which are called phantoms.

Chlorite Phantom Crystals ExamplesPhantoms are created when a crystal growth is interrupted and then begins to form again.

The original minerals get washed away, leaving only the crystal to grow afterward.

Phantom-Crystals come in gray, red, green, white, and amethyst.

It can be found in the USA, Switzerland, Madagascar, Brazil, and Austria.

Why Would You Use Phantom-Crystal?

Phantom-Crystal is an effective aura cleanser. It will dispel the negative energies that linger in your personal auric fields.

It will also remove any negative thought or emotion that’s preventing the positive flow of energies in your life.

The healing energies of this crystal will give you inspiration, clarity, and strength. It will also provide you support and insight.

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Phantom-Crystal will also work on increasing your spiritual development.

Because of the crystal’s very slow formation, this crystal has absorbed knowledge and wisdom that can help you put the past into perspective.

It will point the direction toward your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Phantom-Crystal symbolizes universal awareness.

It will help you connect to the earth and the higher realms on a deeper level.

It will help you have a deeper understanding of the different cycles of life.

This crystal will facilitate inner growth and help you resolve your past issues.

It will help you activate or enhance your healing abilities and form a stronger connection with your spirit guides.

The soothing and relaxing energies of this crystal will also help you achieve deep meditative states very quickly.

It will open your clairaudience and give you clear psychic hearing.

It will also you to access your Akashic records so that you can read about your past lives and recover from your repressed memories.

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It will help you discover your current soul plans so that you will be able to release any kind of outdated soul imperatives.

Phantom-Crystal will assist you in having a smooth transition so that you will know what your next step should be.

Example of a Phantom Quartz Crystal - Click to enlarge for detailThe healing energies of this crystal will help you overcome stagnation in your life or in your relationships.

This crystal will give you a fresh burst of inspiration that will help you live your life with zest and enthusiasm.

It will store, transmit, and amplify your energies.

It will also work to unblock or remove anything that’s preventing the proper flow of your life energies.

Phantom-Crystal will help in balancing your emotions.

It will also stimulate your concentration, memory, and thinking process.

This crystal will show your shadow self and reveal the gifts that it holds so you can better appreciate them!

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How Will Phantom-Crystal Help You?

Phantom-Crystal, Healing and Health

On a physical level, the healing properties of Phantom-Crystal can facilitate the elimination of toxins from your body.

When you fall sick or suffer an injury, the energies of this crystal will help speed up your recovery.

It can also stimulate the growth of helpful bacteria.

Phantom-Crystal can help in the assimilation of vitamins A and E, as well as calcium and magnesium. It can stimulate the immune system and help bring balance to the body.

This crystal is also very beneficial to treating hearing disorders.

It’s known to enhance the function of the pineal and pituitary glands as well.

It can also protect the body against radiation and act as a master healer for just about any kind of condition.

Phantom-Crystal and Wealth

Phantom-Crystal can help you make important changes to reach your lofty goals.

It will help you work on complicated projects so that you will able to complete each stage successfully.

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It will give you fresh and creative ideas, as well as physical and intellectual energies.

You will attract a lot of good and stimulating energies that will help you achieve great results. Everything will come together for you when you work with the energies of this crystal.

Phantom-Crystal will remind you that even the seemingly insignificant dreams can become the most incredible realities!

You will be making wise decisions and well-thought-out plans. Wealth and abundance will come to you easily, and you will continuously attract good luck and good fortune!

Phantom-Crystal, Love and Relationships

It will help ground excessive emotions that affect your relationship and how you and your partner are with each other.

There will be no overreactions that will push your partner away or hurt the foundation of your relationship.

You will have a better handle on your emotions, no matter how much chaos or complications there are in your current situation.

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This crystal will also help you stay balanced amidst the ever-changing landscape of your relationship.

You will be able to hold on to the things that matter to you, and you will be to focus on your goals as a couple even if there are plenty of distractions.

Phantom-Crystal can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. It will help you release your memories of past traumas and emotional pains.

Gray Phantom Crystal ExampleYou will learn to see the good in your bad experiences, and you will be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Phantom-Crystal can help you heal from the anger, resentment, fear, or confusion.

It will awaken you to feel, process, and acknowledge what you have survived so that it will heal your emotional body.

The healing energies of this crystal will help you remove your emotional blockages.

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Whatever has stunted your emotional growth will be eliminated, and you will become stronger for this experience.

Phantom-Crystal will make you realize that your challenging experiences are a testament to your willpower and strength, and to your growth and personal development.

It will promote growth in you, your partner, and your relationship because you will be able to change your perception about a lot of things regarding love!

This crystal will help you celebrate your milestones, and it will remind you to grow beyond your self-limiting expectations.

It will show you that anything is possible if you truly put your heart and mind to it!

Phantom-Crystal will remind you not to fear your personal power. Your personal strength is what will help you overcome your challenges and relationship troubles.

It will teach you lessons on patience and understanding. You will learn to be more relaxed in your relationship and considerate to your partner’s needs.

In turn, your partner will also become more attentive and sensitive to your needs.

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You will be working together to create a stable, secure, honest, and loving relationship that’s buoyed by your genuine love and concern for each other!

This crystal will promote courage in your thoughts and actions.

Even if you are going through something challenging in your relationship, you will be able to overcome your trials because you will be bolstered by your inner strength.

It will help you learn your lessons and accept them. It will also show you how you can move on or create a new and better life path.

Phantom-Crystal will teach you how to be more compassionate and understanding towards your partner. It will also build a bridge to someone you love that you have grown far apart with.

How to Use Phantom-Crystal for the Best Results

Phantom-Crystal will work best if you keep it close to your body, so carry it with you in your pocket or inside your purse.

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Wear Phantom-Crystal jewelry to keep its energies close to your chakras.

Place it inside your home or office to enhance the room’s energies and drive the negative energies away!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Phantom-Crystalphantom crystal meaning

With the guidance of the Phantom-Crystal, you will be able to bring about a smoother transition in your life to break out of your old energy patterns.

You will be able to release unwanted and unnecessary energies so that you can move forward in your life with illumination and a renewed sense of hope.

Phantom-Crystal will help you stay grounded and stable during high-pressure situations, and when you are experiencing chaotic energies all around you.

It’s the ideal crystal to have when you are stuck or bogged down. It will remove feelings of stagnation and give you the surge of inspiration that you need.

It will bring about positive changes in your personal and professional life, and you will feel the loving support of the universe whenever you get close to the energies of this crystal.

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It’s a beautiful, mysterious, and spiritually moving crystal that will make you understand the cycle of life. It will facilitate your inner growth and personal transformation.

Phantom-Crystal is the perfect crystal to have when you want to make important changes in your life. Its powerful energies will help you let go and release anything that’s no longer healthy for you.

It will help you move forward when you feel stuck. Phantom-Crystal will bring you mental clarity, and it will give you a refreshing simplicity to every aspect of your life!