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Datolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Datolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

A very high vibration stone, Datolite is a very unique stone that has the ability to increase your intellect and mental prowess.

By providing you with constant positive energies, it also has the ability to sharpen your intuition so that you can get exceptional at solving problems.

Datolite Properties

Datolite isn’t a very uncommon stone and exists within a wide range of colours and colour schemes which include white, grey, pale green, red, yellow and sometimes even pink.

It has a very vitreous and resinous lustre with a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5.

With a monoclinic crystal system, Datolite has a specific gravity of 2.936 to 3 depending on where the rock is from.

It was given its name by a geologist named Jens Esmark back in 1806 and derives its name from the Greek word for “to divide” which is a direct reference to the granular texture of the stone.

It is a member of the Gadolinite Supergroup and is often compared to other stones such as Bakerite and Shimazakiite.

It is a transparent, translucent and sometimes opaque stone with a white streak and an irregular fracture. The structure of Datolite is very brittle and it is a very striking stone to look at.

Datolite can most commonly be found in the USA but variations can also be found in other countries in Europe such as Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, and England.

The price of the stone will depend upon its size, the bigger it gets the more it’ll cost.

Tumbled Datolite Stone Crystal

Why Would You Use Datolite?

If you are someone who has to do a lot of brain work every day then Datolite is definitely the stone for you as it will sharpen your intellect.

Very effective at the crown chakra, Datolite has the ability to stimulate your brain so that you may enhance your learning ability.

If you are someone who gets distracted very easily then Datolite is a way for you to better your concentration so that you may perform the tasks you’re given with great efficiency.

By using Datolite you can be sure that your memory won’t fail you under any circumstance and you will even start noticing minute details about your surroundings that you simply weren’t aware of before.

By using Datolite you can always be certain of the decisions that you make because it will enable you to always discern between what is important and what is mundane.

This will allow you to make swift decisions in life that will always give you and your peers a much-welcomed advantage.

Datolite is also a great stone for when you need to cope with circumstances that you were not expecting will come your way.

If you are someone who recently went through a big change in life, whether it was a loss of a family member or friend, Datolite will allow you to accept what has happened and come to terms with it.

No matter what curveball life throws at you, by using Datolite you can ensure your path to victory by careful planning and clinical execution.

Crystals S

Furthermore, you can use Datolite to explore the inner areas of your mind, body, and spirit so that you may get the answers to questions you’ve had about yourself for a very long time.

You can use Datolite you improve your own psychic abilities so that you’re well prepared for the journey into the metaphysical world.

Datolite will also enable you to always recognize a threat in your surroundings before it even gets to you by making you more aware and energetic.

By being constantly aware of everything that is going on around you, you can hope to make the most clinical decisions with great ease.

If you are someone who is not good at picking one choice over the other then Datolite can make you more decisive.

Decisiveness is key if you want to succeed in life and you can expect Datolite to always help you make the right decision for yourself when presented with a choice.

How Will Datolite Help You?

Datolite is a very special stone that has the ability to help heal your mind, body, and soul by resonating strongly with your higher chakras.

With the help of its high vibrations, Datolite will help you take charge of your life by providing you with the strength and will power to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

This can be extremely helpful for when you’re trying to move away from old habits that you know aren’t good for you or your health.

Datolite can help break the habitual patterns that you’ve developed over the years by giving you the strength to stop yourself and the willpower to say no.

Datolite is great for rehab patients because it helps soothe your aura after you’ve let go of the bad habits that you had fallen a victim too.

Being a healing stone, Datolite also has the ability to aid in the healing of diabetes and hypoglycemia.

If you seem to be lost in your journey in life then Datolite can help you find the answers you need in order to ensure that the path you’re taking is the path that is meant for you.

Datolite will also help you develop and maintain contact with beings of the higher realm so that you may develop a better understanding of the divine realm and the plan that is written down for you.

By expanding your consciousness, Datolite enables you to understand the deeper meanings in the universe so that you may develop a very keen sense of purpose.

The high vibrations in Datolite stimulate the third eye as well as the soul star chakras so this stone is deemed perfect for deep spiritual exploration and astral travel.

Datolite may help clear your vision and enhance your understanding of whatever you see out there in the metaphysical world.

Datolite will help you establish a connection with the beings of the higher realm so that you may never feel alone in this world because you know the divine realm is always watching you.

Datolite will help you in enhancing all types of learning whether in this world or the metaphysical world.

It can help sharpen the brain so that you can allow more data to be fed in there forever at your disposal.

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Datolite will also help you if you want to forget the mistakes of the past and start over fresh by allowing you to accept your fate and move on.

Datolite is especially known to be a great stone for out of this world experiences and past life exploration as it helps you develop a connection to the Akashic record.

If you have a history of diseases in your family then Datolite can help break this cycle by allowing you to heal any issues that have been passed down to you by previous generations.

Datolite will also help you develop immunity against certain allergies and viruses as well.

If you are someone who is a victim of constant stress and anxiety then Datolite will enable you to relieve some of your stresses so that you may achieve peace and tranquility.

Datolite and Spiritual Healing

By allowing you to access records of your previous forgotten lives, Datolite will enable your soul to become in sync with the true soul purpose that the divine realm has set out for you.

Having a deep understanding of your past life you will be able to see things in a much different perspective altogether.

This will allow you to become one with your soul and hence bring peace and tranquility to your entire being.

Datolite stimulates the third eye chakra so it directly affects the mind and helps you develop a wide array of psychic abilities which can help you navigate through the twists and turns of life.

You will start having a deep understanding of your soul and when you start looking at things in a much broader perspective, your soul will have time to heal and grow.

When your soul is happy and satisfied on the inside, you will start glowing outwardly as well and this is when you’ll be the most satisfied with your life.

During your astral travels, Datolite will ensure that your soul is always protected and returns back to this world unscathed so that you can carry out your explorations without any inhibitions.

Datolite will also help you move on from certain fears that you have in life that are linked to your past life traumas by helping your soul fully heal from these unfortunate events.

Datolite, Love and Romance

The fact that Datolite has such a high vibration also translates to how effective it is when it comes to helping your love life.

As a stone of love and compassion, Datolite has the ability to bring a new spark into your life by attracting people who are ideal for you.

This will allow you to stop worrying about meeting the right partner because you’ll have faith in the divine realm’s plan.

Datolite will allow you to be bold and much more open with new people so that you may develop quick relationships and bonds that can sometimes last a lifetime.

If you are someone who has been looking to settle down into a long term relationship then having Datolite as your companion is the perfect choice for you.

The vibrations of the stone will help you meet the love of your life that you can one day grow old with.

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If you are someone who is already in a relationship then having Datolite in your possession can bring a lot of benefit to you and your partner.

By evoking feelings of love, compassion, and empathy it will allow the two of you to understand each other on a much deeper level so that you can make the compromises that are required for a successful relationship.

Datolite will help you accept the minor flaws and setbacks that you might see in your partner because it will allow you to see the bigger picture.

You will become much more accepting of the shortcomings of your partner and this will allow the two of you to build a long term relationship.

If you and your partner are about to go through a major development in your relationship then Datolite can be a great companion in the transitional period.

It will allow you to have patience and the mind to deal with any situation that tests your relationship so that you can come out of the situation stronger than ever.

Datolite will also help remove any lingering doubts or misunderstandings between you and your partner by allowing you to express your feelings much more openly.

How to Use Datolite for the Best Results

The best way to use Datolite is to meditate with it for a given amount of time every morning in a dark silent place.

It’s best to allow yourself to soak in the energies and vibrations from Datolite and let them stimulate your inner chakras so that you may receive the most benefit.

If you want to use Datolite for healing purposes then it is best to have it on your person at all times, in your pocket or in the shape of a pendant, so that you’re always exposed to the healing energies of the stone.

If you have a yellow stone in your possession, wearing it just under your chest will provide a boost to your vitality and spirit.

If you have exams coming up then having Datolite in your pocket can help better your ability to memorize and recall.

Datolite is also very good for old people as it helps them with their memory as well.

You can also combine Datolite with other stones such as Ulexite, Scapolite, Variscite, and Spurrite for maximum benefits.

My Final Thoughts

The fact that Datolite has such a high vibration which is also very calming and soothing at the same time is a testament to how great a stone it is.

If you have Datolite in your possession you can be sure that the stone has great powers and you can extract a great deal of benefits out of it.

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