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Crystals for Fertility – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Fertility – The Complete Guide

Trying for a baby is a very exciting period, but sometimes it can also be a little overwhelming. It can be difficult to let loose when there are so many things that you should and should not do.

Crystals for fertility are very beneficial for couples who want to increase their chances of getting pregnant. They are also good for couples who want to relax a little while trying to conceive.

Crystals help prepare your body and mind for the arrival of that special addition to your family.

Unless you have experienced challenges in conceiving a child, some women take the miracle of life for granted. They underestimate the complex events that need to happen before life can even begin.

Crystals for fertility can be useful for couples experiencing problems in getting pregnant.

They help improve their chances of conception by relaxing the body and mind, correcting hormonal imbalances, and reducing stress levels.

There are many crystals that can be used to support conception and increase fertility. They will not only give you the results that you desire but also protect your unborn child.

Crystals for Fertility

Do Crystals Work For Fertility?

Crystals and stones can help you in all aspects of your life and there is a crystal for almost any purpose – fertility and conception is one of them. But can crystals really help for fertility?

Healing crystals can help for fertility. They radiate subtle energy that increases your vitality, and ultimately, your fertility.

These crystals have their own frequency which is based on the arrangement of the components within their chemical structure.

Each component vibrates at a specific frequency, and this vibration emits a subtle healing energy.

The energies released by crystals depend on the unique way their components pulsate in the internal crystalline structure.

It is believed that the human electromagnetic field shifts when crystals are brought close to the body. This is how they affect the body, and this is how healing is initiated.

During healing, crystals absorb the negative energies from the body and release positive energy, which is absorbed by the body during healing, creating a balance at an energetic level.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you cleanse your crystals before each therapeutic session.

How To Program Crystals For Fertility

When you program a crystal, you intentionally allow new energies to flow into the crystal. This new energy flows from you and into the crystal, making it uniquely yours!

Charge your crystal so that it carries positive energy and the intention that you want it to possess.

For example, if want to program your crystal to boost healing and increase fertility, you can charge it by visualizing pure white light from the universe entering it.

As you picture this energy entering your crystal, ask it to carry the energy of love, healing, and fertility.

State something like “I program this crystal to regain the balance in my body, mind, and soul. Please give me healing and fertility. Thank you!”

Remember to always thank your crystal for their gifts, and to thank the universe for its unwavering support.

What Crystals Help Fertility


Moonstone is one of the most recommended crystals when dealing with fertility problems. It can be worn during and after sex to help with impregnation.

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Moonstone is very powerful because it’s aligned with the energy of the moon, which has feminine energy.

When a piece of Moonstone is placed under a full moon and charged with divine feminine energy, it can help significantly with fertility.

This is why it’s the most effective crystal to have with you when you’re trying to get pregnant.

It boosts your feminine energy. It’s a crystal of love that lets you focus on love while making love instead of on getting pregnant.

By focusing on the love aspect, chances of getting pregnant are greatly increased. It’s also a very beneficial crystal in regulating your menstrual cycle when there are issues with it.

Moonstone is known as the ultimate fertility crystal. It gives calming energies and stable emotions. It also promotes natural conception.

Make sure that you use your Moonstone crystal during a full moon to enhance its healing energies.


Carnelian is a crystal of sexuality and creative energies. It helps bring back the balance in the sacral chakra and removes any blockages in the reproductive organs.

It raises your confidence levels in giving birth, and in holding and raising a child. It also awakens your sexual side because it’s a crystal of passion.

It encourages more passionate and spontaneous lovemaking. It stimulates your reproductive system and balances your hormones, protecting you against miscarriage.

Carnelian stimulates and balances the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina. It eases the symptoms of PMS and other discomforts related to the reproductive area.

More Crystals For Fertility

Aquamarine is highly protective during pregnancy because it helps to guard both mother and baby against harm. It is a crystal that discourages miscarriage and provides protective energies. It’s a wonderful crystal to have when you’re trying to be pregnant and having trouble getting pregnant.

Celestite connects you with your guardian angel and channels their healing energies when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Lepidolite has a soft and calming energy that nurtures you during your attempts to conceive. It dispels the anxieties that you have about getting pregnant and giving birth.

Garnet ensures that your energy flows smoothly all throughout your body, getting rid of any energy blockages that exist in your reproductive area.

Fluorite increases your libido and sexual urges. It also cleanses your aura and removes any negative vibrations that are present in your field. It also stabilizes hormonal changes, such as PCOS and PMS. It helps with hormonal changes and works to stabilize them.

Rhodonite brings compassion and forgiveness. It releases your fears and acts as a rescue crystal. It brings powerful healing vibrations that help you with your relationship problems.

Aventurine encourages pregnancy and boosts fertility. It’s also considered a crystal of love that can boost feelings and promote optimism.

Black Coral is a brilliant crystal that enhances your fertility.

Chrysoprase also has the same effect when used in your pregnancy efforts.

Jade is also a lovely crystal to have if you wish to get pregnant.

Pearls can also be worn to boost fertility. They have a soft and lovely energy that encourages you to go for it and just get pregnant.

Rose Quartz increases fertility and brings peace and calm. It increases your overall fertility. It is also helpful in treating sexual dysfunctions. It’s a very helpful and protective crystal during pregnancy and childbirth. It removes your fears, resentments, and anger when you’re trying to deal with your fertility issues as well.

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Smoky Quartz increases your fertility and balances your sexual energy. It helps ease depression that can arise in your attempts to get pregnant. This crystal also has a good effect on the sexual organs and boosts their overall functions.

Ruby Zoisite is also a recommended crystal that helps with fertility issues. It also gives support during pregnancy, especially in the development of the fetus. It promotes fertility and boosts the reproductive process at all levels, from conception, pregnancy, birth, to growth. It also stimulates the root chakra to enhance your enthusiasm and vitality for life.

Unakite helps with getting pregnant and giving birth. It’s a very popular fertility crystal that keeps mother and baby healthy. It helps you find balance and calm during pregnancy, and it also gives physical support during childbirth. It’s a crystal that is recommended to use for a successful conception and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Moss Agate is a crystal of abundance. It has a calming energy that gives stability and strength. It also enhances your fertility.

Green Aventurine encourages fertility and pregnancy. It’s also known to bring vitality, positivity, and luck.

Hematite is used for relaxing, calming, and grounding. It also has the ability to control bleeding, and treat anemia, muscle cramps, and blood circulation and nervous disorders. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet to bolster your courage and bring uplifting energies when you’re facing difficult challenges. It’s a crystal that counteracts negative energies in your environment.

Tiger’s Eye supports you in manifesting dreams and desires. It brings optimism, health, calm, and balance. It also balances the energies of your reproductive system and supports conception and fertility.

How To Use Crystals For Fertility

There are many ways you can use crystals for fertility. The first thing you need to do is set your intentions to activate your crystal’s energy.

Bathe In Your Fertility Crystals

Bathing in fertility crystals is a feminine and loving way to connect with their energies. Just add a few crystals in your bath with your favorite bath salts, herbs, and essential oils.

Doing this every new moon or full moon is a great way to make sure that you do it regularly.

Pay Attention To The Moon Cycles

Living in sync with the moon has powerful effects on your body and mind. This is especially true when trying to get pregnant because the moon emits the ultimate feminine energy.

Set your intention with your crystals and with the new moon. Dedicate the cycle to make space and time to invite a new baby into your life.

Do A Body Layout

Intuitively put crystals on your body where you need healing. Let your instincts guide you to show you which area of your body needs healing so that you can boost your fertility.

Create a grid on your body with the crystals that you are most attracted to.

Wear Fertility Bracelets

Connecting with your crystal’s energies all throughout the day is very important.

You can wear fertility bracelets made of Moonstone and Lepidolite. These two crystals are connected to love and fertility.

It’s a bracelet that symbolizes a blessing of a large family. It also promotes hormonal balance, boosts the immune system, and reduces your anxiety.

It brings loving and nurturing energy alleviates your worries about getting pregnant or about giving birth. It’s a great bracelet to wear during your entire pregnancy journey.

You can also wear a pregnancy bracelet that combines Carnelian and Moonstone. These crystals bring joy, energy, and passion.

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They are both linked to the sacral chakra, which is associated with the female reproductive system. They are protective crystals that are a constant source of vitality.

You can also wear a bracelet made of Chrysocolla and Amazonite when you’re starting a new chapter in your life.

These crystals are very empowering to women.

They have a gentle and soothing energy that’s beneficial to both the mother and child.

This bracelet helps in relieving your stress and anxiety. It prepares you for making a new beginning into motherhood. It also eases labor pains.

Create A Crystal Elixir

Try making a crystal elixir made of water and a Rose Quartz and Carnelian crystal.

You and your partner can drink this water on a daily basis. If you’re not sure about which crystals work in water or with the other crystal’s chemistry, it’s best to put your crystals outside or around the container.

Set A Fertility Grid

You can set a fertility grid in your home with your crystals on a special table or under your bed.

Choose the crystals from the ones that most resonate with you. Place them in a circle, and in the middle, you can add pictures of you and your partner.

Put them with baby objects, like rattles, stuffed toys, and feeding bottles.

Feel free to express your intentions. Combine different crystals that you know resonate well with you because they amplify the energies of the other crystals.

Carry Fertility Crystals With You

Carry a crystal or two in your pocket, or place a tumbled stone in your purse.

You can also put it under your pillow while you sleep. The important thing is that you have it close to your body all the time.

You can rest the crystals on your sacral chakra or over your ovaries for 15 to 20 minutes a day, or you can hold them in your hands while meditating.

My Final Thoughts On Fertility Crystals

Deciding which fertility stones to welcome into your life is something to enjoy. Definitely, don’t feel any pressure about choosing the right one, so to speak – there really aren’t any wrong turns to take here!

Depending on things like the makeup of your family, your star sign, or even your favorite color, you’ll find that certain crystals are more appealing to you subconsciously, or intuitively, than others.

Let your heart guide you here!

When trying to grow our family, it can be so easy to fall into a rut of negative thinking, and even a sense of despair.

Depending on how long you and your partner have been trying for, you both might feel exhausted and confused by it all.

But while crystals for fertility may never replace professional and medical attention, they can certainly help both your physical and emotional state when it comes to increasing your fertility. You only need to choose which crystal works best for you!

Crystals for Fertility

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