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Prehnite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Prehnite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Prehnite Properties

Prehnite is a pale yellow-green stone made primarily of calcium and aluminum.

Some forms have iron in them as well, which causes a darker orange-yellow colour, but the majority are quite pale and milky, not at all see-through.

Its crystalline structure gives it a glittery appearance, although it can be polished very smooth and make beautiful milky translucent jewellery.

The first recorded description of prehnite is from 1788, where Colonel Hendrick von Prehn discovered it in Cape Province in South Africa.

It was named after von Prehn, who was the commander of the Dutch military forces in South Africa, and who was quick to introduce Prehnite into South Africa’s booming trade in gemstones (remember, South Africa is one of the main sources of diamonds in the modern world).

Beautiful Prehnite beads

Prehnite remains primarily known in South Africa, although large deposits have been found in Australia as well.

It is quite abundant and relatively accessible here, which is why it has not joined the ranks of precious gemstones, despite its sheer beauty.

It has been used by Shamanistic religions in South Africa for thousands of years, but since it was only described to Western scholars in the 1780s, this stone is a relatively new addition to the field of crystology.

As yet, not much is known about its powers compared to many stones that have been popular in human civilization for millennia.

Basic information about its properties is available, and I will be discussing that below, but there is much still to be learned!

If you acquire prehnite for metaphysical purposes, I highly recommend keeping a journal or record of your experiences with it, in order to record your observations about its effects.

By doing this, you will be markedly contributing to the field of crystology. At this point, our knowledge about this stone has been tested so little that all records of its effects are gratefully received!

With that said, this article will give you an introduction into the properties of prehnite, as they are currently understood.

The properties of prehnite are extremely beneficial for memory, recollection, and peace, and can be of great use to almost any user.

Prehnite stone has a very earthy feel to its energies, and that helps to make it quite approachable, particularly to those who are looking into these kinds of healing practices and the overall lifestyle for the very first time.

However, even experienced practitioners and spirit healers turn to this stone time and time again for its even handed approach. This crystal wonderfully enhances the qualities of the mind, and also our emotional response to what can sometimes be challenging ideas and concepts.

And of course, the sense of peace and serenity offered by prehnite and its energies is always welcome in an ever more hectic world like the one that we all share today.

Why Would You Use Prehnite?

Green prehnite has primarily become associated with memory and divination, just like Titanium Aura. If improving your skills in either of these two fields is of interest to you, then this stone will be worth trying.

A good memory is one of the most powerful tools that you can master, which is why gurus have spent thousands of years developing techniques, rituals, and spells to improve memory.

While a single piece of prehnite won’t have the same effect of years of training, it will certainly make an impact!

You can use Prehnite with Crystal Wand to improve memory by invoking the third eye chakra, or use it as a central point for meditations to help clear your mind and make it ready to receive and store new information.

In general, the use of prehnite to improve overall memory, while certainly not as effective as consulting your doctor, can efficiently reduce the frequency of bouts of bad memory, and generally improve your ability to retain information over time.

If you are interested in divination, prehnite is a stone that you absolutely must pursue, as its divinatory powers are very significant.

One of the things that we know about prehnite’s traditional use in South African religion is that it was used for divinatory purposes, because it was said to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit world.

Prehnite’s divinatory powers are based on its ability to show its users the realities of the spiritual world with the same sort of accuracy and clarity that we can see the realities of the physical world with.

For this reason, it is the perfect stone to enhance intuition – you will quickly become conscious of the unspoken energies or vibrations of a situation.

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Prehnite can help you to tune into your intuition, or if you already do so quite heavily, to do so in a way that’s more grounded and balanced.

It can be easy for the mind to run away with itself and fill in the blanks, so to speak, of a psychic vision sometimes. It can lead even the wisest of us to jump to conclusions!

Prehenite helps because it solidified the links of mind, body and spirit in a natural and generous way. What’s more, this stone’s energies are often very complementary to those of other crystals you might already have in your collection.

When used in combination with Hiddenite, Prehnite is said to be highly effective in encouraging lucid dreaming, again because it can soften the boundary between the physical and spiritual world.

Dreaming is the portal to the otherworld through which we pass the most often, so it’s hardly surprising that it is a field so strongly affected by the powers of prehnite.

How Will Prehnite Help You?

At first glance, you may not feel overly interested in a stone that purports to improve memory, and unless you are personally interested in the practice of divination, that might not call out ot you either.

However, it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of these two features.

When you can always whip out a notepad, set a reminder on your phone, or ask someone to remind you of a task you need to do, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of just how useful and important a good memory is.

While I’m a huge fan of planners and to-do lists, they really never will be able to replace the ability to actually recall things without prompting.

When you can remember things easily and without prompting, people will immediately want your help.

With prehnite, you will be trusted, and become a source of authority.

People will start coming to you with questions. In short, you will gain a lot of power! And all because you can remember things that other people will forget.

Besides being a source of trust, remembering things easily also means that facts that you wouldn’t think to write down will stick with you.

They may seem insignificant when you first encounter them, but seemingly insignificant facts frequently come back and have huge impact on people’s lives – you just wouldn’t know it when you first learn them!

Now, on to divination. Divination is an extremely popular subset of magical and metaphysical practice, but it’s true that it’s not for everyone!

If you’re not interested in divination, you may be tempted to discount all the powers of prehnite as irrelevant to your life.

Here’s the thing, though: divination isn’t all scrying and tarot cards.

Divination also refers to those instinctive impulses that you get, especially in high-pressure situations, that tell you how to behave without your rational brain needing to kick in.

If you aren’t getting these, then you have a problem! And if they’re inaccurate, then your problem is even bigger.

Prehnite can ensure that these intuitive instincts are doing their job in keeping you safe and helping you achieve your goals: that they show up when they’re supposed to, and that they’re relatively accurate.

How to Use Prehnitefor the Best Results?

For those of you who are diviners, prehnite is the perfect surface for scrying.

Use a polished disc of the stone if you can, but if you can’t acquire one of those, any polished surface of sufficient size to see something in is acceptable.

If you are planning on scrying on a piece of prehnite, then you should charge it with the energy of water and the Moon, which are both ideal for increasing psychic power.

In order to charge your piece of prehnite, first hold it in your hands under running water. If you can manage a natural source, that’s awesome, but if not, a tap will do just fine.

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Watch the water rushing over the surface and visualize it sweeping away all impurities and leaving only the watery energy behind.

Once you are satisfied with the energy of the water having cleansed the stone, place your prehnite in direct moonlight overnight.

Try to find a spot where it won’t have any artificial light cast on it, and preferably a place with no window in between it and the sky, but if that’s not an option, just make sure it’s somewhere where the moon is visible enough that the light falls on the stone.

The power of both water and Moon to enhance the natural divinatory powers of the prehnite will result in a scrying surface that is extremely attuned to the emotional and psychic vibrations around you.

It will be most useful in divination that requires you to “read” other people, but will be a fantastic surface for any type of scrying imaginable.

In the more practical realm, if you are not a diviner, then wearing prehnite is the best way to get its effects.

Since it is most attuned to the third eye chakra, the best way to wear it is as close as possible to that chakra.

If it’s your style, a circlet with a small piece of prehnite that rests against your forehead would be absolutely perfect for enhancing your imagination and improving your psychic powers.

If circlets aren’t your style, earrings or hair clips also put prehnite in the vicinity of your third eye chakra, and will also enhance the power of your third eye chakra.

Prehnite is not an especially useful household stone.

While you can place pieces in your home, especially in places where you do creative activities, there is no especial reason to place any pieces in your home.

Stones like opal, aventurine, or chrysoprase have better calming and regenerating effects than the calming powers of prehnite.

Beyond that, filling your household with psychic energy can cause problems, as psychic imagination becomes tied to location rather than person.

Not all people have the same tolerance for psychic power.

If you psychically charge your home, then invite a sensitive friend over, they may become nervous, paranoid, or start to feel physically ill from the vibrations surrounding them.

For these reasons, wearing prehnite on your person, or using it for specific divinatory techniques, is far preferable to trying to incorporate it into your household décor.

The Best Combination to Use with Prehnite

Prehnite is well-suited to a pairing with crown chakra stones like amethyst and clear quartz.

These stones enhance spiritual understanding as well as strengthen logical faculties.

When combined with the perceptive imagination conveyed by the prehnite, these are the stones of a truly wise leader.

You will have the imagination and psychic power that prehnite is known for, but it will be tempered by a logical and intellectual strength that will prevent you from ever “going off the deep end” and becoming too entrenched in your imagination.

A grounding stone such as jasper or garnet is also beneficial to complement prehnite.

Amethyst or quartz will “ground” you and temper your imaginative energy by providing a highly sensible and logical counterpoint.

On the other hand, stones like jasper and garnet, will tie you to reality and make sure that you are using your intuition for practical and useful purposes.

If you are using prehnite as a chakra stone (which I encourage you to do!) then combining it with stones associated with the other chakras can help you to tackle specific issues.

For example, if you are unhappy with your current career, but having trouble imagining something better, than prehnite, ruling the inspiring power of your third eye chakra, can be combined with a stone connected to the solar plexus chakra, which rules personal ambition.

In general, you should avoid combining prehnite with other stones that rule the emotions, such as moonstone or ruby. They can be volatile combinations.

A “gentle” emotional stone like moonstone combined with prehnite can result in deep depression and disconnects from reality.

By contrast, but no less problematically, an “aggressive” emotional stone like ruby can combine with prehnite to create feelings of anger, rage, or uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

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Can You Get Prehnite as a Bracelet?

Prehnite bracelets can be purchased in a lot of jewelry stores, and the price will depend on the design, cut, and the place that the Prehnite was sourced from.

The prettiest Prehnite bracelets are usually beaded bracelets with various charm inclusions, tassels, and other adornments.

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection and a fashionable enhancement to your outfit of the day, Prehnite is also known for its metaphysical properties.

If you’re planning on purchasing a Prehnite bracelet, you should know that it’s a gemstone of unconditional love.

When worn close to the body, it means that you are also opening yourself up to giving and receiving unconditional love.

A Prehnite bracelet’s energies increase your inner knowledge and show you the path towards your own spiritual growth.

Prehnite energy is also known to connect your will with your heart so that all your actions will achieve the highest good.

Wearing a Prehnite bracelet will boost your life force and stimulate your life energies while also surrounding you with soothing energies.

Wear a Prehnite bracelet if you’re feeling worried or restless and want to ease up on the stress. You can also wear it during meditation, dream work, visualization, and out of body travel.

It’s a stone that also stimulates inner knowing and spirit communication. A Prehnite bracelet can also give you protection on a physical and metaphysical sense.

Because of its lovely green color and crystal energy properties, a Prehnite bracelet makes a truly wonderful gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Wear a Prehnite bracelet when you want to feel more confident, centered, and youthful.

Keep it close to your personal auric field when you want to collect scattered energies that affect your ability to concentrate or if you want to be productive with your time, efforts, and energies.

A Prehnite bracelet will help you have a clearer communication both in a written and verbal manner.

On a physical level, Prehnite bracelets can strengthen the vitality of the kidneys and improve the skin and muscle tone.

They can also help your body get better after suffering an injury or undergoing surgery.

When you wear a healing Prehnite bracelet, you concentrate its healing energies on the side your body where it is worn, specifically your wrist, hand, shoulder, and elbow.

A Prehnite bracelet can nourish the meridians that run up and down your arm.

When you swing your bracelet in your arm while walking, you also bring the energies of the bracelet down to your legs and lower back.

Your root and solar plexus chakras are also stimulated.

As you move through every day, you are also able to remove the congestion and the slow-moving energies that are present in your aura.

Wearing a Prehnite bracelet will help you overcome your traumas and release your fears. Prehnite will show you how you can live your life by your heart instead of your mind.

It will calm your mind’s worry and fill you with calm, peace, and inspiration.Go ahead and make that purchase because a Prehnite bracelet will definitely be a good purchase.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Prehnite
prehnite meaning

Prehnite is a new and exciting entry into the field of crystology, and worth exploring for more than just the diviners among us!

Using its powers of memory enhancement and psychic energizing, it can have an extremely positive effect on your life.

People will be drawn to you, and impressed by your intelligence, foreshadowing fantastic success in your future.

Are you interested in the divinatory properties of prehnite, or do you feel that its memory-enhancing and emotionally intuitive powers would be more beneficial to you?

Had you heard of prehnite’s metaphysical powers before, or are they new to you?

Please like and share this post to introduce others to this stone!

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