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Crystal Healing Wands: The Complete Guide

Crystal Healing Wands: The Complete Guide

Metaphysical Properties of Crystal Wands

For centuries, healers all over the world used crystal wands for healing purposes.

To this day, healers still use crystal wands to perform all kinds of healing.

Crystal wands come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be long or short, and the cylinder can be faceted or smooth.

One end can be pointed and the other one rounded. They can also be rounded or pointed on both ends.

Some wands can be wider at one end and tapered at the other end.

Most crystal wands are polished and cut into different shapes. Even rough and naturally pointed crystals can be used as a healing wand.

Crystal wands accumulate and direct energy. The elongated and cylindrical shape of most wands enables the crystal to focus its healing energy in a straight line.

The wand’s point will focus its energy so that it can be directed and used on a specific part of the body.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Wand

Why You Should Use a Crystal Wand

It’s the power of your intentions that move the energies of the crystal wand. So it’s important to program your wands for their intended purpose.

Before using your wand, you will need to spend time with it to familiarize and harmonize yourself with its energies.

The better you know your crystal wand, the more beneficial its effects will be.

You can hold it in your hand while meditating. Simply sit and feel its shape, weight, and texture.

Visually examine the wand to get to its patterns and any changes in color that it can have.

You can sleep with your wand and even take a bath with it. You can receive its healing energies even when you’re not actively using it.

How a Crystal Wand Will Help You

Remember that the crystal that the wand is made of plays a huge role in all of this. The wand functions more as an amplifier and can give direction to a crystal’s energy.

Crystal Wands, Healing and Health

You can use crystal wands for general health and overall well-being.

They will also increase your physical energy and remove blockages in the body that are preventing the proper function of the organs and systems.

A crystal wand can also address sexual dysfunction and boost sexual energy.

It can dispel depression, irrational fears, and other stress-related illnesses.

Crystal Wands and Wealth

Crystal wands will attract good luck and abundance.

They will also turn negative energies and any kind of psychic attacks into something positive.

They will increase your personal power and strengthen your life force energy.

Crystal Wands, Love and Relationships

Crystal wands will be very beneficial when it comes to love and matters of the heart. They are very useful in attracting a new love or romance.

Also, they can enhance the intimacy between you and your significant other.

They will promote a closer bond with your family and friends, and they will strengthen the relationships that have suffered because of distance or emotional gaps.

They will attract love in any kind of situation and inspire you to be more loving and compassionate.

Crystal wands have the ability to awaken your consciousness to love yourself.

They will initiate a period of nurturing and forgiveness, programming your heart to love and prioritize yourself.

They will remind you that even if you are deeply in love with your significant other, you also have your own needs and feelings that you must prioritize.

Crystal wands will remind you to follow your own happiness and not to be afraid of love. They will help you attract love and keep love in your life.

How to Use a Crystal Wand

Crystal wands have many purposes. Their primary use is for different kinds of healing.

You can use one to heal your whole body or aura. You can also use it to address a particular chakra since it focusses a crystal’s energy well.

Herkimer Diamond: Meanings, Properties and Powers

It will work like a scanner that scans your body to locate the particular chakra that’s suffering from blockages and will then cleanse and heal this affected chakra.

You can buy different types of crystal wands, that are designed to take care of you in different ways – a chakra wand is a great example of that.

Chakra wands often have stones embedded down the body of the wand that are colored to represent the different chakras within our spiritual bodies.

As you would expect, these wands are best at helping to balance your chakras as a whole and are often made of wood or copper with clear quartz at the head.

Crystal wands can also be a good helper for healing massages. When you massage your body with a crystal wand, it will help release the tension and transfer the wand’s healing energies to your body.

Smooth and round wands are the best ones for healing massages, obviously. They will not scratch the skin or cause other physical discomforts.

Pointed wands are beneficial in reflexology. This is a healing method wherein the pointed end of the wand is held to your body’s pressure points.

The wand’s point is directed at the hands and feet to heal the pains and illnesses at those particular points.

You should cleanse and recharge your crystal wands on a regular basis. Especially after using them on many people and for many purposes.

If not, the harmful or negative energies that have been absorbed by the wand will get transferred to you or the next person you will use the wand on.

The most effective way to cleanse your crystal wand is to soak it in water for 12 up to 24 hours. Make sure that water cannot damage it, though.

Recharge your crystal wand by leaving it out in the sun for an hour or under the moonlight for a whole night. This will work especially well during a full moon.

How to Choose the Best Kind of Crystal Wand

Different kinds of wands come in various stones and crystals. There are many wands to choose from. It will be quite a challenge to find the right type of wand for you.

Different crystals also have different healing energies. This means that they also have different healing effects on the body, chakras, and aura.

It’s good to have several varieties of crystal wands so that you can have one for each purpose.

You can even build your very own crystal wand collection with all kinds of different crystals and stones.

Clear Quartz Crystal wands are good for beginners because they are an all-purpose healing wand.

They have the ability to heal any kind of pain or ailment in any part of the body, including the chakras and the aura.

For your first crystal wand, this makes a very strong and potent one.

A Clear Quartz Crystal wand can help you gather, store, focus, and transmit energies. But it can also transmute negative energies so that they can become positive healing energies.

The versatility of this kind of wand and the multiplicity of its uses make it a very important wand for everyone! It will magnify all the positive energies around you and transmute all the negative ones.

This makes it a great wand to attach to any other stone or crystal because it will enhance their healing energies.

When choosing a crystal wand for a specific purpose, you should choose the one that’s most suitable for your specific intention.

Therefore, it’s advisable to know at least something about the healing properties and metaphysical attributes of the many different stones and crystals. You have to pick something that will harmonize with your purpose.

For example, if you’re looking for a crystal wand that will help you heal a broken heart, the best and most powerful crystals to use are the ones that are best for dealing with love and emotions, such as the Rose Quartz.

Using a Sodalite wand, for instance, will not help with this too much because its energies deal more with thought and communication.

But, if you just want to have a good and trusty all-purpose crystal wand, a Clear Quartz one is a good start.

Anthophyllite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Once you have a bit of experience in using crystal wands, you can always add a new one to your collection!

How to Tell if a Crystal Wand is Made From Real Crystal

You love your crystal wands because of their beauty and healing powers.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of fake crystal wands for sale on the market.

But there are some aspects of a real crystal wand that just cannot be replicated or faked.

The best way not to end up buying a fake crystal wand is to educate yourself on the matter. So let’s dive right in!

It’s important to know that real crystal wands change in appearance. Their colors vary, they fade, and they get veins and fractures over time.

This is because of all the energy exchanges between the wand and you.

Crystal wands made of Clear Quartz can grow cloudy, for example. And crystal wands made of Rose Quartz can also change colors. These slight discolorations are an indication that your crystal wands are real and working!

There are crystal wands for sale that are made of synthetic crystal.

Synthetic crystals exhibit the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as the natural crystals, but they are created in laboratories.

Synthetic and natural crystal wands can be hard to tell apart. But crystal wands made of synthetic crystal are often a fraction of the price of natural crystal wands.

Wands made of synthetic crystal are free of imperfections and are more colorful and vibrant.

Natural crystal wands have flaws and do not have a pure color all the way through.

There are mineral flakes that did not fully convert, and these are what make them imperfect.

However, synthetic crystals wands are not the same as fake crystal wands – synthetic and natural crystals both can work as the main difference lies in their origin, not their nature.

Fake crystal wands however don’t have the same chemical and physical properties.

They are often made of resin, glass, ceramic, or glass that is designed to look just like natural crystals and gemstones. But since they’re not crystals, they have none of the metaphysical properties of natural or even synthetic stones.

To avoid buying fake crystal wands, always ask the seller explicitly.

Always inspect the gemstone at the base and look for traces of paint or glue. Oftentimes, crystals and gemstones will have paint on them to make their colors pop.

If you’re buying a crystal wand online, make sure that you check for uneven coloring, too bright colors, and unnaturally rich hues.

If you spot any of these in the crystal wands you wanted to purchase, keep in mind that they are most likely dyed.

Also, if the price is too low, they are also most probably not real but fake.

Always check for any kind of air bubbles in your crystal wand. It means you’re dealing with a glass and not a crystal wand. Real crystal wands never look ‘perfect’.

If you put your crystal wand over the page of a magazine or book, it should not magnify the words. Only glass will do that.

If it’s your first time buying a crystal wand and you’re not yet familiar with the names of different stones and crystals, avoid the ‘fruity-named’ crystals.

They are usually just colorful glass. A fruity or cutesy name usually means that you’re dealing with a glass wand.

It’s best to do some research on the crystal wand that you plan to purchase – as well as the seller that you plan to purchase it from.

There are many crystal wands that you can choose from. But remember this crystal collectors’ saying: Let the crystals choose you!

What to do if Your Crystal Wand Breaks

What does it mean when your wand breaks? And what should you do?

If you broke your wand, you are not going to be under any curses or in danger of any spiritual hardships only because it broke.

So, take a sigh of relief there. But it’s still important to look into the situation and see what kind of energies were involved that led to its rupture.

The breaking of a wand can carry with it many meanings.

Perhaps you have been using this wand of yours for many years, and it was just time for it to move on.

Sunstone: The Radiant Gemstone of Power

In that case, the wand may be telling you, “you’ve outgrown me,” or “it’s time your life moves in a different direction.”

Or, instead, you just obtained this wand, and its untimely break means you were not careful with its energy. Or that you need a more resilient wand to handle your spiritual work.

If the wand breaks while you are away from it, consider it a sign that there may be energies attempting to distract you or take away your power.

If you can, assess how it broke. Which way did the pieces fall? What shape do they make? Where did the pieces land? All these factors can be essential to consider when intuiting what your wand is trying to tell you.

If it is possible to restore the wand, you will need to use appropriate glues.

For wood, natural adhesives such as saps, or resins are necessary to piece it back together, as these will not destroy its inherent capabilities.

For crystals, look into epoxy glue or crystal glue.

Take time to learn what tools you will need, such as brushes, sandpaper, etc. to get the wand back to normal.

After you have reconstructed the wand, be sure to bless it with its new life using other charged sacred crystals, sage smudging, and other offerings you wish to give it.

Bless it with its favorite gifts to bring it back to full charge, just as you would with a friend.

However, if you have determined that the wand cannot or should not be repaired, you will need to prepare an adequate ceremony to move its energy into the next dimension so that it can pass away peacefully. 

Using your intuition, if you determine that the wand had a surplus of positive energy and broke simply due to the passing of time, give it a ceremony as you would to a cherished friend.

Provide it offerings of crystals, herbs, spices, oils, etc. Hold a private ceremony where you can speak its praises and bury or burn it as you see fit.

If, however, you determine that the wand broke due to nefarious reasons, you may need to take measures to clear it of negative energy as you would with a haunted room.

Sage smudging, crystals, etc. can be used as you see fit to be sure its negative energy does not harm you after it is gone. Again, either bury or burn the wand as you see fit.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of the Crystal Wand

Crystal wands are very beneficial to hold when you need clarity or focus. They are also excellent to use in crystal healing to direct powerful healing energies.

A wand that’s pointing away from your body will draw energies away. A wand that’s pointing towards your body will channel the energies in.

Crystal wands will stimulate the physical body and release any kind of tension by infusing it with its soothing energies.

You can use the smaller end of the wand for stronger intensity, or the larger end for more relaxing energies.

A crystal wand will harness the energies of the natural universe. It holds unaltered healing energies that come straight from the earth.

Use a crystal wand for healing, for massage, or for cleansing your personal space. The beneficial energies of these wands will also support you in your manifestation work!

Just remember that when using a crystal wand, you must first forge a strong connection and create an emotional bond with it.

Treat your crystal wand with love and respect, and never point it somewhere with harmful or toxic intentions!

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