Turquoise Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

turquoise crystals meaning

Turquoise Crystals Properties

Turquoise Crystals have been used for thousands of years, most of which have been turned into jewelry.

They have impressive metaphysical properties and very potent healing capabilities.

The energies that these crystals possess will also help you communicate the truth.

Turquoise Crystals are very strong crystals of spiritual attunement.

They resonate with the throat chakra, and they will support you in manifesting your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

These crystals have the ability to balance the male and female aspects of your personality. They will also allow you to access knowledge about your past life!

Why Would You Use Turquoise Crystals?

For centuries, Turquoise Crystals have been used for protection against injuries, illnesses, and accidents.

It is believed that Turquoise Crystals can be influenced by their wearer’s physical condition.

When the wearer is healthy and strong, Turquoise Crystals will have a very deep and vibrant color. When the wearer is sick, weak, or sad, the crystals will also exhibit a dull or lifeless color.

Turquoise Crystals are often worn as protection against evil and negativity. They also have the ability to restore your mental clarity and clear vision so that you can make the best decisions.

In the workplace setting, Turquoise Crystals promote leadership.

They will help you with anything that you need to accomplish in terms of jobs or career. They will also protect you from making unwise investments.

Turquoise Crystals will help you overcome your writer’s block or any blockage in your creativity or imagination. They will also help make clear communications possible.

These crystals will protect you and your possessions against loss or theft. They will keep you safe from accidents and injuries. They will even give physical protection for your pets!

Turquoise Crystals will promote self-forgiveness and acceptance. They will remind you that it’s pointless to feel regret over things that have already happened.

They will encourage you to accept what already is and let go of what was. Focus on what will be!

These crystals will give you a better understanding of yourself and a more enlightened view of life.

Even though life is not perfect, what you perceive as awful or unpleasant are still a part of your life and of who you are.

They should be fully embraced and accepted before you can truly achieve healing and move forward from this chapter.

How Will Turquoise Crystals Help You?

Turquoise Crystals, Healing and Health

Turquoise Crystals are strengthening crystals that will be very beneficial when you’re feeling tired or stressed.

They can ward off panic attacks and ease the symptoms of depression. They can also enhance both your physical and psychic immune systems.

They can support the body’s absorption of nutrients, and reduce the occurrence of viral infections.

Turquoise Crystals also have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. They can reduce the acidity in your body and ease the symptoms of rheumatism and gout.

These crystals can be beneficial to the stomach. They can help with problems affecting the throat, neck, ears, eyes, and brain.

They can provide relief to migraine headaches and any problems affecting physical balance.

Turquoise Crystals are also helpful to the respiratory system and can support the healing of allergies and lung disorders, such as tracheitis and bronchial attacks.

They can neutralize over acidity and increase your muscular growth and strength as well.

Turquoise Crystals and Wealth

Turquoise Crystals are known as a symbol of wealth in many cultures.

Their vibrations will infuse you with a physical and mental strength that will help you achieve your financial goals.

If given by a friend or someone dear to you, Turquoise Crystals will protect you from negative energies as well as attract good fortune.

Turquoise Crystals are symbols of friendship and camaraderie.

They will bring peace and harmony into your life, and they will positively influence all your interactions with people.

These crystals will work as your wingman who will always have your back. You can simply program them with your intentions, and you can simply work on manifesting them in your life!

Turquoise Crystals, Love and Relationships

When you work with the energies of these crystals, your love will enjoy an added protection against temptation and other negative energies.

These crystals will benefit your overall mood and your emotions because they will infuse you with peace and serenity.

When you feel emotionally exhausted and completely zapped of energy, Turquoise Crystals will lift your sagging spirits and relieve your emotional stress.

They will bring your focus back to the reasons why you love this person and why you are staying in this relationship.

These crystals will also help you recognize the reasons for your unhappiness and how you can overcome them.

They will stabilize your mood swings and get rid of your tendencies for self-sabotage.

They will also bolster your confidence when you feel like you’re being emotionally bullied or blackmailed.

Turquoise Crystals will stabilize your moods and remove your over emotional responses.

They will bring together male and female energies and make a harmonious union.

They will stimulate romantic love, and they will inspire you to be more spontaneous in your demonstrations of love.

Turquoise Crystals are very healing and cleansing. They will infuse you with understanding and wisdom, and they will enhance kindness, trust, and acknowledgment of beauty.

Whatever you wish for yourself when it comes to love and romance, these crystals will help make manifest.

They will fill your heart with forgiveness and compassion so that you can also achieve emotional healing.

Turquoise Crystals will strengthen your ability to see the good and bad aspects of yourself. They will make you understand that mistakes are not indications that you are a failure.

They are simply experiences that you must go through to learn, grow, and be better.

All your experiences in love are valid, and you will only experience wholeness once you learn to embrace all of who you are and all that you have gone through.

How to Use Turquoise Crystals for the Best Results

Turquoise Crystals are grounding crystals, and they’re extremely valuable when you don’t want to lose touch with your conscious mind in deep meditation.

They will give you strength and protection during astral travel, and they will enhance your meditative experience to achieve peace of mind.

When you use Turquoise Crystals in your daily meditation, you will be able to enjoy the calm and tranquility that they will give.

By simply gazing at these crystals, you will unlock your infinite possibilities!

Turquoise Crystals are very vibrant and eye-catching. They will add a pop of color to your basic everyday outfits. They will also lift your spirits and safeguard your overall well-being.

When you own one of these crystals, you will not only look great, you will also receive healing in the heart!

When Turquoise Crystals find their way into your life, it’s a sign that you need their healing powers.

They will act like a vitamin for your soul. Wear them around your neck so that they will be close to your heart.

You will immediately experience their healing effects and their life-affirming vibrations.

Turquoise Crystals are a beautiful reminder that you will get to your happy spot as soon as you overcome your emotional storm.

When you meditate with Turquoise Crystals, you will enter a state of tranquility and calm. All the noise will not matter, and you will be able to focus on the endgame.

The Best Combination to Use with Turquoise Crystals

There are many wonderful stones and crystals that you can combine with Turquoise Crystals, depending on your intention or need.

If you need to balance your male and female energies, you may want to pair them with other crystals that give a harmonious vibration.

These include Hematite, Amazonite, Rhodochrosite, Magnetite, Nephrite Jade, Shaman Stones, Lapis Lazuli, Golden Yellow Labradorite, Ascension Stones, Marcasite, Aventurine, Iolite, Amesite, or Sphalerite.

You can also combine them with stones that will help you work on your psychic gifts.

For this purpose, you can use Blue Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Topaz, Blue Shattuckite, Blue Aragonite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Hemimorphite, and Star Hollandite Quartz.

You can also combine them with other copper-based stones, such as Chrysocolla, Eilat Stone, Gem Silica, Azurite, and Malachite.

When you want to enhance your truth vibrations, you can pair Turquoise Crystals with Chrysoprase, Sunstone, Blue Ajoite, Amazonite, White Topaz, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, or Shattuckite.

Turquoise Crystals will also work well with any blue-colored third eye or throat chakra stones.

If you want to bring healing to your heart or your emotions, you can use Turquoise Crystals with Larimar and Dioptase.

Calcite, Shaman Stones, Smithsonite, and Septaria also go well with these crystals.

Turquoise Crystals and Emotional Healing

Turquoise Crystals have been used by people for centuries, mainly for their protective properties.

In its core essence, the energies that Turquoise Crystals hold are believed to hold such healing powers that cure a person of the traumas of an emotional, physical, or spiritual blow and guard them against illnesses and harm.

Turquoise Crystals are often used and worn by people who seek protection from the forces of evil and paired with the January Birthstone.

They also keep a person from falling victim to the negative energies that are present in their surroundings and help maintain a sense of stability and tranquility during chaotic times.

One of the most useful purposes that Turquoise Crystals serve is that they clear up your mind and your vision so that you can consider all aspects of a situation before making a deduction about it.

With such clarity, you will also be able to make the most well-informed decisions that will prove to be good for you in the short or long run.

Such crystals also have several implications for the workplace, one of them being that they give you a boost in leadership so that you can conquer any task that you set your mind to.

The protective powers of Turquoise crystals will keep you safe from investing in the wrong avenues and instead provide you with the guidance and enlightenment that is necessary to accomplish new milestones in your career.

For people who are pursuing more creative fields, like writing or painting, Turquoise Crystals will give them a boost in their creativity and enable them to push the boundaries of their mind.

When you start to think out of the box, you will overcome any mental blockage that you had been facing that was keeping you from coming up with new and innovative ideas for your business or career.

Additionally, these crystals also enhance your communication skills so that you can clearly and openly convey your messages to coworkers and friends.

The crystals carry out a healing process by reassuring you that all that you have is what you need.

It will ensure that the things that you have been blessed with do not get stolen from you and that you and your possessions, including your pets, stay protected and safe.

Another way in which you will experience an emotional recovery by using Turquoise Crystals is through self-acceptance.

When you learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes and make peace with the things that you have been through, you will finally begin to understand why you had those experiences.

Everything in life, no matter how good or bad, takes place to serve a particular purpose.

Therefore, when you experience something bad, you need to realize that it can give you a lot of wisdom and lessons to take forward with you in order to tackle future challenges better.

Finally, Turquoise Crystals will make you realize that what has happened is now a thing of the past, so instead of holding on to it, you need to let go and make room in your life for the positive experiences that are yet to come.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Turquoise Crystalsturquoise crystals meaning

Turquoise Crystals will bring you hope, balance, and discovery.

Their welcome energies will move you to peace and serenity and temper any excesses after experiencing a storm.

They will relieve your stress and neutralize your extremes. They will also help you moderate your bad temper.

The healing energies of Turquoise Crystals will bring you back to your center.

They will encourage inner peace and harmony by achieving spiritual understanding.

Turquoise Crystals will make you more aware of the personal power that you possess.

They will counter intolerance and move you right along with new ideas towards a new environment.

These crystals will give you emotional healing by imparting peace and an overall sense of well-being. It’s their healing energies that will give you emotional balance.

More importantly, when you work with beautiful Turquoise Crystals, you will be able to recognize the reasons for your unhappiness and discover a better and healthier way of handling them!