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Blue Aragonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Aragonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Aragonite Properties

Blue Aragonite is a light turquoise blue variety of a calcium carbonate mineral that forms in the orthorhombic crystal system with acicular crystals.

Blue Aragonite is usually created through physical and biological processes, including precipitation from both freshwater and marine environments.

It possesses a brittle tenacity and a vitreous luster. It can also be transparent to translucent, with a hardness of 3.5 to 4.

Blue Aragonite can mostly be found in Aragon, Spain, the town which it was named after. It can also be found in Germany, Scotland, Namibia, England, Italy, France, and the USA, among others.

Blue Aragonite comes in different shades of blue. It varies from light blue that looks almost white, to deeper blue shades.

Blue Aragonite

Why Would You Use Blue Aragonite?

Blue Aragonite will help you sympathize more easily. This makes it a powerful stone for healers and spiritual teachers.

It will enhance your communication abilities, specifically your spiritual communication when you pair it with the October Birthstone.

It will also resonate with your heart, throat, or third eye chakra, which will give you a joyful, optimistic and comforting vibration.

It’s beautiful stone of hope that will assist you in becoming more compassionate in how you deal with other people. It will also help you relieve your stress.

When communicating with your spirit guides, Blue Aragonite’s energy will help you communicate more openly and accurately.

It will help you communicate with the spirit and allow you to feel calm and relaxed. You will be able to handle all your experiences calmly and stress-free, too.

This wonderful stone is a throat chakra stone that will support all types of communication, especially the communication that you receive from your spirit and from your spirit guides.

Blue Aragonite is also a strong stone of spiritual vision. It will bring more joy and optimism in your life, and it will provide healing to your emotions.

If you have faced difficult situations in the past where you were left emotionally wounded or traumatized, this stone will give you complete healing.

Just like Peridot, this stone will also allow you to fully embrace your experiences in the past and use them to learn your lessons, which will greatly benefit your present and your future.

When your healing process begins, you will experience a higher level of optimism. You will see all the beauty that life has to offer, and you will be more inspired to live in the present.

Blue Aragonite is also an excellent stone that will heal your inner child. Unresolved issues from your childhood will be addressed, and you will finally be able to let go of them.

It will also help you go more deeply into your inner awareness during meditation.

This stone’s vibration will add more inspiration and increase your receptivity to Divine guidance, which will awaken your psychic knowing.

Blue Aragonite is very soothing to the emotions.

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It will also increase your patience and understanding.

How Will Blue Aragonite Help You?

Blue Aragonite, Healing and Health

Blue Aragonite is not only associated with metaphysical healing but also with physical healing. It is known to help in all kinds of healing!

Crystal healers believe that Blue Aragonite can raise the vibrational energies in the body.

This stone can be beneficial in treating injuries, such as broken bones or nerve damage. It can also help ease spasms, twitching, and restlessness.

Anything that has to do with nerve or stress issues can be alleviated by the grounding energies of Blue Aragonite.

Blue Aragonite can also be helpful in treating chronic fatigue, and even hair loss. It can be very beneficial in treating insomnia.

It can improve calcium absorption and reduce the chills and pains that can be felt by the body.

Blue Aragonite and Wealth

Blue Aragonite is a very useful stone when you want or need to make something old into something new.

This will be very beneficial if you work in the creative industry and need to make do with your resources or make something beautiful out of ordinary things.

It will also give a stabilizing influence in your life and increase your intuition, which can guide you in making the right financial decisions.

It will give you the patience to deal with different kinds of people and the ability to remain calm during times of stress.

Blue Aragonite will also inspire you to become more responsible.

If you’re someone who tends to be a workaholic, this stone will help you relax.

It will remind you that working hard and working inspired will attract abundance and prosperity. But you must first take care of your overall well-being!

Blue Aragonite, Love and Relationships

Blue Aragonite will give a heart that’s gentle, kind, and compassionate. It will encourage you to empathize more easily and to be more giving and forgiving.

This stone has a lovely energy that’s emotionally calming and spiritually uplifting.

It will help you discover the reasons why you’re going through specific problems and guide you in resolving them.

It will also inspire you to have a humble heart that will help you accept all your shortcomings.

It will encourage you to work on them so that these weaknesses will also turn into strengths.

Blue Aragonite will remind you of your true center.

It will take care of your own physical and spiritual growth, and it will guide you on how you can better interact with the world.

This will positively influence all your relationships and how you treat the people in your life, most especially your significant other.

It’s an excellent stone for strengthening family ties and romantic relationships.

It’s a good companion stone for people who are single because it will also ease your worries, fears, and restlessness about the current state of your love life.

It will stabilize your emotions and ground your energies. It will also help you achieve emotional balance.

Blue Aragonite is a centering stone that will direct your energies in a positive way. It will strengthen your self-discipline and help you move past your old limitations.

This stone will boost your self-confidence and self-worth. It will eliminate the anger in your heart and relieve stress that’s caused by love and relationships.

More importantly, Blue Aragonite will inspire you to experience more of what love has to offer!

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How to Use Blue Aragonite for the Best Results

Blue Aragonite tumble stones can be beneficial when you are working or dealing with people, because it will teach you to be more empathetic.

It will also help you manage your stress levels. It will show you how you can keep calm and let go of your anger and its related stress.

Use Blue Aragonite for psychic meditation. It’s a very helpful stone that will improve your psychic communication abilities. It will also assist you with your tarot or psychic reading.

This stone brings water energy, which is beneficial in the north area of your house, room, or office.

When you place a piece of Blue Aragonite in this area, you will also be enhancing the energies in your career, business, and life path!

The Best Combination to use with Blue Aragonite

If you want to enhance your communication with the spiritual realm, you can combine Blue Aragonite with some Aragonite Star Clusters.

Combining it with Moldavite will amplify the effects of Blue Aragonite, and it will work more quickly and effectively.

You can also pair it with Green Seraphinite to strengthen its healing attributes.

If you want to strengthen your problem-solving abilities, use Blue Aragonite with Fuchsite, Muscovite, Chiastolite, Scapolite, Ulexite, Cassiterite, Variscite, Zebra Stone, Datolite, Tourmilated Quartz, Sphene, Spurrite, or Thulite.

Blue Aragonite is also an excellent stone for Reiki practitioners.

It has the ability to increase the energy flow from your hands, especially when you use it with Labradorite, Lepidocrocite, Tunellite, Fenster Quartz, Pollucite, or Ascension Stone.

If you wish to strengthen your communication, you can use Blue Aragonite with Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz, Thulite, Arfvedsonite, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Blue Larimar, Septaria, Ajoite in Quartz, or Owyhee Blue Opal.

Blue Aragonite and Emotional Healing

Blue Aragonite is a very special stone that will enable you to strengthen your feelings of empathy and sympathy so that you can understand the pain and discomfort of others.

It will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of everyone you deal with on a daily basis so that you can fully understand the situations of others.

This will allow you to treat everyone with a certain mindset that you otherwise wouldn’t have had without having Blue Aragonite in your possession.

With the inclusion of Blue Aragonite in your life you will become very comfortable in your own skin and will start having a more positive outlook on life.

This will not only help you mentally but will also help make you a very emotionally stable person because you’ll always find silver linings in whatever bad that happens to you.

By helping you get rid of all of your stresses, this stone will enable you to achieve a very serene and calm state.

Blue Aragonite will also enable you to go through your daily routine and tasks with greater ease because you wouldn’t be constantly stressed out.

This will help you complete more tasks every day and therefore achieve happiness at a much quicker pace than you’re usually accustomed to.

This stone will also enhance the way you look at life and change your outlook in a lot of areas by making the vision of where you want to go very clear to you.

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With the help of this stone, the divine realm will guide you to the path you were always meant to take and soon you will be able to achieve all the great things the universe had always lined up for you.

Blue Aragonite will not only clear your path and remove any and all obstacles from it, rather, but it would also help steer you in the right direction so that you don’t take a wrong step on your road to success.

Any failures that you may have encountered in the past will not haunt you any longer and instead will help you avoid similar mistakes in the future.

If you’ve ever been emotionally hurt in the past by a friend or a loved one then this stone will help heal your scars from the inside and will help you accept the reality of what happened to you.

By making you come to terms with your past, Blue Aragonite will enable you to learn from all of your past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them ever again.

Blue Aragonite will uplift your overall mood and awaken your spirituality so that you become more receptive to the gifts and energies the divine realm wants to send your way.

By inspiring you to always remain positive and hopeful, this stone will help you in every single aspect of your work and private life.

When you start to notice a great change in your life and surroundings, you’ll finally start to emotionally heal, something you thought was never possible.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite resonates with your chakras, which means that you will experience an increased connection to the energies from the higher dimension.

Whether you’re carrying it in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry, you will also have an increased ability to express yourself with clarity, kindness, and compassion.

Blue Aragonite is an excellent meditation stone.

You can receive guidance from the higher dimensions that will be effectively communicated to you.

It’s an excellent healing and calming stone that will help you when you’re struggling with buried emotions of the past.

It will help you resolve them, and it will give you the inspiration to find love and joy again.

Blue Aragonite will support you in moving on and getting rid of your stress and anxieties in life.

It will help you make the old feel like new again, and it will inspire you to rekindle relationships that you have with the important people in your life.

Blue Aragonite is a wonderful companion stone to have, especially when you have the tendency to push yourself too hard and forget to stop and smell the roses!

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