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Staurolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Staurolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Staurolite Properties

Staurolite gemstones are unique, beautiful, and striking because they create the shape of a cross right within the stone.

They’re also known as the Fairy Cross because they possess an energy that will help and guide you in communicating with beings in your environment and from the natural world.

Staurolites are prismatic stones that usually occur in two pieces that intersect at an angle, creating a cross shape.

It is usually found in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and Switzerland and exhibits brownish black, dark brown, and red-brown colors.

The name Staurolite is from the Greek word ‘stauros’, meaning ‘cross’.

Not all Staurolites exhibit perfect or clear crosses, though. Even if they don’t, their vibrations remain the same, and you will still get to enjoy their powerful influence in your life!

Why Would You Use Staurolite?

Staurolite has a calming and relaxing energy that will effectively remove the stress in your body, as well as in your heart and mind.

It will reduce your fears and anxieties, and even help you quit bad habits and unhealthy addictions.

If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, Staurolite is a good stone to have with you at all times.

Not only does it have strong grounding properties, it also has many healing attributes that will support you on your journey to recovery.

The healing properties of Staurolite will also help you acquire an interest in conservation in all aspects of your life.

By having this stone with you, you are also strengthening the vibrations in your surroundings and in your life and positively influencing the people around you.

Staurolite gemstones will help you build a strong and personal connection to the natural world and everyone else who can feel and resonate with this connection!

Because of the presence of the cross within the stone, Staurolite is also considered a symbol of Jesus Christ.

It will help you become a more religious, compassionate, truthful, and merciful person. This stone will also encourage you to receive blessings and share them with others.

Staurolite carries with it a strong vibration that will increase your unconditional love for people and strengthen your concern for the earth.

How Will Staurolite Help You?

Staurolite, Healing and Health

Staurolite has a positive effect on physical health. It can boost the healing process and help you feel more relaxed and less worried.

When worn close to the heart, it can relieve your stress and promote deep relaxation. It’s also known to be an effective stone to help you quit unhealthy addictions, like drinking and smoking.

It can be particularly helpful in overcoming depression and other mental conditions.

This stone can also be beneficial in treating fevers and in correcting cellular growths and cellular disorders.

Staurolite is a stone that’s used by healers all over the world to slow down the effects of aging.

It’s known to strengthen the muscles and improve blood formation, as well as improve the assimilation of carbohydrates in the body.

Staurolite and Wealth

Staurolite is often used as an amulet of good luck because of its energies that can attract beauty, fortune, good health, and positivity.

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It will help open your eyes so that you can become more aware of what people need and what opportunities await you.

It will also give you emotional and mental support when you’re going through challenging times and feel like giving up.

The energies of Staurolite will increase your connection to the people you work with. As a result, work will become more enjoyable and targets are also easily achieved!

Staurolite, Love and Relationships

It’s been known to give a soothing energy that will greatly benefit your emotional health and well-being.

Its healing energies will keep you grounded so that you will not be easily swept away by the events in your life, particularly the problems in your relationship.

This stone will help you form a stronger connection with friends, family, and colleagues. It will help bridge the gap and give you emotional support when you’re experiencing challenges.

Staurolite will help you stay grounded and connected with the people who truly matter in your life.

It will keep you feeling stable, safe, and protected, even if you are facing problem after problem.

It will give you a positive disposition, and it will support you as you experience the ups and downs of life and love.

The healing energies of Staurolite will encourage you to feel less afraid about the unknown and the new changes that you are experiencing.

It will remind you that change is constant, and that you need to embrace change if you want to grow and improve.

The situation may be less than ideal, but this stone will encourage you to learn from every experience and take all the lessons that go with it.

Staurolite will help you get rid of your behaviors and ways of thinking that are harmful to your relationship.

Instead of feeling isolated or abandoned by your partner most of the time, you will feel a strong sense of independence, security, and safety.

When you keep arguing with the person you love because of your differences in opinion or ways of handling things, being surrounded by the energies of Staurolite will give you a deeper awareness and appreciation of life, love, and relationships.

It will positively influence you to value each person in your life, and to give love as much as you receive love!

How to Use Staurolite for the Best Results

It’s not a very common stone to use for jewelry, but you will still see some Staurolite jewelry here and there.

If you are unable to find one that suits your taste or style, you can easily make your own and use it as a pendant.

Staurolite will also work perfectly as tumble stones that you can put inside your purse or pocket.

You can also place them in a beautiful and decorative bowl inside your home or office to be close to its healing energies.

Having a piece of this stone near your body or in your space will surround you with calming and grounding energies.

It will also improve your concentration and be very effective in enhancing your meditative experience.

This stone will help your inner compass and get you to where you want to reach in your meditation.

It will bring you greater peace and clarity and bring your meditation a notch higher.

Hold a piece of this stone when you’re feeling particularly stressed. It will calm your overworked nerves and help you release your stress and worries.

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If you need help in finding lost items, the energies of this stone will also help you locate them.

You can place a piece of Staurolite under your pillow if you wish to have a deep and restful sleep. It will also promote lucid dreaming.

Staurolite can also enhance your psychic gifts, like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

It will help strengthen your sight and senses, and it will increase your concentration during meditation.

When you keep a Staurolite stone inside your home, it will help you become more sensitive to beings that are around you but you’re not aware of.

These beings bring a sweet energy in general, and they will influence your environment in a positive way as well.

When combined with other stones and crystals, it will help you have a positive interaction with the elemental beings in your surroundings.

If you love gardening, using this stone will also help you create an environment that is healthy, safe, and inviting.

The Best Combination to Use with Staurolite

When used with Merlinite, Staurolite will help you make contact with nature spirits and fairies that are present all around you.

You can also use it with Green Amethyst, Seraphinite, Fuchsite, Red Muscovite, Amegreen, Green Apophyllite, or Green Kyanite.

If you pair your Staurolite with violet flame stones like Purpurite, Sugilite, Iolite, and Amethyst, you will receive extra support in battling or dealing with your addictions.

You can also use it with Brown Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Hematite, Datolite, Dumortierite, Thulite, and Unakite when you need to quit unhealthy habits.

Combining Staurolite with Moldavite will also boost the vibrations of Staurolite and calm the energies of Moldavite.

You can combine Staurolite with Phenacite, Herderite, Blue Kyanite, or Indigo Kyanite if you wish to unlock, enhance, or strengthen your psychic senses.

If you wish to get rid of the stress in your body, you can use it with Shaman Stones, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Idocrase, or Spirit Quartz.

When you combine Staurolite with Covellite, Sugilite, Blue Sapphire, Scolecite, Goshenite, Dream Quartz, Sodalite, Angel Phantom Quartz,  and Golden Danburite, you will also enjoy lucid dreaming and deep, restful sleep.

Meditation with Staurolite

Staurolite is a stone that holds soothing energies meant to calm down the person who uses it.

The relaxing effect of Staurolite is essential for people who meditate to relieve their body and mind of unnecessary stress and baggage.

The stone is also used to reduce the anxiety that is caused particularly when you are trying to give up on a bad habit or unhealthy behaviour.

Meditation with Staurolite can largely help smokers who are trying to quit because it replaces the stress that they feel as a result of lack of nicotine with positive energies that make them forget about their unhealthy needs.

The stone will make sure that you remain well-grounded during transitioning times by lending support to you in whichever ways you like, especially when paired with the December Birthstone.

Most importantly, Staurolite will aid you on your journey of healing and recovery and lead you to go through a process of self-discovery whereby you can tap into the deepest levels of your being.

When you have this stone with you, you will not just strengthen your relationship with yourself, but also the relationships that you have with other people in your life.

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The energies of Staurolite will encourage you to indulge in healthy conversations with your loved ones and influence them positively so that they know they can rely on you in times of need.

Your strong personal connections will manifest into success in your professional as well as personal life because networking is proven to be the foundation of a successful journey to the top.

The stone will also make you realize the importance of conservation and adopt this approach in all areas of your life.

It will make you look at things from a different perspective, which is that you will begin to understand the value of the resources that you are blessed with in this world.

When you know how valuable the resources of the earth are, you will start to conserve them by adopting austerity in everything that you do.

Staurolite is also believed to be a stone with religious powers.

The energies of this stone make you a more pious and humble person so that you can show compassion in your dealings with other people.

Staurolite will also unveil the truth about the realities of the world and allow you to work with them so that you yourself can be a truthful person.

When you start to meditate with Staurolite, you will also feel more merciful and forgiving towards other people who have wronged you in the past.

This is a stone that will make you an all-around better person, so it is good to accept its vibrations and use the wisdom and positive vibes that you receive from it to better the quality of your life.

You will find yourself loving other people unconditionally, which is a sure fire way to be happy and content with your life.

Finally, the energies of Staurolite will inspire you to share your blessings with those around you.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Staurolite
staurolite meaning

Staurolite is an excellent stone to add in your collection because it will bring energies of protection, luck, love, healing, and power in your life.

It’s perfect to have with you when you work too hard and find it difficult to stop.

It will get rid of your tendencies to overwork and push yourself to exhaustion.

The energies of this stone will remind you when you need to slow down.

It will give you a nudge when you need to start taking care of yourself and spending more time with your loved ones!

It’s a great stone that will keep you levelheaded and grounded, no matter the chaos or noise that surrounds you.

It will help cultivate a deeper desire in you to conserve and do your part in protecting the earth.

Staurolite will also make you more aware of your actions and how they affect everything and everyone around you!

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