Lineated Crystal

Learn about the crystal meanings and metaphysical and healing properties lore of lineated crystals.

Configuration: Parallel raised or indented lines (rectilinear, not sprays or other directions) running in either a horizontal or vertical direction that are not "etched".

Crystal Meanings and Metaphysical Properties Lore:

Lineated crystals are considered crystals of dexterity and rapid movement. They are used by Native Americans to trace lineage and confirm lineage, and dedicated to Fox. Lineated crystals are used for Spirtual journeys, divination, intuitive knowledge of "right action". In business, they are said to improve working areas and relationships as well as business skill. Lineated crystals are used in crystal healing for insulin regulation, kidneys, blood, to stop fevers and ease emphysema, improvement of eyesight, Parkinson's disease, ease of childbirth. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

Lineated Quartz Crystal Example

Lineated Quartz Crystal Example

Example Lineated Crystal


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