Crystals with W

Crystals W

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter W are shown here in brief. Crystal formations that start with W are also included.

You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter W using your browser’s search function.

For most crystals and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

WavelliteDecision-making, Energy Flows, more

White Color Energies – Light, Balance, Divinity, Cosmic Consciousness, Color Healing Substitute for Any Other Color, more

Window CrystalsClairvoyance, Scrying, more

Witches Finger Lightwork, Healer Stones, more

Wonderstone Eliminate Worries, Depression, Anxiety, more

WulfeniteMove Energy, White Magic, Emotional Blocks, more

Yellow Calcite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Written by Caroline Lucas

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