Crystals I

Learn about the crystal meanings and metaphysical and healing properties lore of crystals that start with I such as Iolite. and Isis Crystals.

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter I in brief are shown here. Crystal formations which start with I are also included. You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter I using your browser's search function. For most crystals  and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Included Crystals - Enhances inner qualities, more

Indicolite - Spiritual Quest, Psychic Awareness, more

Indigo Gabbro - High Energy, Expand Consciousness, Protection, more

Infinite (Infinite Stone) - Strong Healing, Draw Out Pain, more

Iolite - Psychic Healing, Curiosity, Sobriety, more

Isis Crystals - Cope with Loss, Wisdom, more

Infinite Stone Example

Infinite Stone Example

Iolite Beads Example

Iolite Beads Example


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