A to Z Crystal Meanings

Learn about the meanings of crystals and stones from A to Z including their formations, metaphysical properties and spiritual healing lore.

These original articles are a starting point and/or additional information for crystal meanings,how to articles, and more, with additional  articles on crystal healing, energy work, Reiki, Seichim, gemstone metaphysical lore, crystal formations, and other metaphysical and spiritual topics.  

Newest Crystal Meanings Article: Diamond

Newest Crystal Meanings Article: Diamond

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TIP: Compound stone names may be under the type of stone, such as Blue Quartz may be under Q for Quartz. Some articles will open in a new window. 


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Colors Have Their Own Meanings Too &
The Chakras

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Healing crystal meanings are meant as spiritual supports to healing and are not healthcare advice or prescriptions. Use the crystal meanings  to help find your own inner  truth; what is best and right for one is not necessary so for another.  Some crystals and formations have long-standing traditional uses and properties while others may have newer discoveries of uses or properties. Follow the guidance and wisdom of the Divine and of your higher self when working with crystals.

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