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Learn more about the crystal meanings and metaphysical properties of rose quartz.

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Rose Quartz Rough

Rose Quartz Rough

Additional Crystal Meanings & Metaphysical Properties:

Rose quartz is used in crystal healing to heal and release emotional wounds and traumas, even original childhood or sexual traumas.  Fear, resentments, and anger can be removed.  Trauma from abuse, neglect, and lack of love can be ameliorated, by bringing in Divine unconditional love and enhancing our inner awareness of such.  This also brings ease of overwhelming or unreasonable guilt, bringing healing from this which we impose on ourselves.

Rose quartz is a lovely family stone. With its energies of peace and love, it can ease reconciliation with family or others.  This can be useful in any group situation, transforming difficulty to cooperation.

Physically rose quartz is used in crystal healing to benefit the heart, the circulatory system, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines, sexual dysfunction, sinus problems, acne, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slowing signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one's ideal weight or weight loss. Rose quartz is used for lung problems and others in the heart chakra area. Rose quartz is also helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. It is also sometimes said that rose quartz is helpful for supporting brain functions and increasing intellect.  

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Rose quartz is primarily associated with the heart chakra

All types of quartz have some energetic properties in common, and rose quartz is no exception. For more about this, see the Quartz page.

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More on Rose Quartz, from My Personal Perspective

The voice of Rose Quartz says, "You are loved. Things will be all right."  It carries a whisper of the sacred feminine.  Its energy feels like a hug or a celebratory dance or the hand of the mother holding up her child until the child can walk on its own. Let rose quartz help you and the love instilled in your heart and your life will take you far in the direction you want to go.



Hardness (Mohs):  7
Color(s):  pale to strong pink
Lustre: Vitreous
Transparency:  Translucent
Common Locations:   Brazil, Madagascar

Rock Lore & Tidbits:  Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that is usually massive - not growing in visible crystal shapes - and translucent. The type that grows in obvious crystal shapes is suggested at to be called in minerology "pink quartz" instead. In practical use, both are called pink quartz and rose quartz interchangeably.

Natural rose quartz is often a very pale pink. The stronger the pink color, the more valuable most consider it, though metaphysically the paler pinks are equally valuable. 

Rose Quartz contains iron which though a necessary micronutrient can cause iron toxicity in large amounts. Additionally, quartz, including rose quartz dust cause inhalation toxicity. I suggest using the indirect method if creating gem elixirs with this stone.

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