Is Septarian Lucky?

Septarian: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Septarian can help you release negative energies that are holding you back in life. Discover how…

Septarian Properties and Meanings

Septarian is one of the most beautiful and interesting stones that you will see. That’s because no two stones look exactly the same!

The name septarian is from the Latin word ‘septum’, which means seven, or ‘saeptum’, meaning a wall or an enclosure. The stone also got its name because it seems to form in a pattern of seven.

The mudball that’s formed on the seabed splits into seven different points and radiates in all directions. You get the contrasting and distinctive dragon skin pattern as a result.

Septarian is also known as Septaria, Septeyre, and Dragon Stone. Within the septarian, there are many minerals mixed in.

The yellow parts that you see are the calcite, and the brown lines are aragonite. The white lines are baryte, and the grey ones are either chalcedony or limestone.

There are many deposits of septarian found in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Spain, and England.

Why Would You Use Septarian?

Septarian has a great and diverse effect on the life of anyone who uses it. The minerals that can be found in the stones have their own separate effects on you, and they may vary depending on a specific reason.

Septarian and Black Star Sapphire can enhance your sense of privacy. You will suddenly realize that you’re sharing too much of your life on social media, and it will make you want to take a step backward and retreat to your inner shell.

You will understand that not everyone needs to know every little thing about you and your life, and that having an air of mystery and a sense of privacy is still very important these days.

Septarian can also give balance to your body, mind, and spirit. It will ensure peace and harmony in all aspects of your being so that you will be able to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace.

It will harmonize your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind. It will make you understand things about this life that you didn’t understand before, and this knowledge will contribute to an enlightened existence.

If you combine it with Zebra Stone, Septarian will also improve your communication. This will be very helpful especially if you do a lot of public speaking. It can help you with your client presentations and how you share knowledge when you teach other people.

This stone can give the energy that will affect your audience on a personal level and make them feel like you are directly speaking to them. It will help keep your audience engaged, and you will keep their interest long after you finish talking.

Septarian and Novaculite can remove your stress and anxiety, and it can help you relax. It’s a very helpful tool in meditation because it’s also a great calming stone.

Its colors will effectively put you at rest. It can make you feel good overall, whether it’s at home, work, or travel.

Septarian is also a grounding stone that will center you and connect you to your body, mind, and spirit. It’s a very helpful talisman when it comes to spiritual or mental problems.

It’s also quite effective when you need to make something new out of old things. The same can be said with other areas of your life, like your job, or your relationships.

How Will Septarian Help You?

Septarian, Healing and Health

Septarian’s energies are quite effective in calcium absorption. They can also help warm your extremities and bring energy to the whole body.

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Septarian will help relieve pain, and it will give a much-needed boost to your immune system. It can help stop night twitches and muscle spasms as well.

It’s good with seasonal affective disorder, and it can help remove growths that can turn into something serious and life-threatening.

When you combine it with Snow Quartz, Septarian can improve metabolism and help with kidney, blood, and skin disorders.

It’s also beneficial to the gall bladder and spleen, as well as the circulatory system. It can speed up the healing of your tissues, as well as with storing minerals in your veins.

It can strengthen the skeleton and the joints, provide relief to open sores, and help with cases of hysteria, bad dreams, dementia, and senility.

Septarian, Luck and Wealth

Septarian is quite effective as a protective stone against lawsuits. It’s a a good stone to have when you’re experiencing a crisis because it will keep you calm and collected. It will prevent you from taking further missteps.

Septarian stones will give you strength during moments of weakness. They will center you when you feel like everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve is toppling over.

They can be an effective problem solver. They will foster cooperation in the workplace and can mitigate tendencies to show off or display a know-it-all attitude.

Septaria stones will bolster your confidence and fill you with calming energies. When you’re calm and collected, you will be making fewer mistakes.

Proving yourself reliable, as septarian will help you to demonstrate, means you are far more likely to attract the approval and attention of your superiors when it’s time for a promotion – or the respect of your customers and clients, if you’re in business for yourself.

Keeping calm and taking a pragmatic approach when dealing with the trials and tribulations before you will help you as well, because it will grow your confidence and not cause you to consider giving up on your dreams when the going gets tough.

Septarian for Love and Relationships

When it comes to love, septarian will remind you of the importance of having your privacy. It will strengthen the desire in you to keep your privacy, even if you are in a committed relationship.

Just because you live under one roof, share the same bed, and are parents to the same children does not mean that your sense of privacy should come flying out the window.

Your privacy is still important because it will make you feel like you’re still the same person, especially when you combine it with the March Birthstone.

It will make you feel that you still have something left in you that you have not shared with anyone else. It does not exactly have to be something bad. It can be something good that you only want to enjoy for yourself, and that’s perfectly okay!

The stone’s energy will help remove unwanted attention on you, or a person’s unhealthy regard of you. It will help you retain your anonymity and be free of people’s watchful eyes, scrutinizing gaze, or interference in your personal affairs.

Septarian will also focus on the importance of self-nurturing.

It’s admirable that you put other people’s happiness first. But sooner or later, the emotions will catch up to you, and you may start to feel resentment for all the opportunities that you let pass by.

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It will encourage caring for others, but caring for your own well-being as well.

Septarian will give your relationship the gift of acceptance, patience, generosity, and understanding. It will make you more emotionally flexible and better at tempering your anger and hostility.

It will give you the ability to communicate well with your partner, speaking clearly and kindly while sharing what you truly think or feel.

Septarian will release negative energies that are clouding your judgment and making you hold on to unhealthy feelings.

The longer that you hold on to these emotions, the heavier and darker your aura becomes. A dark and heavy aura will never attract the good kind of energies!

Septarian is a very important stone because it will calm your mind. It will give you better tolerance and patience.

It can combat depression and other turbulent emotions. Most of all, it can help with emotional stress.

Being in love or in a relationship should not be emotionally, physically, and mentally toxic.

If ever you feel that you are in a relationship that’s more stressful than wonderful, you can always channel the energies of the incredible septarian!

How to Use Septarian for the Best Results

Septarian is great to carry with you to calm your nerves and remove all traces of nervousness from your body. Like when you’re about to speak in front a big crowd or audience.

It will make you speak naturally and eloquently, and you will have the attention of everyone in the room with every word that leaves your mouth.

Articulating our ideas is so important, and keep that in mind if you are wearing septarian stone, or otherwise having it on your person ahead of a speech or when trying to negotiate a tricky issue.

Be it personal or professional, you’ll find it much easier to get from one side of the debate to the other without hurting any feelings.

It’s also a wonderful tool in meditation. Make sure that you focus on the scenarios that you want to manifest in your life while you clutch the stone in your hand.

Place the septarian in your affected chakras to help them open and allow the flow of energies!

The Best Combination to Use with Septarian

Septaria is good to pair with other combination crystals so that you can get more healing benefits and minerals in your aura.

You can try Apache Gold, azurmalachite, Eliat stone, euclase, fuchsite, kyanite, healer’s gold, tiger iron, and unakite.

You can wear them as jewelry, preferably as a necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet, or anklet. It’s important that you keep it close to your body so that you will always be in your septarian’s vibrational fields.

You can also hold it in your hands, slip it inside your purse or pocket, or stash it inside your bra if you don’t want to wear septaria jewelry.

Septarian and Emotional Healing

When it comes to emotional healing, Septarian has the ability to clear negative energies from your environment and all lingering feelings of sadness, hurt, or hatred.

Its healing energies will calm your mind and show you how to be more discerning about life.

It provides a pathway for your thought transmissions and is very beneficial in balancing the energy in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

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Septarian is known as the concretion stone. It’s a very protective stone that provides both grounding and protection of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Septarian is the stone that you should use when you want to regulate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual prowess.

The emotional healing properties of this stone will promote both calm and understanding on an emotional level.

It will enhance your emotions and your well-being and make it possible for you to merge and amplify your own energies.

The emotional healing energies of Septarian are also very useful in knowing the direction you want to progress. This stone loves to be held because it radiates a loving, gentle, and kind energy pattern.

It’s also a beautiful stone to wear or carry if you will be in front of many people. Its energies will infuse you with confidence and strength so that you will be able to command attention.

Septarian as a grounding stone will make it possible for you to be more tolerant, patient, and emotionally flexible.

If you use this stone in your meditation, this stone will be able to gauge what’s wrong and make it possible for you to heal yourself.

Septarian will absorb your energy and transmute it into something that you need to be a stronger, better, and happier person.

It’s a highly grounding stone that will keep you strong and stable even if there’s so much happening around you.

Septarian is the perfect companion stone when you’re under a lot of stress or you’re harboring so much anger in your heart.

The emotional healing properties of this stone will give you the emotional stability that you need, as well as the support and the strength to keep you going.

Septarian will also project tenacity and courage, and it will help you stop feeling lost, afraid, or unwanted.

Using this stone on a regular basis will remind you that life is about the journey, and it’s all about having happy and unforgettable moments.

It will help you find your inner resources that will anchor you, and it will make you appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you.

The emotional healing energies of Septarian will also make sure that you’re okay even in the most stressful or most difficult situations.

Septarian will encourage you to release your emotional stress, your negative thoughts, and your turbulent emotions.

It will inspire you to get yourself out of your depressive state and to not be too affected by your bad dreams.

Septarian is a lovely stone that possesses an incredible energy. It will help in releasing and regulating your energy so that you will no longer have to deal with blocked energies!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Septarian
septarian meaning

Septarian is a protective stone that can both ground you and shield your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

It can give you a calming effect during really toxic days, and it will give you a better understanding of things on a more emotional level.

It will enhance your well-being and stimulate your emotions. It will amplify the good energies and get rid of bad energies.

It will also help you in determining the direction you want to progress.

Septarian will bring in more love, kindness, and sincerity in your life, and it will enhance your communication in so many different levels.

Written by Caroline Lucas

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