Crystals for Handfasting or Wedding Q&A

QUESTION: What stones or crystals are recommended for a handfasting?

MY ANSWER: Some crystals and stones that would be good for a handfasting, wedding, or similar union between two people would be

Rose Quartz or Kunzite for unconditional love;
Lapis Lazuli, jade or opal for fidelity;
Garnet for commitment;
Emerald for domestic bliss;
A grounding stone for grounding the relationship in reality.Salt is a traditional one, including halite, and hematite or smoky quartz are excellent, too.
Carnelian or Garnet for happiness; 
Amethyst, Jade or Rhodochrosite for harmony;
Twin crystal quartz for soulmate bonding;
Quartz crystal for bringing energy to the union.

Any favorite crystal can also be used if dedicated to strengthening and celebrating the union for the ceremony.

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Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

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