Crystals For Finding The Right Guy?

QUESTION: “I need crystal for two purposes, i have a rose quartz. but if i want to attract the right guy be able do decide not be confused and get the guy suitable best for me what can i do? Also, one guy i never met but he is engaged- i dont want him to marry this girl what can i do?”

MY ANSWER:   It sounds like you have several questions here, revolving around finding the best loving relationship for yourself.

Confusion seems to be the biggest issue you mention. Unless you are very clear on what you want, no crystal will be able to help you draw it to yourself.

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First, I suggest concentrating on gaining clarity about what you want in a relationship. One that is primarily healthy for the long term, or one that is primarily exciting for the short term. These are often not be the same things. Trying to get conflicting things at the same time is not likely to work with any crystal or other energy. For gaining clarity an insight on what is most important for you in finding the right man, you might try working with amber, aventurine, diamond, blue quartz dumortierite, halite, selenite or tiger eye.  

My next suggestion would be able to have crystal assistance to lessen the confusion you feel about the issues and people involved. There are a number of crystals that can assist with reducing confusion. Amethyst, azurite, bloodstone, carnelian, fluorite, lapis lazuli, opal, sapphire and selenite are stones that are used frequently to lessen confusion.

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Meditation or prayer can also be very helpful for gaining insight and lessening confusion, and are in my opinion more important than the crystals themselves..

After you have worked with crystals and meditation or other methods, and are clear on what you want from a relationship, then it is time to think about stones that bring love energies in. The rose quartz you have is an excellent one. Garnet, emerald, selenite, and others shown on my love stones article can also help.

All in all, for one stone to work with for finding the right guy, my choice would be selenite.  It works with the various aspects of the challenge in positive ways.

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Good luck in your quest! 

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My choice of Love Stone for finding the right guy: Selenite Example
My choice of Love Stone for finding the right guy: Selenite Example

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