Potentially Toxic or Harmful Stones

Azurite Example
Azurite Example

For Gem Elixirs, Gem Waters, Massage Oils, Handling, etc.

Certain stones may not be safe for making conventional gem elixirs, gem waters, massage oils, or other internal or absorbent uses. They may contain lead or arsenic or toxic quantities of metals, etc.

The guidelines below can help you and those you know stay safe if any stone is in question, use an indirect method crystal elixir or gem water creation.

  1. FYI: Highly polished stones are less likely to allow elixirs, etc. to leach any potentially hazardous materials. Rough stones are most likely.
  2. In general, almost all blue and green stones, especially brightly colored ones, contain copper and/or arsenic and are potentially unsafe to use for conventional gem elixirs, etc. but safe to use for indirect method elixirs.
  3. Shiny, metallic stones should be avoided.
  4. Don’t handle stones containing arsenic, such as realgar, or mercury, such as cinnabar without protective gloves. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them. These stones are extremely toxic.
  5. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling potentially toxic stones.
  6. Keep all potentially harmful stones (including small, bite-sized stones that aren’t necessarily toxic but can cause choking hazards!) out of reach of children for safety.

I recommend being cautious, though, and using indirect methods for making elixirs and other consumables unless you’re absolutely certain of what you’re doing. To be on the safe side, consider these stones, and any stones you don’t know for sure about, to be toxic to eat, drink, or otherwise consume.

I have a “Don’t Panic” Q&A on Potentially Harmful Stones, too.

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Galena Example
Galena Example