Color Energy and Color Therapy

Color, or colour as much of the world spells it, is well known to affect us in many ways. Color is commonly used to influence us in advertising, decorating, and dress. Color is also used for alternative healing to affect our personal energies and chakras and to stimulate those energies to heal.

Being from the US, I approach color from an Western point of view blended with my knowledge of spirtual practices from various traditions such as Hinduism, Wicca, Tibetan Buddhism, and other parts of the world. There are also differing perspectives from various places, particularly parts of the East. 

Each color has its own light frequency or energy. Color therapy is when the vibrations of light is used to stimulate healing. This can be done by using colored lights, colored crystals, color meditation, colors of environment and adornment, and other means.

Multicolor Energies – Brings Multiple Positive Color Energies

Red Color Energies – Survival, Physical Needs, Physical Energy, Sexual Energy, Action, Blood, Spine, Feet, Root Chakra (Base Chakra), more

Black Color Energies – Survival, Stability, Protection, Lower Blood Pressure, Root Chakra, More

Orange Color Energies – Passion, Creativity, Abundance, Freedom, Sexuality, Bladder, Sexual Organs, Bladder, Lower Intestine, Sacral Chakra, more

Yellow Color Energies – Joy, Success, Mental Clarity, Business, Personal Power, Relaxation, Nerves, Liver, Digestion, Solar Plexus Chakra, More

Green Color Energies – Nature, Harmony, Heart Chakra, Growth, Love, Prosperity, Heart, Blood Pressure, More

Pink Color Energies – Nurturing, Kindness, Love, Life Path, Overeating, Childbirth, More

Blue Color Energies – Truth, Loyalty, Communication, Peaceful Dreams, General Healing, Relieve Pain, More

Purple & Violet Color Energies – Inner Sight, Psychic, Mystery, Spiritual, Relieve Stress, Addictions, Third Eye Chakra, Sometimes Crown Chakra, More

White Color Energies – Light, Balance, Divinity, Cosmic Consciousness, Color Healing Substitute for Any Other Color, More

Gold Color Energies – Wealth, Happiness, Positive Feelings, Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, more

Gray Color Energies – Neutrality, Self-Control, often associated with Root Chakra, More

Brown Color Energies – Stability, Grounding, Protection, ADD, Instability, Immune System, Root Chakra or Sacral Chakra more

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Colors Energy
Colors Energy


March is Color Therapy Month