Smoky Quartz

Learn about smoky quartz and its crystal meanings and metaphysical and healing properties lore including removing negative energy, centering and more.


Alternate Names & Spellings of Smoky Quartz:  CairngormSmokey Quartz, Smoky Topaz, Smoky Citrine, Morion

Hardness (Mohs):  7
Color(s):  Gray, Brown, Black
Transparency:  Transparent, Translucent
Lustre: Vitreous
Common / Notable Locations:  Worldwide, Brazil, USA

Rock Lore & Tidbits:  Technically smoky quartz is only created by  aluminum-based and irradiation-induced color centers, though many brown or black quartz crystals whose color is given through organic or other means are erroneously called smoky quartz or morion. Smoky quartz color is sometimes deepened with radiation as well.

Smoky Quartz is often given the trade names or misnomers of "Smoky Citrine" or "Smoky Topaz." Black smoky quartz is referred to as morion.

Crystal Meanings Lore of Smoky Quartz

Keywords: Centering, Grounding, Remove Negativity

Smoky quartz is a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection. It is also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy, as It removes negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforms them to positive energy.

As a root chakra stone, smoky quartz enhances survival instincts, and can help one reach personal and business goals. It is also used in assisting in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality.  Thus, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck.

Smoky quartz is beneficial mentally in several ways. It fosters cooperation in groups and supports their efforts energetically. It engenders creativity by bringing the same energies of grounding the creative process in reality to bring imaginative efforts to fulfillment   Smoky quartz also works energetically to assist in prioritizing needs and wants, and brings wisdom to every day life.

Emotionally, smoky quartz is excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and can be considered a stone of serenity. It can, therefore, be very helpful in relieving grief.

In the psychic and spiritual realms, smoky quartz centers one during meditation, and can provide a grounded link between the physical and higher selves, helping to uncover subconscious wisdom.  Using smoky quartz during meditation enables you to reach higher states of consciousness. Smoky quartz also stimulates kundalini.

Because smoky quartz transforms and removes negative energy, it also protects and cleanses the aura and astral bodies. It can be used effectively for psychic shielding.

Physically, smoky quartz has been used in crystal healing to treat many different problems associated with the lower torso including kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues. Smoky quartz also is used to remove toxins from the body and helps the adrenal glands. It is also very helpful for regulating body fluids and relieving fluid retention. Smoky quartz is also a preferred crystal healer's stone for dealing with insomnia, nightmares, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder. Smoky quartz is said to be good for balancing and improving one's general health.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Smoky quartz is associated primarily with the root (base, first) chakra.

See Quartz for additional metaphysical properties and healing properties common to all colors of quartzes.

From my personal perspective

Smoky quartz is a joy to work with. Unlike some of the more grounding stones, it feels much lighter to me, while still bringing strong stabilizing and centering energy. It is a particular favorite of mine to use with Reiki treatments, either with the client holding it at the root chakra / groin area or placed at the soles of the feet.

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Smoky Quartz Crystals Example

Smoky Quartz Crystals Example

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