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How Can You Be Sure Citrine Is Not Heat Treated?

Natural Congo Citrine aka Kundalini Quarz Example

Natural Congo Citrine aka Kundalini Quarz Example

QUESTION:  How hard is it to source a piece of genuine citrine? I am very keen to source a piece. And if its been polished how can you then be sure it's not heat treated? 

MY ANSWER:  Genuine citrine is around, but the supply varies a great deal according to what is being mined at any given time and is often limited. The challenge is discerning it.

Generally, lighter citrines are more likely to be non-heat treated citrine whether it's raw  crystal or polished. Kundalini Quartz - natural Citrine from the Congo -- is an exception to that, as it is often darker. Other natural citrines can be dark as well, though. If you're concerned, lighter citrines probably are the way to go.

I don't find heat treatment a problem in citrine, and have used it successfully in crystal healing as with any natural citrine. Of course, others have had different experiences.  Some people believe that you must have only a fully natural stone no matter what. Though I don't ascribe to that belief and haven't had that experience, it is a valid one. However, if you want a truly natural stone, citrine or another type, keep in mind that anything cut or polished has been moved farther away from its natural state and had its energy changed, also. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is different.

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