How Do You Pick The Right Stones?

Learn how to choose the right  stones. Learn how to choose the right  stones.

QUESTION:  How do you pick the right stones for the things you want to do?

MY ANSWER:  Generally you start with a knowledge of stones, either from experience or reading, about which types of stones are used for a particular goal. You can use my Crystal Uses page or Site Search to help with discovering what kinds of stones are traditionally used if you want.

From that selection of stones, then eliminate stones you don’t care for. It is not critical that you like a stone to work with it, but when you have a choice between a type you like and one you don’t,  it often works about better to use the kind you l ike.

From there you can go to choosing particular types of stones from those you feel okay about. You can get assisting choosing through meditation, asking for Divine guidance, using a pendulum, or intuition.

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To choose each particular stone, using intuition, or simply feeling for the proper stone’s energy by holding your receptive hand over each one, will help you find the ones with the best energy for your particular task.

If you don’t find any crystal that seem right for what you want to do, there are a few of ways you can work with that. One is to ask the advice of someone you trust. Another is to look at the problem from a new perspective. Stones usually used for tiredness may not be the best if the tiredness comes from a heart problem, yet something for a heart problem could be, for instance. As always, you can also ask the Divine for assistance.

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In all cases, I find it helpful to ask for the best stones for the highest good of all concerned.

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