Aquamarine Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Aquamarine Stone Properties

The beautiful pale blue aquamarine stone is said by ancient lore to be the treasure of the mermaids!

In reality, aquamarine is found mainly in Brazil, which is where the largest ever piece was found – and that piece was over a hundred kilograms!

Aquamarine can also be found in Russia, Kenya, Madagascar, and the Midwestern United States.

The only deposits large enough to rival the Brazilian ones are those in Russia, in the Ural Mountains and Siberia.

These deposits of aquamarine are enormous, but the smaller ones can yield equally beautiful stones, and if you happen to live in the vicinity of a mine, local aquamarine stones may be less expensive!

Like many stones, an aquamarine stone that is taken from a place that is personally meaningful to you can have significantly increased power compared to one that is acquired from wherever is convenient.

This power is not so important that it should trump budgetary or practical constraints, of course, but it can be a nice addition, especially for a stone that is as emotionally resonant as aquamarine is.

This stone has a huge emotional and spiritual impact, so if it is convenient to acquire it from somewhere that already has that kind of impact on you, that can be beneficial.

Why Would You Use Aquamarine Stone?

Aquamarine is a stone of enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions.

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It is also highly connected to the Moon and to the element of water, and it is the traditional birthstone for Pisces.

Aquamarine TumblesIf Pisces is present anywhere in your astrological chart, then that alone might be enough reason for you to want to incorporate aquamarine stones into your life.

The blue colour that characterizes aquamarine is an indicator of its power to awaken spirituality and emotional intelligence.

In many religions, including Christianity, Islam, and even going back to the days of Ancient Egypt, blue is a colour of spiritual and emotional wisdom.

Aquamarine also has a long history of being used to positively affect and improve relationships.

This use dates back to Ancient Rome, when it was traditional for lovers to exchange jewellery made of aquamarine in order to keep their relationships focussed on true love rather than lust.

One interesting facet of the power of the aquamarine stone is that, while it is known for its power as a stone of love and spirituality, it also has a protective nature.

This is, according to myth, because the power of aquamarine is so pure that no impurities can exist in its vicinity.

In this way, it is much like the mythical unicorn, whose horn can cure poison – the aura of gentle goodness is so genuinely powerful that it overcomes evil by its very nature.

It is associated with peace and tranquility, and can rid you of the feelings of turmoil or self-doubt that plague so many of us.

Aquamarine stone has a unique ability to soothe and calm others, as well as its holder.

It is a bit unclear whether it does this by casting a positive and tranquil aura, or because its effect on the serenity of its owner is so marked that the other people around him or her become more tranquil in a response to his or her actual behaviour.

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It could also be both, or a combination of the two.

This is one of the best stones for getting you through high-tension periods, as it will dispel stress and improve communication between all involved parties, so that a satisfactory conclusion can be reached.

How Will Aquamarine Stone Help You?

Aquamarine, Healing and Health

Aquamarine is considered an all-purpose healing stone that can help with many kinds of physical and mental disorders.

Aquamarine is known to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps protect mother and baby from harm. It can also protect unborn babies and prevent miscarriages.

It can help heal sore throats, and it can aid in the treatment of thyroid problems and swollen glands. This stone can also boost the immune system and prevent allergic reactions.

Aquamarine can boost growth and regulate the hormones.

This stone is known to be effective in curing ailments that affect the liver, throat, and stomach.

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Aquamarine and Wealth

Aquamarine will improve your intellectual prowess so that you can come up with solutions quickly and effectively.

It will help you with your reasoning and your logic so that you will be able to figure out the answers to complex questions.

Aquamarine stones will remove your affliction of procrastination.

It will infuse you with energies of perseverance and discipline.

It’s a powerful stone that will attract prosperity and abundance, as well as good luck and good fortune.

Aquamarine, Love and Relationships

The energies of Aquamarine will help you become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of your partner.

It will help you tune in to their emotions, and they don’t even have to say a word for you to know how they are feeling.

You will pay more attention to the unspoken words and the indirect messages. You will listen to what they mean and not what they say, and you will anticipate their needs, emotions, and reactions.

Aquamarine will also imbue you with tolerance and understanding so that you will not be easily offended, angered, or annoyed.

You will have a higher level of patience, and you will be a more thoughtful and considerate partner.

Aquamarine will also help you get rid of your tendency to become judgmental.

You will reserve your opinions about other people and their relationships just to yourself. You will also be more compassionate and considerate about the plight of other people.


This stone will give emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities or by the events in your life. It will stabilize and ground you, and it will make sure that you are protected.

Aquamarine is an excellent stone to use when you need closure on your relationship or with your feelings for someone.

The energies that you can get from this stone will help answer a lot of the questions that are going through your mind.

It will quell that desire in you to know what if or what could have been. Instead, it will make you realize that things happen for a reason.

The universe has other plans for you, which is why you are where you are now.

Aquamarine will make you realize that there’s no need to torture yourself, thinking about different endings and scenarios.

Love works in mysterious ways, and there are much bigger reasons why things did not end up the way you expected for some chapters of your life.

This stone will remove your fears when it comes to love, commitment, or intimacy. It will reassure you that love does not always have happy endings, but it also does not always have heartbreaking endings.

Aquamarine will give you emotional release. This stone will help you let go of old emotional issues and move on from them. You will learn to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you in the past.

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It will cleanse away the bad energies of the past and strengthen the present so that you will enjoy the future.

Aquamarine will show you how to embrace the good and bad parts of your experiences because they are what brought you to where you are now.

Those experiences are what molded you to be the strong and beautiful person that you are now!

The reflective properties of this stone will also help you uncover hidden truths. It will strengthen the love that you have during times of change and times of trials

How to Use Aquamarine Stone for the Best Results

It is ideal, when using aquamarine stones, to wear them in jewellery close to the skin, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

This way, the power of the stone can have a direct connection to the energies of your body, and surround you with its protective and supportive energy.

If you are using aquamarine as a chakra stone for the throat chakra (an excellent way to use its power), then you should, of course, wear it by the throat, either as a choker or as a small pendant that rests high up on your collarbone.

Aquamarine Carving ExampleAgain, the stone itself should touch your skin if at all possible.

It is also best in this case to wear an aquamarine stone that has some physical weight to it.

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It is a well-established fact that physical weight can ease feelings of anxiety by “grounding” us in the physical world.

Wearing a weighty aquamarine stone can help you feel like you are “grounded” even in situations when emotions are running high.

In addition to being highly functional (and beautiful!) as jewellery, aquamarine can be used as a protective amulet in physical spaces.

Place it in points in your home where you perceive there to be emotional congestion.

Perhaps this is in your bedroom if you feel that you are having difficulty communicating with your partner, or in your child’s room if you feel that they are uncommunicative.

You could place it in the dining room if fights frequently break out there, or even under your own pillow if you are having an especially hard time understanding your own emotions.

Aquamarine is the stone of the sea and the sky, so carrying a small piece in your luggage is invaluable when you are travelling by either sea or air.

Aquamarine stone will protect you on your journeys and prevent those heightened emotions that are so frequently caused by the stress of travel.

Finally, aquamarine has frequently been touted as having the abilities to relieve the physical symptoms of emotional stress, such as a heightened heartbeat, or even difficulty breathing.

Please never use aquamarine (or any stone) as a substitute for medical attention!

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However, in conjunction to whatever medication is being used to control these symptoms, you may find that an aquamarine stone makes a comforting “worry stone.”

Placing it against your lips and taking deep, even breaths around it may offer some relief from the physical symptoms of anxiety.

The Best Combinations to Use with Aquamarine Stone

The combinations with which you choose to use aquamarine stone depend entirely on what purpose you want it to fulfill.

If you are a Pisces, and using it as your birthstone, then you can combine it with other stones that align with the other signs of your chart.

You can also use it alone to have the most focussed effect on your psychic life as it relates to your astrological sign.

If you are using your aquamarine to represent the element of water, then it can be highly beneficial to develop a set of four element stones that have energy that suits your particular needs.

Once you have chosen your element stones, they will be an excellent tool for balance, stability, and grounding.

The stones that you choose might include fire agate for fire, moss agate for earth, and clear quartz for air, as examples.

Aquamarine, being an excellent stone for the energy of the throat chakra, can also be combined with other chakra stones to make a set.

Again, you should always choose stones with energy that suits your needs – you will be able to feel, when you hold the stones in your hands, whether you “like” their energy or not.


When used for the throat chakra, aquamarine can improve powers of communication, and your ability to articulate your emotions.

When it’s combined with stones that enhance the powers or clear the energies of the other chakras, the various combinations of stones can be used to achieve almost any specific goal.

For example, if you feel that you are struggling to communicate things that you are imagining, you may want to combine your aquamarine with a stone that is sacred to the third eye chakra, which rules the imagination.

Third eye chakra stones include lapis lazuli, snowflake obsidian, or zircon, but there are dozens, and you should choose one that is personally meaningful.

Because aquamarine opens you up to an increased awareness of your emotions, it can be extremely beneficial to pair it with a stone that dispels negativity, or at least to have such a stone on hand.

In case you become conscious of some strong negative emotions with your heightened awareness, you should have it by your side.

I would recommend Apache tears for this, as they are especially well known as stones of comfort during difficult situations.

However, any dark-coloured stone will have a classic ability to dispel negativity, and will work in this type of situation.

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My Final Thoughts on the Power of Aquamarine Stoneaquamarine meaning

If you are seeking psychic, emotional, and spiritual development, then aquamarine is one of the best stones that you can use for this purpose.

Its bright, clear energy and relationship to the element of water will “wash away” the fear and self-imposed restraints that prevent so many people in this world from reaching their full psychic potential.

Once you have become more attuned with your spirituality, and developed your emotional intuition more thoroughly, you will be able to use your heightened feelings to pursue your goals in love, family, and even your career.

You will become far better able to articulate your feelings, and prevent yourself from self-sabotage through seeming “hyperemotional” instead of intuitive and sensitive.

Do you need more psychic and emotional awareness in your life?

After reading this article, do you feel that aquamarine stone is a stone that could address your needs in this field?

If so, please like and share this article so that other people can also learn about a stone that could potentially address their needs!