Protection Crystal Grid

Get a free protection crystal grid layout.

This is a ritual crystal protection grid for protection of any kind. Protection symbols from various cultures are incorporated into the grid to maximize its energy. Instructions for one possible layout are below, but you can use different crystals that are most suited to your purpose.

Schorl (Black Tourmaline) is an excellent stone for protection, transmuting negative energy to positive. It can be used in the protection grid in place of the black onyx noted below.

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You may save and print out this grid only for personal, non-commercial purposes. If you want to use them for a class, on your website, or any commercial purpose, contact me and we'll see if we can work it out for a trade or a small fee.

Click to enlarge the grid for printing.


Instructions are a starting point for self-protection. For protection of another, use their photo or name instead of yours. Click to enlarge.

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