Angel White Ajoite

Learn about the metaphysical and spiritual healing properties of Angel White Ajoite, a harmonious, angelic energy stone.

Alternate Names & Name Spellings:White Angel Ajoite, Ajoite in Quartz

Crystal Meanings of Angel White Ajoite

Angel White Ajoite is Ajoite in lovely white Quartz, embodying both the energies of Ajoite and Quartz, bringing both into higher realms of energy. It is said to combine the gentle, harmonious energies of pure ajoite with high angelic realm vibrations from the quartz. Some say it's as though they contain the energies of Ajoite and Azeztulite combined. Sometimes an angel image is seen in the Angel White Ajoite, although it is reputed that all of these stones carry high angelic energies. Angel White Ajoite is used for ascension into higher realms while maintaining a close tie to the heart in our manifestation here on Earth. Thus, Angel White Ajoite is excellent for meditation to reach higher consciousness and deeper meditations. In the physical realms, Angel White Ajoite combines the energy and folk crystal healing properties of both Ajoite and Quartz. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Angel White Ajoite is said to bring our Spirit energy to its full potential. These lovely stones relate to and resonate primarily with the third eye and crown chakras.

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Angel White Ajoite Example

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