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Crystal Formations: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Crystal Formations: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Crystal Formations Properties

When it comes to crystal healing, different crystal formations also add special meaning and enhanced benefits to your crystals.

There are many crystal formations that offer different healing properties and features.

They will greatly help you, no matter which situation you may find yourself in.

Certain crystal formations will be more beneficial than others.

Some may work well in certain situations, which is why it’s important that you identify the crystal formations that you need.

Why Would You Use Crystal Formations?

The Crystal Point formation features a single terminated crystal that also exhibits many other features. This formation is commonly used to focus, direct, and send energies.

The Double Terminated crystal formation shows a single crystal with terminations at each end.

This type of crystal formation transmutes negative energies.

It also sends and receives energies simultaneously.

The Twin crystal formation shows two crystal points that are joined by their side facets from the bottom up. It’s also called the Companion crystal formation. It balances your yin and yang energies.

Stunning Crystal Formations

The Cluster crystal formation is a group of several Crystal Points that grow from the same base.

It’s often used to connect with like-minded individuals, or make contact with your soul group.

It will also enhance group meditation sessions and classes.

The crystal formation known as Geode exhibits a hollow rock that has hundreds of crystals growing inside.

This particular formation is used to ground and energize.

It will also facilitate a connection with Mother Gaia, as well as repair ley lines and balance earth energies.

The Key crystal formation usually has an angular or hexagonal shaped recess on the side facets and near the base.

This type is often used for shamanic soul retrieval and for awakening your DNA. It will also help in finding and integrating lost parts of yourself.

The Rainbow crystal formation shows a rainbow reflection within the crystal that’s created by a special flaw.

This rainbow reflection can only be seen when the crystal catches the light. This type of crystal will work on all the chakras and provide harmony and balance.

The Inclusion crystal formation exhibits other minerals that are caught inside the crystal. It will reflect this as darker bits or materials within the crystal.

When used in crystal healing, it will add the properties of whatever mineral is present in the crystal. You can also make use of the chakra colors to describe the effects of this crystal.

The Phantom crystal formation features a ghost-like three-dimensional image of the crystal point inside the crystal.

It will show its original size before it got bigger. Some crystals will also have multiple phantoms inside.

Crystal Formations meaning

This type of crystal formation will show you how you can connect to your spirit guides or your higher self.

It will also be excellent for meditation, karmic release, and personal growth.

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It will also encourage you to see the bigger picture!

The Record Keeper crystal formation features a triangular indentation that forms on the crystal’s face.

Sometimes, the triangle can be raised. It’s usually for accessing information from ancient civilizations.

The Isis Face shows a five-sided face with a tall point on top. It’s sometimes called as the Isis Crystal. Its energies will help you connect with Goddess energies, female guides, and the divine feminine.

The Generator crystal formation shows six triangular faces of equal size with a central termination. It’s a high impact crystal that builds and stores energies in the termination point and balances the earth energies.

The Diamond Window crystal formation shows an extra face that’s diamond-shaped on the crystal point. It’s also known as Sixth Face.

It will open your third eye chakra for clairvoyance and help you access your intuitive wisdom. It will also fill you with inspiration and help you receive spiritual messages.

Ideal Crystal Formations

The Time Link crystal formation features a long facet with four sides in a parallelogram shape.

It usually occurs in the main face.

When the crystal leans to the left, it will help you access knowledge from the past.

When it leans to the right, it will help you access messages from the future.

The Akashic Lines crystal formation shows horizontal lines that usually form on the side facets.

This formation is also called Lemurian Lines.

It will help you access ancient formation that has been recorded from the past that’s usually associated with lost civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria.

How Will Crystal Formations Help You?

Crystal Formations, Healing and Health

The Elestial crystal formation has a surface that’s flat with triangular cut spaces.  It’s a powerful crystal that can repair and rewire damaged brain cells.

It will also cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate the body. It can give strength and vitality that will make you overcome all kinds of physical challenges.

Crystal Formations and Wealth

The Abundance crystal formation has a main crystal with smaller crystals in the base.

The best Crystal Formations

You can use an Abundance crystal when you want to attract prosperity and abundance into your life.

It will also help you invite good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors.

The Dogtooth crystal formation is a diamond-shaped elongated crystal with two opposing sides and faces.

Using Dogtooth will strengthen your focus on your goals, particularly your career or financial goals. It will ground and support you in your endeavors and make you confident in your abilities.

It will inspire you to face your fears and encourage you to let them go so you can soar.

Crystal Formations, Love and Relationship

Barnacle Crystal is a type of crystal formation that has a larger quartz crystal covered with smaller crystals. It can stimulate family relationships and group cooperation.

This crystal formation will also be an excellent companion when you lose a loved one.

The Candle Quartz formation, which is also known as Pineapple Quartz, shows a prominent point with parallel points stepping round the sides.

It’s a very calming stone that will remove the oppression and tedium in your environment.

It will also assist you in your realization of the damage caused on your body, whether consciously or unconsciously. It will help you find solutions and put them into action.

Bright and shiny Crystal Formations

It will also help you look inward and discover your personal truth and your own path.

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It will increase your self-confidence and promote tranquility in your life.

A Dolphin crystal formation, also known as ‘Mother and Child'”, is identified as a large crystal with a smaller one attached to its back.

This type of crystal will promote mothering and nurturing energies, be it with taking care of someone you love or with starting a new project.

It will gently assist you in taking care of your inner child and letting go of past hurts and fears. It will make you feel safe and secure, and it will bring back the joy in your life and relationships.

This type of crystal formation will also take care of your well-being as you undergo different changes in life and love. It will make sure that you are loved in every high and low!

How to Use Crystal Formations for the Best Results

Generator crystals can bring stabilizing and grounding energies that will purify and uplift the energies present in a space. Place them in an area where you most need stable and secure energies.

The guide for Crystal Formations

These kinds of crystals come in many sizes.

You can use Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz, or Citrine and Aqua Aura for this specific purpose.

A Geode crystal formation is not only beautiful and fascinating, it will also absorb negative energies.

It will heal and transform negative energies into positive ones.

Put this crystal on your main door, especially when you live on a busy street.

Amethyst geodes are the easiest to find and one of the most popular. To have a piece of Amethyst geode will feel like being showered with incredible energies.

Put an oval or round Amethyst geode inside your room or your child’s bedroom to foster more peaceful and loving energies.

The Best Combination to use with Crystal Formations

There are many crystal formations that you can use for different purposes, and their effects in your life will also be different.

There are crystal formations that are perfect for gridding, meditation, altar work, affirmations, and feng-shui.

There are also wealth and business crystal formations that will draw in prosperous energies and attract abundance into your life.

You can use any crystal formation to make your own combinations.

The energies will feel right, and you will be inexplicably drawn to them — that’s how you’ll know that you have made a perfect match!

Crystal Formations Spiritual Energy

Various crystal formations will serve distinctly unique functions when it comes to addressing different kinds of energies within you.

Crystal formations often direct positive energies your way and work on blocking any negative energies from reaching you.

Some crystal formations also help balance the energies of your yin and yang, signifying a connection with like-minded people who help keep you stable in life.

The spiritual energies exuded from crystal formations can enhance meditation sessions because they can really energize your spirit while simultaneously keep you well-grounded and at peace with your core.

When crystal formations are used to advance spiritual purposes, you will feel connected to the parts of yourself that you had lost to worldly pressures and responsibilities.

Crystals are important instruments to awaken your spiritual side and establish harmony within you so that you can focus on your true mission in life rather than wasting energy on things that don’t matter.

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Crystal formations work with your chakras to bring a sense of balance back into your life.

You will sense a realignment of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies and in turn be able to follow the guidance of your divine guides because you will feel closer to them.

Crystal formations are highly useful for karmic release during meditation.

They encourage you to be mindful of your actions and understand that all that you do will come back to you in one way or another.

Therefore, with the energies of crystal formations, you will learn to consider all sides of the experiences that take place in life and look at the bigger picture.

Sometimes in life, you can get so caught up with the professional workload that the tension caused by your responsibilities can cloud your judgement of some very basic aspects of your life.

Crystal formations work to prevent this so that you can perceive everything in life with an optimistic approach and understand that everything happens for a reason.

The energies of crystal formations are so helpful that they have the power to restore your faith in the divine realm and can establish a strong connection between you and your spiritual guides.

You can benefit a lot from the guidance of the universal forces, and crystal formations aim to inspire you enough to welcome the messages of the divine realm into your life.

Crystal formations also facilitate the process of healing in the sense that they cleanse and rejuvenate your body and replenish the energy that you lost due to the chaos of your work life.

These formations bring great amounts of strength and wisdom towards you so that you are equipped enough to overcome all kinds of physical and emotional challenges.

Finally, you can use crystal formations when you feel the need to attract some good luck towards you.

There will be several points in life where you feel like you just can’t get a break, but if you use the energies of crystal formations, you will soon experience an abundance of happiness and prosperity.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Crystal Formations

Varying shapes and formation of crystals have different characteristics.

crystal formations meaning

A crystal’s shape and formation will bring additional benefits.

Sometimes you will find yourself drawn to a specific crystal cluster, and there will be a special reason for this.

You will find yourself attracted to a crystal because of the metaphysical properties that it holds.

These crystal formations will have a special meaning in your life, no matter which season you are in your life, and no matter what reason!

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