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Yin Crystals

Yin Crystals

Yin Crystals are crystals that possess a certain cloudiness or milkiness or are ‘veiled’, meaning that they are cloudy and “soft” looking on the inside.

They enhance or bring in yin energies: feminine, receptive, gentleness, meditative.

Used positively and appropriately, these energies can help enhance intuition, peacefulness, harmony, meditation, and the ability to keep your cool.

Overused or misused, these energies can cause a victim attitude, despondency, and a sense of overwhelming.

The Yin Crystals and Spiritual Energy

A Yin Crystal is a feminine crystal that has a cloudy or milky appearance.

When it comes to energy, a Yin Crystal also has a feminine energy that will help you get in touch with your feminine nature.

It has a gentle, soft, deep, and mysterious energy. Yin Crystals are often very receptive, nurturing, and intuitive.

It’s powerful enough but not overwhelming. It has a strong and loving energy that is both feminine and strong.

A Yin Crystal’s energy is more diffused. If its energy can be compared to a light, it will be usually described as glowing and evenly coming from all directions.

If you don’t know how to recognize Yin Crystal, just look for opaque stones and crystals that have a milky or cloudy appearance!

Some of the most favorite Yin Crystals out there include the Sodalite. It’s a gentle gemstone that emanates even gentler energies.

It’s a stone of peace that will envelop you with soft and compassionate energies. The Sodalite will also work to clear toxins from your body through a gentle purification process.

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The Rose Quartz is another example of a Yin Crystal. It’s a very comforting stone that stands for love, compassion, and support.

It will work to increase your acceptance towards life and enhance your vitality by boosting your higher heart chakra.

The Rose Quartz is a true mothering stone that emanates energies of divine love and goddesses’ warmth!

The Green Aventurine is the master healer of gemstones. It’s an excellent crystal that will increase your financial independence by presenting new opportunities in life.

Wear a Green Aventurine on your chest and regularly clean it to welcome financial opportunities.

Yet another powerful feminine crystal that improves the throat chakra of the wearer is the Aquamarine. It will also increase your self-confidence and bring down self-inflicted negativity.

Wearing an Aquamarine or programming it with higher chakras will eliminate your stress and depression.

The Garnet has an energy that’s steady and strong, and quiet but powerful. It’s known as a crisis stone because it’s something that you would want with you if you want to silence the chaos and see through it.

Its loving vibrations will help improve your self-esteem and rekindle your self-love. It will also calm your spirit and make you feel your most beautiful.

Another example of a Yin Crystal is the Cherry Quartz. It works wonders on sad or defeated hearts and helps you overcome your worries and anxieties. It will help you take back your wild feminine side.

Jade is a beautiful Yin Crystal that will help you attract good fortune. It will allow you to see your truth, control your desires so that you can adapt and change, and dissolve the limitations which you have put on yourself.

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It’s also a stone that inspires and attracts love!

And then there’s the Lapis Lazuli. It’s known to bring great knowledge, and it will encourage you to step up and take charge. This stone will also open your higher mind and give you deep clarity.

Yin Crystals

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