Brown Color Energy

Learn about the color energy of the brown ray including stability and practicality.

Brown - The Solidity of the Earth 

Keywords: Stability, Practicality 

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Home, Hearth, Stability, Stamina, Security, Calming, Common Sense, Practicality, Ritual Protection, Humility, Totem Animals, Animal Guides

Spiritual Healing Lore: Instability of Any Body System, Hyperactivity, AD/HD, ADD, Immune System, Animal Healing

Color Cautions: Excessive use of brown can bring depressive effects.

Related To: Earth Element, Fall Season, usually Root Chakra

Some Gemstones and Minerals: Many Varieties of Agates and Jaspers, Dravite, Smoky Quartz, Brown Andradite Garnet, Brown Hessionite Garnet, Brown Diamond, Spessartite, Almandine, Golden/Brown Tiger Eye, Koroit Opal

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Smoky Quartz Example

Smoky Quartz Example


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