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Agate Eyes: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Agate Eyes: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Agate Eyes Properties

Agate Eyes are most often found in Agate nodules, which are usually created when silica precipitates in the rock cavity.

These cavities can be in the form of lava flows, fractures in the rock layers, or fossils that have dissolved over time.

When the first silica layers have been deposited in the cavity walls, round droplets of silica gel begin forming in the walls.

They crystallize and additional layers form, creating a concentric eye pattern.

This origin that can be found in the walls of the cavity explains why Agate Eyes are found in the outer Agate nodule ‘husk’.

Agate Eyes exhibit one or more concentric markings which are known as eyes. This stone is quite rare, but there are quite a few localities that produce Agate Eyes.

Some of these notable locations include Botswana and the Great Lakes area in the United States.

Other locations to find Agate Eyes are Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, India, China, and Scotland.

A lot of people are intrigued by Agate Eyes. It’s truly marvelous how nature can produce such perfect circles that this stone possesses!

This stone is often chosen for jewelry use, and it can be carried wherever as pocket stones.

Many people believe that Agate Eyes are very special stones that hold a lot of strength and metaphysical properties!

Agate Eyes Stone

Why Would You Use Agate Eyes?

Agate Eyes vibrate on a lower and gentler frequency. This type of Agate provides different healing properties that are slow, strong, and steady.

It radiates a soft strength that will ground your spirit with a sense of security and stability. Its energies connect with the natural energies of the earth.

If combined with Angelite, Agate Eyes will bring harmony to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

You will find support when you’re feeling unbalanced, and you will regain your equilibrium when you feel like your yin and yang energies are out of proportion.

Numerous black-and-white agate eyes

Agate Eyes will also help you when you’re having trouble speaking your mind.

It will ease the tensions that you feel whenever you face a crowd, speak to a stranger, or present in front of very important people.

The energies of this stone will usher in waves of poise and confidence that are constant and never overwhelming.

Agate Eyes will also bring you fortitude so that you will endure your struggles and emerge victorious.

If you are struggling with quitting bad habits and you want to start new and healthy ones, having Agate Eyes with you will give you the strength of mind to follow through.

This stone will support you in manifesting your goals and seeing your plans through. It will also give you steady support.

Agate Eyes will be an excellent companion stone when you tend to be overstimulated.

This stone will gently ease your mind and spirit when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

It will relieve the overactivity in your heart and mind so that you will experience calm and serenity.

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It will cleanse your auric field with light energies and bring a sense of balance to all your chakras.

This stone has a smooth energy that will wash over you, mute the tensions, and promote harmony.

When you work with Agate Eyes paired with Seraphinite, you will experience change in your life, and you will see the manifestation of your intentions through your achievements!

How Will Agate Eyes Help You?

Agate Eyes, Healing and Health

When placed on the sacral chakra or taken as an elixir, Agate Eyes can stimulate the digestive process. It can also relieve gastritis.

It can help in the healing of the eyes, the uterus, and the stomach. It can cleanse the pancreas and the lymphatic system.

Agate Eyes can also strengthen the blood vessels and assist in the healing of skin disorders.

This stone can treat problems with the reproductive system. It’s known to aid in the treatments of growths as well.

Agate Eyes can be good for stimulating the body’s regenerative properties.

It’s an excellent stone for improving heart health and the functions of the circulatory system.

It can be a very effective stone in breaking fevers. By simply placing a chilled piece of Agate Eyes on the forehead, it can reduce the fever and instantly make you feel better.

Agate Eyes can be beneficial in managing symptoms of epilepsy. It can also stop you from sleepwalking!

Agate Eyes and Wealth

Agate Eyes will work as a balancer in your life and help you overcome your obstacles, achieve good luck in your financial pursuits, and stabilize your thoughts and emotions while doing so.

This stone will fill you with optimism and tranquility, even when you are going through tough and confusing times.

It will help you avoid having negative behavior by positively changing your vibrations.

Agate Eyes will give you victory in conflict, and it will make you see the lessons behind your failures. This stone will also increase your intelligence and mental capacities.

It can be very beneficial in harnessing your creative side and creating an inventive or imaginative mood.

The energies of this stone will also give you a sense of security and stability to handle new situations.

Agate Eyes will help you communicate powerfully and to the point. It will enhance your luck, abundance, and wealth.

Agate Eyes will enhance your mental functions and improve your concentration.

It will also strengthen your analytical abilities and your perception, which will lead to wiser and more practical solutions.

It will also give you longevity so that you will stay committed and motivated in all your pursuits. It will positively change your level of perception and give you the energy to carry on.

Agate Eyes, Love and Relationships

Agate Eyes will harmonize your yin and yang. It will balance the positive and negative energies that hold your relationship in place.

It’s a soothing and calming stone that will bring you great personal strength and power. It will also bring hidden truths to light.

Agate Eyes will gently support you in accepting yourself. It will build your self-confidence, and it will help you accept what you can no longer change.

It will help you understand other people’s perceptions of you, and it will give you the courage to deal with issues that are affecting the health of your relationship.

Agate Eyes will fill your relationship with love, honesty, and truthfulness. The stone’s energies will encourage you to speak your truth and follow your heart!

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It will stimulate happy memories, and it will inspire you to create more happy memories with the person you love.

This stone will help you overcome the bitterness that you’re feeling in your heart. It will encourage you to release the negativity and heal from the anger that you’re holding on to.

It will inspire you to foster love and have the ourage to start over. It is very beneficial for any kind of emotional trauma, and it will help you dissolve any kind of internal tension.

Agate Eyes will raise your consciousness and make you aware of the oneness of your life. It will promote quiet contemplation and help you assimilate your life experiences.

This stone will pave the way for emotional growth and inner stability.

The cleansing effect of Agate Eyes will heal any kind of emotional disease that’s keeping you from accepting love in your life!

Agate Eyes

How to Use Agate Eyes for the Best Results

When you wear this stone on a regular basis, you will be opening yourself to receive unexpected blessings and favors!

It will give you an energy boost when you’re feeling tired, uninspired, or lethargic. It will protect you from stress, exhaustion, and energy drains as well.

Having this stone in your possession will attract strength, protection, and inspiration.

Carry Agate Eyes with you when you need to make an important decision.

Wear Agate Eyes jewelry to keep the soothing and supportive energies with you all the time.

You can also put it in your pocket so that anytime you feel upset or sad, you can simply hold this stone in your hands until you feel okay again.

You can also keep Agate Eyes in a small bowl on your desk in the office or in the spot where you often hang out at home.

Place your Agate Eyes in the area of your home that needs healing energies or free expression!

The Best Combination to Use with Agate Eyes

Agate Eye’s protective energies will be greatly enhanced when you pair it with Turquoise, Tiger Iron, Snowflake Obsidian, Sapphire, Pyrite, Malachite, Jet, Herkimer Diamond, Garnet, Coral, Blue Chalcedony, or Black Tourmaline, or Beryl.

You can also pair it with Topaz, Carnelian or Cat’s Eye to increase its potency.

Agate Eyes and Emotional Healing

Agate Eyes are believed to hold such great healing properties that they are widely recommended for individuals who want to deal with their emotional struggles.

The energies of Agate Eyes are low in intensity, but their impact is highly effective when used for long periods of time.

The gentle vibrations of Agate Eyes radiate strong but steady healing effects that are meant to stabilize your spirit and peace to you from within.

Black-and-white-and-yellow-and-orange agate eyes

When used in pairing with Angelite, this is a stone that will not just secure your inner balance, but also harmonize your energies with the forces of the universe to make you more grounded.

For times of uncertainty and pain, Agate Eyes produce the kind of emotional healing properties that can help you bounce back from being knocked down and rediscover your sense of purpose.

When you feel like things are not adding up, you will find the support and stability that you need and successfully regain an equilibrium of your emotions.

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Another useful contribution of Agate Eyes for emotional healing is that it helps you boost your confidence and emboldens you to speak what’s on your mind.

You will feel more comfortable with public speaking and be able to socialize better with new people.

This sense of confidence is brought about by Agate Eyes, which exude energies of self-reliance and resilience.

It will give you the strength that you need to endure the hardships and rise above the challenges so that you can create a better future for yourself.

The emotional healing that is facilitated by Agate Eyes also comes about when you enter a new chapter in your life.

Agate Eyes can help you get over a particular phase in life and let go of negative thoughts, habits, and behaviours so that you can move on to healthier ones.

Additionally, the stone is also significant when it comes to achieving your goals because it not only aids your process of self-discovery, but also give you the strength, support, and guidance to do so.

The things that you have been daydreaming of since so long can be manifested into realities with the use of Agate Eyes and it is only when you focus on future goals that you will be able to heal your broken self.

People going through difficult times particularly require the use of Agate Eyes because the healing properties of this stone can help ease your mind of stress and unwanted regrets.

Once you start to feel this sense of emotional peace, you will stop fighting with yourself and embrace your blessings.

When you open yourself up to the aid of Agate Eyes, you will you be able to find peace and harmony in your life in a way that you never have before.

The stone gives you a sense of achievement for all that you have accomplished so far and a sense of hope for what the future holds so that you can look forward to it with an optimistic outlook.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Agate Eyes

Agate Eyes will eliminate your fear and activate your survival instincts.

It will stimulate your grace in your experiences and life situations.

This stone will also create an awareness in you, and it will make you feel fulfilled in your well-being.

The emotional healing properties of Agate Eyes will improve your perceptions and give you a better grasp of reality.

Your concentration and analytical abilities will also be greatly improved.

You will have a better sense of who you are, and you will be more confident showing who you are to the world!

With the guidance of Agate Eyes, your negative thoughts and emotions will fall away, and you will be awash with positivity as you move forward in your life.

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