Blue Chalcedony

Learn about the crystal meanings and metaphysical healing properties of blue chalcedony such as balance between body, mind, and spirit, lessening anger, energy healing and more.

Crystal Meanings of Blue Chalcedony

Keywords: Mind / Body / Spirit Balance

Blue chalcedony is a stone with a gentle energy that feels kind of dreamy. It is said to foster balance between mind, body and spirit. It is a stone of calm and peace that is reputed to reduce or negate hostility, anger, and irritation. Blue chalcedony mystically soothes and fosters mental and emotional stability and can engender emotional honesty. It is also reported to metaphysically encourage and ease communication, particularly what would otherwise be emotionally charged communication. Blue chalcedony is excellent for the psychic work and skills of clairvoyance, intuition, and energy healing. It is also mystically used to help reduce or eliminate bad dreams by getting rid of the influences that cause them. Blue chalcedony has a very protective property, metaphysically, which is evidenced in both the physical and emotional realms, and it is used often for protection from the evil eye and protection from evil, particularly evil magic. Physically, blue chalcedony has been used in crystal and folk healing for the eyes, open sores rapid healing, alzheimers, lactation, blood, circulation, bones, spleen, and gall bladder. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Blue Chalcedony


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