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Natrolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Natrolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Natrolite, also known as “The Stone of Angelic Realms”, proves to be one of the strongest varieties of zeolite stone due to its high vibrations and its power to make an impact on your life.

A crystal that will make you look deep within your own character so that you can fix any shortcomings in yourself, Natrolite is perfect for assisting personal and spiritual growth.

Natrolite Properties

Very striking in appearance, Natrolite has a very vitreous and pearly lustre and looks white in colour when viewed from afar.

Upon closer inspection, the amazing Natrolite crystal can appear colourless and may also sometimes have hues of red, yellow, brown, green and blue.

It has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5 and a specific gravity of 2.2 to 2.26. It has an orthorhombic crystal system and is a member of the Natrolite Subgroup, the Zeolite Group.

It was given its name back in 1803 by Martin H. Klaproth and derives its meaning from the Greek words for “Soda” and “Stone”.

The Greek word “Natrium” translates to “Soda”, which is a reference to the high amount of sodium content in the crystal.

It is usually found in localities such as Singen, Hegau, Hohentwiel in Germany. It can also be found in Australia, India, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the USA.

Natrolite used to be very difficult to find but has become relatively commonly available over the past couple of decades.

It is a transparent crystal with a very brittle build and a perfect cleavage.

Why Would You Use Natrolite?

Excellent for spiritual enlightenment and spiritual shifts, Natrolite is a super stone when it comes to using it to transcend beyond this realm and speeding up your spiritual journey.

Using Natrolite can have a profound effect or impact on you and the way you think about and perceive life.

If you are someone who is looking to make a difference or a big impact in life with help of your thoughts and actions, Natrolite is the perfect stone for you because it will allow you to become in charge of your own life.

With the help of this crystal, you’ll be able to make independent decisions and with the help of the vibrations that reside within Natrolite, you would be able to take charge of your own life.

You can use Natrolite to initiate a series of events that lead to a change in your life, whether it’s physical or spiritual.

If you want a change in life, using Natrolite can be one of your safest bets.

You can also use Natrolite and the powers that reside within it to stimulate the third eye, crown and soul star chakra.

A hub of amazing light and energy, Natrolite can ensure that your life is always looking up and your soul is always radiant.

This allows for a lot of light and energy to fill up your life and hence give you a lot of room to grow and excel as a human being.

You can use Natrolite to also sharpen your own intuition and mind so that you can be very clinical in your thinking and can always see 2 steps ahead of your opponent.

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If you are a writer you can use the powers of Natrolite to become the master of your craft by enabling a free flow of ideas and automatic writing.

Natrolite can also be used as a great transformation tool for when one wants to move into a phase of their life that they’re not very familiar with.

If you have a big move coming up or are going to go to a place that you’re not comfortable or familiar with then using Natrolite can help you cope with change and make you much more adaptable than you were before.

Natrolite can also be used to make yourself feel empowered so that you’re always confident in whatever you do and can achieve tasks that would’ve otherwise given you a lot of trouble.

With the use of Natrolite, you can learn about the innermost desires of your heart and soul so that you are never in doubt of the path that you want to take in life.

This stone can also be used to improve one’s psychic abilities and tendencies by allowing for the enlightenment of the soul.

How Will Natrolite Help You?

As a powerful Zeolite, this stone has the ability to bring harmony and very advantageous effects on your mind and soul so that you may feel peaceful at the core.

Natrolite has the ability to bring harmony to your nervous system so that you can remain headstrong in almost any task that you are presented with.

It can help you pinpoint and locate desires and wants hiding deep within your heart and mind that you would’ve otherwise ignored or would not be aware of.

Natrolite will help you a lot if you’re a writer as putting words down on paper would’ve never been as easy as when you have this crystal in your possession.

Writing a daily journal every day may further help you refine this special gift of writing that you have as it will ensure that you’re keeping your mind engaged on a constant basis.

Wearing Natrolite can be immensely beneficial as it will provide you with the energies of empowerment and success while it is on your person.

Natrolite will enable you to become much more synchronized in life so that things never happen out of order for you and you’re always ready for what’s about to come next.

Huge spiritual shifts can be expected when one has Natrolite in their possession so you should prepare for your spiritual growth even before you start meditating with this crystal.

Natrolite may also enable you to develop clairvoyant abilities so that you can stand aside from the crowd in your own special and unique way.

Natrolite is also a healing stone that has the power to provide you with protection against evil and dark forces while also healing any scars or traumas of the past.

By absorbing all of the toxins, evil and negativity from your life you will be able to become a much more peace-loving and humble person from within.

This crystal will also help ready up your body and help protect it against the negative effects caused by very strong vibrations that are emitted from the stone.

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Natrolite also has a lot of healing properties which can provide relief from Edema and can help relax your lower intestines to speed up your metabolism.

The vibrations from Natrolite can also help stimulate the thyroid glands so help heal you of any disease or illness that might’ve been causing you stress and discomfort.

Natrolite and Spiritual Healing

A perfect stone for astral travel, Natrolite ensures that you remain safe and unharmed on your spiritual journeys and the wisdom that you can derive from the crystal will enable you to see very clearly when you’re on your spiritual voyage.

This crystal will enable you to look deep within the core of your own soul and understand the person you truly are and what motivates you the most in life.

This is essential for if you want to grow and gain success.

It is only after you fully understand and accept your own self that you can finally start growing as a person, both physically and spiritually.

Natrolite will help you come to terms with your shortcomings and will ensure that your soul is protected against dark forces at all times.

This will allow your soul enough time and space to fully heal from the inside by removing all sorts of negative thoughts and aura from around your being.

This is step one to ensuring a bright future ahead of you, one that is filled with radiance and positive energy for your soul to feed on.

Natrolite, by sucking away all the evils from your surroundings, will act as a cleanser for the soul and will wipe all negativity away from it.

Natrolite, Love and Romance

If you are someone who is ready to spice up their own life by injecting a little bit of love and romance into it then Natrolite is definitely the perfect choice for you.

It will help you realize the ideal personality that appeals to you the most so that you know what to look for whenever you’re out there in the world finding your soulmate.

Natrolite will enable you to think clearly about where you want to take your relationship with your partner and will ensure that you’re always on the track that you deem is best for you.

By using Natrolite in your daily life, you’re attracting the energies of love and romance which will enable you to find the perfect match for yourself.

If you are someone who is already in a committed relationship then Natrolite will ensure that the spark that you and your partner have is ever ongoing.

By removing all of the negativity from your surroundings, Natrolite will give you two ample time and space to discover each other’s personalities and fall in love with one another over and over again.

If you are someone who loves to be in long relationships then Natrolite will enable you to have a very strong and stable relationship for as long as you want.

It will enable you to take steps and do certain things for your partner without the fear of getting struck down so that there are no regrets in your heart.

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Natrolite will help you gel in your own desires and interests with that of your partner so that the road to success becomes much more achievable for both of you.

By sharpening your mind and intuition, Natrolite will enable you to always know if something’s bothering your partner so that you can work towards finding a solution.

This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings or long periods of silence between the two of you because you will always know what’s up and how to deal with it.

How to Use Natrolite for the Best Results

The best way to use Natrolite is to use a small specimen on you at all times and meditating with the crystal regularly to derive as much benefit from it as possible.

With crystals such as Natrolite, you need to be careful because of the magnitude of vibrations and energies.

The best way to derive the most benefit out of Natrolite is to meditate with it for short periods of time in a quiet calming place.

Try placing the crystal on your forehead during the course of the meditation if you want to directly affect your intuition and mind.

You can also place Natrolite on your chest to activate your heart chakra and evoking feelings of empathy and affection.

Meditating with the crystal early morning can provide you with a boost of fresh and positivity energy at the start of every day so that you can go out there, into the world and achieve great success.

Using Natrolite to sharpen one’s own mind and critical thinking may be one of the best uses of this crystal.

Due to the fact that Natrolite has a very high energy vibration, you may not find a big chunk of it and instead may have to make do with a smaller piece than you expected.

You shouldn’t worry, however, because you can combine this stone with other stones to multiply the energy of the vibrations for optimal benefit.

You can also use it as part of a wand which also has other crystals inside it to perform healing rituals.

A few optimal choices for you when you want to combine Natrolite with another stone are Blue Kyanite, Brookite, Phenakite, Cryolite, and Moldavite.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, Natrolite is one of the strongest stones out there which truly has the potential to have a great positive impact on your life.

Using it to help further your own ambitions and desires can come in very handy for you if you want to achieve great success in life.

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