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  • Is Spinel Lucky?

    Spinel: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Spinel Properties Spinel usually occurs as small octahedron-shaped crystals which are usually twinned. It’s very common in rounded grains and aggregates. The name Spinel is from the Latin word “spina” which means spines. This refers to the stone’s needle-like formations. It’s a magnesium aluminium oxide mineral that’s usually red, green, blue, brown, violet, orange, and […] More

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  • Snowflake Obsidian jewelry

    Snowflake Obsidian: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Spiritual Meanings of Snowflake Obsidian A snowflake represents uniqueness and individuality. Snow, from a distance, appears to be a large white blanket. But on closer observation, you will see each flake has its own divine beauty. Just like a snowflake, you are also one of a kind. Our souls are like snowflakes, all different and […] More

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  • Verdite properties and powers

    Verdite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Verdite Properties Verdite is known as a variety of Fuchsite, which is a variety of Muscovite. The green hues of Verdite is because of the traces of chromium present in the stone. It is oftentimes a light green to dark green mineral that’s like Serpentine, which dates back to millions of years. Verdite was discovered […] More

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  • Emerald Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Emerald Quartz is a very fascinating crystal used for ages because of its abundant powers. This crystal represents unconditional love, good luck, good health, and high spiritual awakening. Emerald Quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Emerald Quartz Properties Emerald Quartz is found in a crystalline structure, consisting of chromium, and occurs in a deep, […] More

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  • Brazilianite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    The Brazilianite stone of ancient Atlantis is attached with intriguing history behind it, but what is more interesting is the profound impact that it has on a person’s mindset. When utilized to its full extent and with purpose, Brazilianite can pave the way for creative and innovative thinking so that you can contribute productively towards […] More

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  • Aurora Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Aurora Crystal is an extremely beautiful natural quartz crystal popular for its meaningful powers and rainbow-like outer appearance. This crystal symbolizes bliss, spiritual awakening, kundalini energy, light, and emotional strength. Aurora Crystal is associated with all the chakras. Aurora Crystal Properties Aurora Crystal is found in a shiny, crystalline structure, and occurs in white, lavender, […] More

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  • Anandalite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Anandalite is a kind of quartz crystal that is not only beautiful in appearance but also has a remarkably high healing energy that has the potential to turn one’s life around. The presence of Anandalite can be distinctly recognized in any environment because it is filled with potent vibrations that come through quite forcefully and […] More

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  • Afghanite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Afghanite is a very special stone, known for its ability to boost all of your psychic abilities and help you develop psychic gifts that can help you in navigate through and learn from the metaphysical realm. It is also very good at boosting your communication skills and enabling you to activate all of your higher […] More

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  • Meteorite Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Meteorite Crystal is a rare yet powerful crystal which is said to originate from outer space. This crystal represents emotional balance and support, extraterrestrial awareness, physical healing, and spiritual growth. Meteorite Crystal is associated with the third eye, earthstar, soul star, base root, and crown chakras. Meteorite Crystal Properties Meteorite Crystal occurs as a round […] More

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