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Benitoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Benitoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Known for the joyful and positive energies that they exude, Benitoite crystals work closely with a person’s third eye chakra to stimulate several untapped levels of one’s consciousness.

It is a relatively rare stone that will aid your journey of awakening as you endeavor to become more self-aware.

With remarkable implications for health, relationships, and the spirit, Benitoite will be highly beneficial for the home that it is kept in.

Benitoite Healing Crystal

Benitoite Properties

Benitoite is the official stone of the state of California, which incidentally is also the only location in the world where deposits of gem-quality Benitoite stones have been discovered.

A couple of other regions where the stone is found does not have gem-quality crystals of Benitoite. This is what makes it so rare and valuable.

The name “Benitoite” itself comes from the remote location of San Benito County, which is situated in California, USA.

This is where the stone was first discovered, which thus gives it its name. The stone is blue in color, made from a mineral known as barium titanium silicate.

Apart from blue, other colors that the stone is rarely found in include pink, white and purple. It can even be clear and colorless, although that is a very rare form of the crystal.

Benitoite Crystal

Why Would You Use Benitoite?

Benitoite is a particularly high energy instrument, just like, for example, fulgurite.

Therefore, its powers are known to expand one’s mind and activate all corners of one’s consciousness.

Due to its effects on the third eye chakra, you will find a boost in your psychic and intuitive abilities. The stone is also known to enable a person to develop their innate gift of mental telepathy.

If you meditate with Benitoite, its energies will aid with astral travel, guiding you closer to your guardian angels and synchronizing your inner energies with those in the divine realm.

So if you want to communicate with your angels or want to find out what message they’re trying to send your way, you can use the crystal to facilitate synchronistic events.

People who find themselves at a crossroads in life and can’t seem to figure out which road is best for them will benefit immensely with Benitoite because it will show you exactly what it is that you need to be aware of.

Since it works so closely with your personal energies, the crystal will open up the doors for your soul to go and explore places that need to be seen.

In addition to improving psychic communication, the stone will bring alignment between both hemispheres of your brain.

Goes without saying, this will allow for stability to settle in within your soul.

Once you find peace within yourself, you will experience new warrior energy that will beckon you to go out and seize the day.

Topics that you earlier wouldn’t discuss openly despite being troubled by them will now seem like an easy thing to talk about because you will find it easier to express your own thoughts more effectively.

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With all the energy that comes from the crystal, you will learn to stand up for yourself and speak what’s on your mind.

If you want to stop being guided by whims and start taking lead on your own life, the vibrations of Benitoite are bound to aid with such transitions.

How Will Benitoite Help You?

Using Benitoite will help you replenish a lot of the energy that you would otherwise lose throughout the day.

In addition to that, it will replace your existing energies with more blissful and happy vibes so that you can feel positive on the inside and in turn channel your happy emotions to those around you.

Since it works with the throat, crown, and third eye chakras, it is known to align the energies throughout your body and revitalize your mind. This makes it essential for a person’s vitality.

It will also clear all the confusions and concerns that you have in life, thus allowing you to prioritize things that are actually important.

In a way, the crystal will remove all toxicities from your life to make way for things and people that actually serve your higher purpose and take you closer to the goals that you have set in life.

You will also feel more empowered to speak the truth and recognize what it is that you truly want instead of believing the words of someone else.

Interestingly, the stone will make you more capable of facing and handling the truth, effectively bringing you out of your fear of finding out the reality of your life, regardless of how harsh it may be.

The stone also does wonders to bring a mental balance in your system, aligning all your energies with your physical being.

It will also stimulate creativity so you can expect to open your mind up to a lot of great new ideas when using Benitoite.

You will also share a stronger bond with the people you’re close with, so much so that you will develop a telepathic relation with them.

If you’re emotionally worn down or lack the physical energy to go about your day, you will be one of the best candidates to use Benitoite as its energies are focused on uplifting one’s feelings.

The stone will also make up for energy that is lost during recovery from an accident or an illness.

All in all, it will ensure that you don’t lack the energy that is needed to create the best life for yourself.

Benitoite and Spiritual Healing

The strong energy of Benitoite is beneficial for a person’s healing process.

Especially when it comes to spiritual healing, the metaphysical benefits of Benitoite are remarkable because it will start working with your chakras almost instantly.

Therefore, you will be guided to a better understanding of the ways of the universe.

All the difficulties that you earlier faced and questioned your fortune over will recede and you will start to really see why you went through all those experiences.

This is how Benitoite strengthens your faith in the divine existence: it makes you see the reason behind everything.

Once you start counting all the blessings that life has to offer, you will make way for positivity to enter into your life.

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Fortunately, you will also be instilled with the mental strength to let go of negative experiences and people that troubled you in the past.

Once you get closure on the events that have already occurred, you will move on as a new individual and deftly take on the challenges that come your way.

You can’t change what the universe has written down for you, but what you can control is how you react to it.

Benitoite will ensure that act sensibly and calmly because you know that whatever you do and whatever is happening to you is occurring for a reason.

This reason is very simple: your experiences are meant to teach you important lessons that you must take forward with you.

Learn from your mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future. All this knowledge will not go to waste.

In fact, it will make you more capable of handling situations well so that you can enjoy beneficial outcomes of all that is happening around you.

Additionally, Benitoite also protects a person from the forces of evil.

By building a spiritual shield around you, it will ensure that you don’t accidentally end up making contact with negative energy.

When you embark on your multidimensional, out-of-body journeys, the vibrations of Benitoite will be watching over you to ensure smooth astral travel.

Benitoite, Love and Romance

If you’re currently in a relationship or are hoping to get into one with a significant person, the forces of Benitoite will make you observe all the pros and cons of that partnership.

You will meet all kinds of people in life, but it is important to know which ones are good for you and your wellbeing.

So if you’re scared of giving your heart to someone, using Benitoite will stimulate coincidences that you should take as a sign pointing in a particular direction.

In fact, this is one of the most important ways this stone affects your life.

It makes things happen in the life that will play out perfectly for you in the end, just as long as you recognize why they are occurring and don’t let your faith in the universe waver.

If you’ve previously loved and lost, don’t be afraid to open your heart again. The energies of Benitoite will encourage you to stay strong and be fearless when it comes to love.

If your soul clicks with another human, there is no reason why you can’t be with them.

The clarity brought forth by Benitoite will open your eyes to the important people around you and give you the courage to be open about your feelings.

Remember, honesty and trust are crucial in relationships.

So when you enter into a partnership, be sure that you remain true to yourself because that will be fair to both you and your partner.

It is known that Benitoite helps a person to overcome the false perceptions of physical appearances and allow them to be happy in their own skin.

In light of this, if you can overcome such material illusions and focus on establishing intellectual connections, you will find happiness in your partnership.

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Plus, being comfortable in the presence of your partner will lead to improved sexuality for the couple, which will have great outcomes in the long run.

Benitoite Stone

How to Use Benitoite for the Best Results

Due to its rarity and limited production, you won’t find a Benitoite crystal at a local jewelry store.

However, cut stones of the crystal of as much as 0.25 carats are available. That being said, it is extremely rare to find a stone that weighs beyond one carat.

If you find a specimen that can be incorporated into a piece of jewelry, you will find it easy to carry it with you at all times.

Benitoite should ideally be used during your meditation routine, but if you can keep it on or close to your body throughout the day, you will reap the most benefits from it.

You can also place a piece of the mineral in the energy field around you where you need it to work the most.

It is imperative to be in the presence of Benitoite while embarking on a spiritual experience because the energies of the crystal will keep you grounded and maintain your consciousness.

My Final Thoughts

Although they are a rarity, Benitoite crystals will do wonders for you if you can manage to get your hands on one.

With this mineral, you will get in touch with the deepest levels of your being and when your energies are in unison with your core, you will feel invincible.

By cutting out the unnecessary from your life, Benitoite will simplify things for you to facilitate a better understanding of your purpose on earth.

It is safe to say that people seeking spiritual enlightenment or wishing to experience a metaphysical event will find what they need in the presence of this stone.

It will facilitate the meditative state for the person who embarks on an inward journey.

The stone is particularly effective when used to bring some light and radiance into one’s life because the immense amount of energy contained within the stone will emanate from it and touch all aspects of your life.

Conclusively, it won’t be wrong to state that the numerous benefits of this rare but brilliant stone will not only open your mind to information from the past but will also keep you in the knowledge of the future.

After all, Benitoite is meant to bring enlightenment.

So when you find yourself in the presence of this crystal, make sure to focus your mind towards it and wholeheartedly accept all the incredible energies that it has to offer.

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