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Lingam: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lingam: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lingam, which is commonly known as Shiva Lingam, is a very unique and sacred gemstone.

Lingam is a symbol of the endless power of the universe, creativity, uniqueness, sense of acceptance, and creation, just like benitoite stone.

It is particularly important in Hinduism and Buddhism where it is a symbol of worship of Lord Shiva – one of the gods from the ‘Great Trinity’.

Lingam Properties

Lingam is a brown, and cylindrical shaped gemstone, similar to the stone

It represents divine generative energy which is where it gets its name from because ‘Linga’ means phallus which is a symbol of Lord Shiva’s potency.

It is found at many archeological sites in the Asian subcontinent, particularly in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Why Would You Use Lingam?

This exquisite stone, made out of cryptocrystalline quartz, has equally distinctive and powerful properties which make it so popular.

Lingam has the ability to charge your chakra system completely unlike other stones because it is associated with all the chakras, not a single point in it.

This way, Lingam will help converse with them all in a manner which gives your spirit new energy and value.

This stone will give the keeper the power of innovation and creation which can help bring better paths, new relations, and fresh beginnings in life.

With its property to boost vitality, Lingam brings strength and vibrancy to you, as well as allowing you to continue a meaningful existence.

Lingam is very popular for its ability to develop a sense of acceptance and uniqueness in the life of the person possessing it, by allowing the person to see their self in a positive light.

It is also widely used to cater to physical needs by bringing power and balance, to help you maintain a vital connection between your body, soul, and mind.

One of its best properties is the inner transformation to enable you to achieve satisfaction and peace within yourself.

You can use Lingam to worship the divinity and supremeness of Lord Shiva to pay tribute to his infinite powers of creation and destruction.

If you are stuck in your life and need a way out of your monotonous existence, this stone is the right choice for you because it will lead you towards new opportunities.

It will also give nourishment to your soul and make your spirit feel rejuvenated, similarly to jasper stone.

Furthermore, if you want to cleanse and completely purify the place you live or work at, use these stones for their vibrational energy.

Lingam comes with a lot of metaphysical properties in its impurities which you can use to enhance your life in various unique ways.

All the people involved directly in creative and innovative fields should use this to bring more creativity and invention in their professional lives.

Not only that, but if you are very dependent upon other people and find it extremely difficult to stay alone, use Lingam to learn to value your own company and become independent.

People suffering from fatigue and weakness who get tired after doing the easiest of chores need to experience the vitality boosting powers of this gemstone.

Interestingly, you can demand attention effortlessly among a huge crowd by a strong sense of individuality and uniqueness that Lingam will bestow upon you.

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If you have been trying to have a child but have been unsuccessful after all your attempts and prayers, use Lingam to help you bring new life to this world.

If you are suffering from depression, it will allow you to eliminate all negativity from your life and put your life on a more peaceful and productive track.

How Will Lingam Help You?

It will be a source of the greatest form of worship to Lord Shiva and make you develop a deeper appreciation for his ultimate supremacy and authority.

Lingam will take you towards success in your personal and professional life by leading you towards better avenues and opening new doors for you.

It will also get rid of infertility and impotence from your body, enabling you to live a full life where you can completely enjoy your masculinity or femininity.

Plus, it will revolutionize your life by making you more efficient in order to maintain an impressive balance between your work and home life.

Moreover, it will make you a positive person who can effectively cancel out all negative noise in life to focus on things, relations, and people who truly matter.

If you have been suffering from back pains, it can help you align your spinal cord and relieve of you any back pains, making you stronger and healthier, with its healing powers.

Also, with its kundalini power, Lingam will gradually but certainly heal any physical wounds you have or injuries you suffered during sexual interactions.

Lingam can even let you analyze and understand the complex situations in your life and allow you to make the best decisions for your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Furthermore, this stone will be a source of enhanced professional success for you because your brain will think more creatively and come up with sharper ideas than your peers at work.

If you are looking for the drive to help those around you, Lingam will awaken in you the spirit to help the needy and unfortunate in your society in order to give back to the community.

With its wide range of healing properties, it will give you increased pranic energy to enable your body to heal itself.

Additionally, it will help you move on from traumatic emotional or mental experiences in your past, which might still be haunting you, by creating better experiences and bringing improved options in your life.

By stimulating a man’s arousal and sexual energy, it will help men to perform their best in bed and live all their sexual fantasies to the fullest.

Most importantly, Lingam will make you self-reliant and you will exude an aura of confidence and self-assuredness, adding to the overall appeal of your personality.

Lingam and Spiritual Healing

Its greatest spiritual healing power lies in its ability to let you comprehend the opposing forces of male and female, light and dark, physical and spiritual.

This will make you understand that there is an ultimate being – god – that is able to bring together all these polar opposites in a unifying manner in the world.

By possessing Lingam, your life will attain a more spiritual structure by attaining a deeper understanding of the divine realm.

Lingam has a deep connection to the earth element which will enable you to develop a wider understanding and deeper appreciation of our motherland, its purpose, and our responsibilities towards it.

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With the help of the purifying powers of Lingam, your mind and soul will be cleansed of negativity and evil thoughts to make you a kinder and more honest person.

Meditating with Lingam will help your body align and talk to all the chakra points to give you a stronger sense of spirituality.

It will also make a seamless connection between your body and soul, which is necessary for your overall well-being, by promoting a balance between your physical and spiritual energies.

Its metaphysical properties will let you drive inspiration and motivation for a higher quality of personal life.

Having Lingam will let its kundalini energy activate your chakra system to bring spiritual enlightenment in your life.

Moreover, it will teach you to let go of those elements in your life which are hindering you from moving forward and help you focus on actions and ideas that support spiritual growth.

If you need to remove distractions and energy-draining sources from your life, Lingam will give you a sense of peace and calmness to soothe your nerves.

Since the duration of the time you keep Lingam with yourself is important, prolonged use of it will eventually bring a positive difference in your thinking and beliefs.

By understanding the powers of Shiva Lingam you may also be able to draw inspiration to enhance your life and solve your problems more critically and in a headstrong manner.

Finally, its ability to increase your sense of acceptance will let you break barriers stopping you from conquering more in life and achieving difficult milestones.

Lingam, Love and Romance

This stone is the perfect choice for all those seeking ways to mend broken relationships or form a deeper connection with people they would love to.

You should stop stressing out because of the emotional strain on your relationships with your loved ones because Lingam can help relieve that.

Lingam is also known as the stone of love because of its ability to give you a sense of unity and join you emotionally with your family and friends.

If you have been having repeated clashes with someone you love, Lingam will resolve your problems by giving you a sharper judgment and enabling you to clear misunderstandings.

By enabling you to explore the resources around you, Lingam will help in carefully investing those in your relations to make your loved ones feel more cared for and attended to.

You will start viewing your relationship in a positive light and will be able to move past its negative aspects with the peace-inducing properties of Lingam.

The vitality Lingam will bring to you will help you infuse vibrancy in your relationship as well to make it more exciting and emotionally fulfilling.

If your problems with your significant other stem from a lack of sexual connection, this stone will improve your sexual performance and the ability to satisfy each other better.

The creativity this stone will bring to your life can be a source of adding more surprises and freshness to your relationship to get rid of any dullness in it.

By enhancing your sense of togetherness, Lingam will enable you and your better half to see how well you both complement and truly belong with each other.

How to Use Lingam for the Best Results

You must know the strengths and properties of Lingam before using it because it can only provide you those benefits which you can extract from it with complete belief.

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It is strongly recommended to meditate regularly with Lingam to achieve maximum benefits from its multiple properties.

You need to understand that the stone alone will not help you if you don’t let it affect you by letting go of negativity and evil thoughts.

Even though you can derive benefits from this stone at any time of the day, meditating in the morning will help you stay energized all day.

Lingam will be particularly useful for you when you are feeling lost, alone and separated from others because it will help you appreciate your own company.

You should be completely open to transitions and new opportunities in life which Lingam might bring in order to utilize them effectively.

To make the most out of the vitality and strength Lingam gives you, make sure you take care of your body and keep it healthy.

To use the properties of Lingam to add to your sexual health, make sure you do not let your sexual life become dreary and boring by neglecting it.

Additionally, in order to bring peace in your life from Lingam, try focusing only on thoughts and people who matter and remove negative people and disruptive ideas from your life.

All of these will help enhance your life significantly if you use this stone in the right ways and have complete faith in its abilities.

My Final Thoughts

There are so many hidden powers in Lingam which you can use for transforming your life completely, but you must understand them well to derive these benefits.

Possessing Lingam will bring you closer to Lord Shiva by having a complete appreciation of his divinity and powers.

It is the perfect stone for those who are finding it hard to move on in life and are looking for bright beginnings.

Lingam will be a great tool to achieve professional success by broadening your creative vision and enhancing your imaginative style.

You can also use the powers of love in Lingam to bring life, romance, and joy to your relationship that has been falling apart.

Fortunately, its healing properties can fix issues from spinal cord misalignment to weaknesses in different parts of the body.

The powers of Lingam to give you fertility, potency, and increased sexual arousal will be the beginning of sensational sexual encounters in your life.

Carrying this stone will also help you become a more poised and confident member of the society and you the respect of your peers and even critics.

Possessing Lingam can introduce peace and serenity in your life by removing not just the negative elements in your life but making your thoughts more positive as well.

Conclusively, it is a very powerful and unique stone to bring light back to your life.

Lingam Energy

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