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Fulgurite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Fulgurite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

An extremely high energy stone, Fulgurite is a purifying instrument that is known to awaken one’s sense of a higher purpose.

The stone has several physical, spiritual, and metaphysical uses that are best observed when kept in a person’s surroundings to clear the aura and allow its vibrations to work.

Fulgurite Properties

Found mainly in deserts spread across the world, like the Sahara or the Gobi Desert, Fulgurite are shamanic tools packed with powerful energies.

Despite being fragile in nature, and a mere one to three inches long, the stone is believed to embody energies that are akin to those of powerful lightning.

In fact, the name “Fulgurite” has roots in the Latin term “fulgur”, which literally translates to lightning.

Apart from deserts, sightings of the stone have also been made in other sandy areas, like beaches.

Available in various different colors, Fulgurites are glassy, cylindrical tubes and are hollow in appearance.

Lightning plays a very crucial role in the formation of the Fulgurite stones because the electrical charge produced when lightning strikes the sand releases heat as high as 1800 degrees Celsius.

This causes the sand to vaporize, thus melting the silica around the contact point where the lightning strikes, eventually forming the hollow glass tube through which the lightning has passed.

Why Would You Use Fulgurite?

Fulgurite should essentially be used by people who wish to bridge the gap between their personal thoughts and the message of the divine being.

Just like the fuchsite stone, this stone is thus believed to aid with enlightenment, particularly of the spiritual kind.

By using this stone, you will feel a renewed sense of purpose and experience a better connection not just with your inner self, but also with the spiritual world beyond us.

The stone holds great energies that are useful when it comes to enhancing one’s intuition and manifesting their thoughts and emotions into fruition.

In fact, Fulgurite is most importantly known for holding the ability to bring an individual closer to his or her vision, enabling them to understand their purpose in life better and manifest that understanding through prayer.

In essence, the purpose of using Fulgurite is to ignite an awakening within an individual.

It is this awakening that will aid you when you want to quit bad habits and distance yourself from toxic things, people, or situations that no longer serve your higher purpose.

After all, it is only when you understand what you’re truly destined to do in this world that you will start making an effort to achieve it.

Fulgurite will guide you through this journey of self-awakening and engage your intuitive sense so that you can deepen your bond with the Divine energy and seek power from within.

Additionally, the Fulgurite is also working with your chakras to invoke kundalini energies.

These kinds of forces are related to creativity, personal power, and sexuality.

So with the use of Fulgurite, one can expect to find an overall betterment in all such aspects of life as the powers of the stone will push the boundaries of your mind and beckon you to harness your inner strength.

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How Will Fulgurite Help You?

The intense energies of Fulgurite will facilitate the rejuvenation of cells, which scientifically is an essential process when it comes to preventing the birth of cancerous cells.

Since its energy is more electrical in nature, you will go through a very powerful process of healing and transformation in the presence of this stone as it works with the electromagnetics of a person’s body.

The stone will prove to be particularly beneficial for people suffering from electrical sensitivity, just like the seraphinite stone.

The electrical energy embodied within the Fulgurite will be of immense help in normalizing and balancing out the electrical activity in a person’s body.

This is why people with electrical sensitivity will benefit by keeping an abundance of Fulgurite stones in their surrounding environment if they wish to make the most out of its effects.

As mentioned earlier, the stone activates kundalini energies.

This aspect of Fulgurite aids with sexuality for both men and women, especially when eight or ten of these are used together under the expertise and supervision of a practitioner, the reason being its high potency.

People that face difficulties in expressing themselves will find that the stone enables them to put their thoughts into words and communicate them to those around them in an improved manner.

The stone is also particularly effective for issues of hearing and other ear-related troubles.

In fact, it’s healing properties are often focused on the ears and thus stimulate a person’s healing process as well.

Consequently, using the stone will also open you up to the psychic hearing and further enhance this quality in you so that you can smoothly channel your intuitive and clairaudient abilities.

Fulgurite and Spiritual Healing

One of the main aspects that the healing energies emanated from Fulgurite cover are that of spiritual healing.

Not only will it serve the purpose of one’s personal spiritual awakening, but it will also enable the individual using it to come into contact with the divine mind.

This is perhaps one of the most significant uses of Fulgurite because it is widely known for bridging the gap to establish a smooth channel between a person’s self and the realm above.

Additionally, it clears out all the blockages that hinder the flow of psychic energies, thus strengthening your sense of perception and your faith in the unseen energies around you.

Due to its immense potency, Fulgurite will bring massive changes to every facet of your life that it touches.

Transformation with the use of Fulgurite will occur on a large scale, which means that, if used wisely, you can accomplish your greatest dreams and desire by keeping this stone with you.

In essence, the stone will encourage you to find the willpower and inspiration that is needed to bring your deepest desire and thoughts to life.

So when you wish or dream about something, you will effectively manifest those powerful thoughts via this stone.

Filled with the divine light, the stone will work wonders for anyone who wishes to get in touch with their spiritual side.

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If your faith in the divine presence is faltering, Fulgurite will help you regain your belief and put you back on the right track, in addition to evoking a sense of purpose and awakening within you.

The hollow running through the middle of the tube shape of the Fulgurite allows for energy to be conducted directly through it.

It is precisely this property of the Fulgurite that opens up the way for energies of the divine mind to pass through into physical reality.

Moreover, the healing powers of Fulgurite will awash you with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that you have been blessed with.

It will also make you hopeful about the future, in a way making you realize that the universal plan for you will always be in your favor.

Fulgurite is also a tool that can be used to retrieve no just your faith, but also the lost parts of the soul.

So if you lack a spiritual purpose and can’t seem to find it within you, Fulgurite will help you get back in touch with your inner spirit and make it come alive again.

This quality of the stone is especially useful for individuals who already are, or wish to, work on developing their psychic gifts.

The stone was a significant tool used traditionally by Shamans.

Working with vibrations of the past life, Fulgurite can aid a person’s journey into the life that he or she has left behind.

By revisiting the past, one can put to rest any unresolved issues that may have caused trauma to the person.

Tragic instances can often break a person’s soul, but this can always be mended with the use of Fulgurite in the presence of an experienced Shaman.

It is important to note that for the stone to work fully, your belief in its powers should be firm and unwavering.

It is this belief that makes a big part of the power of Fulgurite.

Fulgurite, Love and Romance

When it comes to relationships of love and romance, the benefits of Fulgurite are endless.

For one, as was previously observed, Fulgurite aids better communication, which is the key to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

The stone will make you appreciate your partner, invoking a new sense of respect between both of you.

Since it also works on your hearing powers, the stone will ensure that you listen and pay heed to all that your partner is trying to convey to you.

An increased sense of intuition will make you more perceptive to your partner’s needs and wishes.

Rest assured, your partner will definitely notice when you start paying more attention to them, and the same level of care will be reciprocated.

A rise in sexuality due to the Kundalini energies will give a long overdue boost in your love life, especially when it comes to romance.

For people who wish to find companionship, using the Fulgurite stone will make their vision come to life.

Since it relates greatly to your mental attitude, if you wish hard enough for a partner or a friend to enter into your life, the energies of the stone will work with the forces of the universe to make it happen.

If you’re already in a relationship but want to move on to the next step, Fulgurite will help you decide on the best way to do so.

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Since it will open up your intuitive channels, you can expect to be a lot more sensitive to the way things are moving around you, especially when it comes to the relationships you share with other people.

This will strengthen your perception of all the areas in your partnership that need work so that you can act upon them in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the stone will also make you more creative when it comes to all the ways in which you can express your love for your partner, which is bound to get you a lot of points.

How to Use Fulgurite for the Best Results

You can use Fulgurite in several different ways, but it is important to know which ones will prove to be more beneficial than others.

One of the most effective methods of using Fulgurite is to blow through it during meditation.

When you meditate, you must close your eyes and try to visualize all your wishes and desires.

When you focus all your thoughts towards what you want to achieve, you will be wiring your mind in a way to pay more attention to these goals.

Once you have a clear vision, you will effectively be redirecting all your energies towards the important things in life.

Holding Fulgurite between your fingers will enable you to familiarize yourself with the immense power that is contained within the stone.

Focus on this vibration and pay thanks to the stone for it is your channel to the universe.

There is also no harm in expressing your thoughts and gratitude out loud because, in essence, you are communicating with the universe and hence it is important to do this clearly.

Placing the Fulgurite on your lips and blowing on it triggers another very powerful reaction.

This is especially the case when you visualize your prayer in the form of a lightning bolt striking in the sky.

Do this while you exhale strongly on the stone and you will find a massive amount of energy within.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, Fulgurite is a highly potent and reactive stone.

Having said that, the sooner you realise that your mind and mental attitude has the greatest role to play in its functionality, the better off you will be.

There is nothing in the universe that you can’t achieve if you put your entire heart, soul, and mind into it, and the Fulgurite stone is there to facilitate the process and help you achieve success with more ease.

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