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Tugtupite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Tugtupite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Tugtupite is a very special and unique stone that has the ability to bring energies of love, peace, and harmony into your life.

It is a very high-intensity stone and anyone who decides to become in sync with its energies is bound to benefit a great deal from this stone.

Tugtupite Properties

Tugtupite most commonly occurs in the colour red while can also be found in other colours such as pink, blue and green and white.

It has a very waxy and greasy lustre with a Mohs hardness of 4. Tugtupite has a tetragonal crystal system and belongs to the Helvine Group.

Tugtupite was first discovered back in 1962 and takes its name from the location that it was found, Tugtup which is located in Greenland.

If placed in the dark for excessive periods of time, the paler parts of the Tugtupite stone start to turn white but re-exposure to sunlight is enough to restore the colours.

Tugtupite is a translucent stone which appears colourless in transmitted light. It has a good cleavage with a very brittle tenacity.

Being one of the types of fluorescent beryllium silicate, Tugtupite is able to change its colour whenever it is put close to the heat.

Back in Greenland, Tugtu stands for reindeer and the Tugtupite stone is also associated with local legend making it a very famous stone, especially for the locals.

Although Greenland is the major contributor of the Tugtupite stone, small deposits of the stone have been found in other countries such as Russia and Canada.

Why Would You Use Tugtupite?

If you are someone who is looking to add love and affection to their life then Tugtupite is the perfect stone for you because it will make your life the hub of unconditional love.

You can use the strong vibrations of Tugtupite to activate your heart and thymus chakras so that your body can allow the free flow of love energies.

You can use Tugtupite to spark new life into your long term relationship by intensifying the feelings that you have for your partner.

You can use it to become more passionate about your significant other so that you can start making a special effort to make them happy.

If you are someone who feels as though their life is lacking love then Tugtupite can be used to fill up your heart and soul with love so that you can feel the love that the universe has for you in all of its totality.

Tugtupite can be considered to be a very cheerful stone that you can use to rid yourself of any negative thoughts and vibes.

You can use Tugtupite to gain a better understanding of yourself and the world so that you can rightfully tell what your place is in this world without having the fear of getting lost.

You can use Tugtupite to gain the confidence you need to tackle several different tasks throughout your day that you’re never caught off guard.

You can also use Tugtupite to cleanse your aura and enable a free flow of energy and chakra in your body by removing any blockages.

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Tugtupite can also be used as a way to enhance and aid in one’s own spirituality and health.

Tugtupite also has the ability to spiritually awaken you so that you may be able to unlock and achieve higher states of consciousness.

How Will Tugtupite Help You?

By always supplying you with the energies of love and affection, Tugtupite will enable you to develop feelings of immense self-love.

You will be able to see yourself in a whole new light and rediscover hidden talents that you had long forgotten.
With the help of Tugtupite, you will be able to outgrow certain doubts and inhibitions that you had about yourself by proving yourself wrong by achieving impossible tasks.

You will be able to grow both as a person and a spiritual being by loving yourself and accepting yourself as who you are down to your deepest darkest core.

Tugtupite will also help you break away from the chains that other people have on you which force you to take actions in accordance with the will and wants of others.

With the help of Tugtupite, you will be able to eject everyone who causes you discomfort from your life so that you are never in the presence of negative energy.

By helping you push away negative and evil energies, Tugtupite will enable you to become much more peaceful and composed in your life.

You will be able to start focussing on the things that matter because these are the things that will truly make you a great human being.

Tugtupite will also help you gain emotional independence from your family and friends so that you can stop worrying about others and start thinking about your own life because that should matter to you the most.

Feelings of anger and hate are filtered through the liver by Tugtupite so that you may find soft corners for people you otherwise would’ve had distasteful feelings against.

It will help you achieve true greatness and happiness by filling up your heart and soul with the feelings of joy and under.

You would start finding no dream to be impossible to achieve for as long as you have faith in yourself and your own ability.

Tugtupite will also help you undertake major advancements in your life as it will enable deep love on oneself and others.

It will also allow you to learn how to channel your love from yourself to others so that you always know when to give more and when to stop.

Tugtupite will also help you overcome many of your fears in life by filling your heart and mind with the confidence that will allow you to achieve almost anything.

Tugtupite and Spiritual Healing

Tugtupite is a great stone for when you want to reboot your entire soul in order to experience life to its fullest, without any negativity holding you back.

Tugtupite will help put you in connection with the divine realm and its plan for you so that you’re never confused as to what your goal in life really is.

By soaking up all of the evils and negative energy from around you, Tugtupite will enable your soul to heal from past traumas by allowing it time and peace.

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If you are someone who has made mistakes in the past that are engraved within your soul and you just can’t seem to forget then Tugtupite is a great stone for relieving emotional pain.

It will help your soul recover from the mistakes of the past and will allow you to become a lot more peaceful at the core.

By linking up your higher heart chakra with the metaphysical world, Tugtupite will create a channel with free-flowing energies of love and wisdom that will flow from the metaphysical world through you.

Tugtupite will also ensure that your vision about the world and the divine realm remains very clear so that you always know your true purpose in life, deep within your heart.

By linking your soul with the metaphysical plane, Tugtupite ensures that your soul is never suffering alone and is getting enough nourishment to keep it healthy and strong.

It is only when you’re strong from the inside that you can really become strong on the outside as well.

Tugtupite, Love and Romance

Known as the stone of love and passion, Tugtupite is a perfect stone for anyone looking to breath new life into their love life.

Not only will this stone help you feel more passionately about your significant other but it will also help you a great deal when you’re making love to your partner.

It will allow the two of your to become one body and soul every time you come close to one another and with the help of this stone, you will be able to draw positive energy from each other in order to grow and succeed in life.

If you are someone who feels as though their partner is slowly falling out of love for them, you can use Tugtupite to rekindle the feelings of love in your partner’s heart.

It will allow you to take measures and do things that you normally wouldn’t have done and it is these things that will allow your relationship to get to the next level.

If you are someone who is looking to take the next big step in your relationship, whether its marriage or just moving in together, having Tugtupite in your possession will help you immensely.

Not only will it allow your relationship to get to the next level but it will also enable the two of you to become each other’s shield so that you can face the evils of this world together.

Tugtupite will help increase the realization of love and affection between the two of you so that you don’t look for other avenues whenever you’re in trouble or seeking help.

It should be noted that Tugtupite has the ability to invoke all sorts of emotions when it comes to making you feel deeply about a particular situation.

Sometimes you can even feel deep negative emotion about something but you should always remember that once you master this stone you can make the most use out of its energy in the way you like best.

Since Tugtupite activates both the lower as well as the higher heart chakras, it is a great stone for new beginnings and chapters in the book of love in your life.

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How to Use Tugtupite for the Best Results

Tugtupite can be used to relieve all kinds of stresses from your mind by keeping it on your person at all times.

It can also be used to help treat depression and other mental illnesses as it helps soothe your nerves down and fill your heart with love and joy.

As with many other stones, the best way to use Tugtupite is to meditate with it in a silent environment where no one else can disturb you.

You can allow Tugtupite to become a channel between you and the metaphysical world so that can gain the most benefit out of it.

The stone will allow you to attract energies of love and wisdom from the divine realm and instil them within yourself so that you may grow as a human being.

If you happen to get a small chunk of this stone it is advised to keep it in your breast pocket or bra to have it as close to your heart as possible.

This will allow Tugtupite to influence your heart directly and with much more intensity than it otherwise would’ve.

You can even get it installed in pendant or locket and then wear it at all times to keep it close to your heart and never having the fear of losing your precious stone.

It should be noted, however, that Tugtupite isn’t commonly used as a part of jewelry but nonetheless if you wear it on your person, it is bound to aid in your spiritual, mental and physical growth.

If you have a big appointment or meeting coming up where you have to be at your best then having Tugtupite with you may enable you to become much more articulate and persuasive.

It will fill you up with love and compassion that will definitely not go unnoticed by your peers and family alike.

My Final Thoughts

If deep love and compassion are what you seek in life then there is no better stone for you than Tugtupite as it has the power to truly transform the way you feel.

It is a very powerful stone and it is bound to come in handy if you’re in a relationship with someone and think that you can go the distance with them.

Not only will Tugtupite enable you to feel deeply about your partner but it will also ensure that your compassion towards everyone around you and life, in general, is increased.

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