Reiki / Seichim Crystal Baths

This is a technique taught to me by one of my Reiki Masters. It combines the healing energy of Reiki/Seichim with the energy of crystal healing.

Before starting a Reiki/Seichim Crystal Bath, have your crystals cleared and ready near your Reiki/Seichim table. You can use as little as few or as many stones as you want. I’m giving you guidelines here for a layout with a minimum of 7 quartz crystal points, plus one appropriate stone for each chakra up to as many as several pounds of quartz crystals and multiple stones for each chakra. It is not important that the crystals and stones be particularly pretty specimens, however quartz crystals seem to give the most energy.

With the client laying on the Reiki table as for any Reiki/Seichim treatment, begin to place stones on the table, nestled up to the client’s body. The first figure here shows areas that you can start the layout with, and are the ones you would use with a smaller quantity of quartz crystals. Be sure to point the crystals towards the client’s body.


Next, place the chakra stones directly on the body of the client, being careful not to touch private parts.

Then, if you have more crystals and stones, you can fill in any gaps with crystals nestled around the body and/or on the body around the chakra stones. Remember to make sure the crystals point towards the body.

You may also ask the client to hold a quartz crystal or stone associated with a chakra they have particular issues with.

Once the crystals and stones are placed, proceed with the Reiki/Seichim treatment as usual. You may place your hands directly on the stones for magnification of energy or hold your hands slightly above the stones during the treatment.

I’ve used this method many times and have had good results with it. Healees have made comments like “Wow! It felt like I floated right off the table!” and “The stones felt cool and heavy at first, then they became weightless.” All in all, I’ve found it a good method to use and hope you do too.