Crystals by Condition or Use

Learn about the traditional and modern healing, spiritual, metaphysic uses of stones and crystals in every day life, crystal healing,ailments, illnesses and more.

Modern and Traditional Metaphysical, Spiritual, Healing Ailments and Conditions Uses of Crystals and Stones

Here is a great deal of information on stones by ailment, illness, and other uses and purposes. For dis-ease or health issues listed, the stones listed have been used in traditional folk healing and crystal healing lore to assist with healing, but are not scientifically substantiated and are spiritual, complementary healing supports. See your healthcare professional for all illness or injury.

For positive uses or actions, the stones listed are said enhance them. For negative uses or actions, the crystals listed are said to decrease them. 

Quartz Crystal Example

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Many stones have multiple traditional uses or purposes, and more are being discovered all the time.  I have tried to be as accurate as possible in listing the stones that are attributed to each purpose according to my current knowledge and experience. There are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and general life issues in this list. If you have more info you'd like to share, contact me.

abandonment issues: garnet, thulite 
abundance / prosperity: aventurine, aqua aura, bloodstone, citrine, diamond, epidote, grossular garnet, jade, mahogany obsidian, malachite, moonstone, moss agate, orange moss agate, peridot, topaz, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, tree agate, tsavorite,  turquoise Also see Prosperity below.
abuse issues / trauma: carnelian, emerald, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli,  mahogany obsidian, orange calcite, orange millennium, peridot, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, ruby in zoisite, shiva lingam, thulite, tourmaline, wavellite
acting, dramatic: carnelian
acceptance: dumortierite (blue quartz) 
acid reflux ( G.E.R.D. ): Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Grossular (Green) Garnet, Jasper, Kunzite, Malachite, Moldavite, Turquoise, Zoisite (green)
acne: faden crystal
acupuncture: magnetite (lodestone), Sichuan quartz
addictions /alcoholism / compulsiveness: amethyst (esp reduces withdrawal symptoms), ametrine, astrophyllite, barite, botswana agate, coral, chevron amethyst, chrysacolla with cuprite, citrine, danburite, dendritic agate, dravite, dumortierite, fluorite, galena, green calcite, herkimer diamond, iolite, labradorite, malachite-azurite, moki marbles, moss agate, nebula stone, obsidian, peridot, petrified wood, phenacite, quartz, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, sugilite (esp immune system problems from substance abuse), thulite (esp those caused by abuse/neglect), zircon
ADD/ADHD: cerussite, dravite, lepidolite, petalite, stilbite
adrenal glands: ametrine, aventurine (green), black obsidian, black tourmaline (schorl), bloodstone, carnelian, cuprite, emerald, epidote, fire agate, garnet, jade, Kansas pop rocks, kyanite, malachite, nephrite jade, peach aventurine, rose quartz, ruby, smoky quartz, sugilite, sulfur
AIDS and Other Immune Disorders: andalusite, Buddha quartz crystal, carved (naturally) quartz, dicinite, dolomite, halite, Petoskey stone, petrified wood, red catlinite, rutilated quartz, scheelite, Tibetan quartz crystal, tourmalinated quartz 
aligning the physical & astral bodies: amazonite, faden crystals
allergies: apatite, aventurine, brecciated jasper (animals), carnelian, clay, dolomite, garnet, moldovite, white coral
amplifies energy: calcite, quartz, ruby
ancient wisdom: celestite, quartz crystal 
anemia: bloodstone, garnet, hematite
angels, communication: angelite, amethyst flowers, aquamarine, blue lace agate, celestite, danburite, moonstone, morganite, muscovite, selenite, tanzan aura
anger: angelite, aquamarine, aragonite, blue phantom quartz, bronzite, citrine, colemanite, gold, howlite, jet, lepidolite, lithium quartz, king cobra jasper, kunzite, kyanite, magnetite, peridot, rhodonite, sea shells, smoky quartz, sodalite, sugilite, thunder egg, turquoise
anxiety: agate, astrophyllite, azurite-malachite, berlinite, bloodstone, blue phantom quartz, botroydal hematite, cerrusite, bustamite, castle (cathedral) crystals, celestite, chrysocolla, covellite, diopside, dinosaur bone, dolomite, dravite, fluorite, friedelite, galaxite, graveyard plume agate, green millennium, growth interference calcite, hematite, howlite, kambaba jasper, labradorite, lepidolite, lithium quartz, malachite, nuumite, picasso stone, pink manganocalcite, plume agate, puddingstone, rhodonite, richterite, rose quartz, sandalwood (wood), snowball included crystals, strontianite, tanalite, tourmalated quartz, tsavorite (financial anxiety), variscite, wonderstone
architects/construction: ammonite
arthritis / bones / joints: abalone, amber, amethyst, apatite, azurite, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), botswana agate, carnelian, chalcosiderite, chrysocolla, copper, dolomite, faden crystal (broken bones), fluorite, fuchsite, grossular garnet, gold, green calcite, howlite (bones), kyanite (bone breaks), lapis lazuli, lodestone (magnetite), malachite, petrified wood, quartz, rhodonite, ruby, sulphur, topaz
artistic expression (also see "creativity" below): botswana agate, cobalticalcite, eliat stone, howlite, phantom quartz, rainbow boji stone (Kansas pop rocks), rainbow quartz, rutilated quartz, watermelon tourmaline
asthma: amethyst, azurite-malachite, chrysocolla, clevelandite, foshagite, malachite, morganite, natrojarasite, obsidian, rutilated quartz, tiger's eye, vanadinite 
astral projection/travel: ametrine, apophyllite, azurite-malachite, calcite, faden crystals, fluorite, honey calcite, iolite, moldavite, quartz, sapphire, spirit quartz 
astrology: angelite
attachments (etheric, astral, psychic): See Cord Cutting
attracting a good mate: carnelian, rhodonite, rhodocrosite
attunement: herkimer diamond, howlite 
attuning to the earth: chrysocolla
aura (balancing, cleansing): ametrine, citrine, dravite, epidote (emotional body aura), iolite, labradorite, nuumite (clearing), quartz, rutilated quartz 
aura (strengthen): faden crystals (repair tears, leaks), mahogany obsidian, quartz
autism spectrum disorders: charoite, gold, moldavite, sugilite
awareness: howlite, lapis lazuli, picture jasper

back pain or problems: Boji Stones, calcite, carnelian, fluorite, garnet, Kansas pop rocks,  lodestone, obsidian, phlogopite, wonder stone
balance ( menta l/ emotional ): ametrine, bloodstone, blue topaz, carnalian, celestite, chiastolite, chrysoprase, fluorite, hematite, kunzite, lepidolite, lodestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sodalite, tektite, tigers eye, tourmaline, tree agate, unakite
balance, yin/yang: chrysoprase, lodestone, tigers eye, rhodocrosite
beauty: herkimer diamond, jasper, tigers eye
bipolar disorder ( manic depressive ): ametrine, bloodstone, blue topaz, carnalian, celestite, charoite, chiastolite, chrysoprase, diopside, fluorite, hematite, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite, lithium quartz, lodestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sodalite, tektite, tigers eye, tourmaline, tree agate, turquoise, unakite
bladder: amber, bloodstone, blue chalcedony, coral, green calcite, hessonite, Morrisonite jasper, orange kyanite, orange moss agate, 
blockages ( energy ): atacamite, bloodstone, danburite, mahogany obsidian 
blood count (balance): wavellite
blood pressure ( balance, or high ): bloodstone, blue calcite, chrysocolla, sodalite
blood pressure (balance, or low): bloodstone, halite (salt)
blood sugar ( low ): aventurine, serpentine 
blood vessels / blood / circulatory system: amber, amethyst, aventurine, bloodstone, bronzite, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysocolla, copper, coral, dalmation jasper (purify blood) , fire agate, fluorite, garnet, hematite, howlite, indigo gabbro, kunzite, kyanite, malachite, moss agate, pyrite, red jasper, ruby, rutilated quartz, salt, sapphire, tiger iron, topaz 
body aches: diopside
body odor: leopardskin jasper, magnesite
body temperature: emerald and other green stones (to lower); ruby and other red stones (to raise)
bones: blue lace agate, dolomite, fluorite, howlite, malachite, petrified wood Also see arthritis / bones / joints.
brain ( physical ability to function, brain chemical balance ): albite, amber, aragonite, cerrusite, chalcopyrite, clear quartz, elestial crystals (esp. from drug/alcohol use), garnet, gehlenite, hematite, heubnerite, rhodizite, seraphinite (serafina), strombolite, tanzan aura
broken heart: chrysoprase, rhodonite, salt
bronchitis: gold, lodestone, rutilated quartz
bruises: indigo gabbro
burns: agate, amethyst, chrysoprase, gem silica, quartz, rose quartz, sodalite
business partnerships: African jade 

calcium balance/deficiency: amazonite, garnet, howlite
calming / soothing: abalone, amber, amazonite, amethyst, andalusite, angelite, aragonite, barite (especially desert rose type), bloodstone, blue lace agate, blue peru opal, blue chalcedony, calcite (especially blue), celestite, chrysocolla, diopside (especially black star), dioptase, dravite, fluorite, fossilized dinosaur bone, galena, garnet, goldstone, hematite, hiddenite, howlite, infinite stone, jet, pearl, larimar, lepidolite, lepidolite with rubellite, lithium quartz, moonstone, orange millennium, petalite, petrified wood, picasso stone, pietersite, pink manganocalcite, rainbow moonstone, rhodonite, richterite, rubellite, scapolite, septarian, shattuckite, smoky quartz, snow quartz, sodalite, spinel, stichtite, variscite, white fairy quartz, yttrian (yttrium, lavender) fluorite
calms pets: diopside
cancer: azurite-malachite, fluorite, gold, hematite, lapis, lepidolite, moonstone, red jasper, rhodocrosite, rose chalcedony, sapphire, sodalite (lymphatic) spinel, sugilite, tourmaline 
cardiovascular: bloodstone, hematite 
career: See Success ( business / career )
cataracts: emerald, Herkimer "Diamond" quartz
centering / grounding: bloodstone, calcite, herkimer diamond, hematite, kunzite, onyx Also see Grounding below. 
chakras: see chakras page
changes (handling)/adaptability: bloodstone, botswana agate, chiastolite, honey calcite, opal, yellow turquoise
channeling: apophyllite, blue calcite, copper, moldavite, meteorites, kyanite, quartz, yellow calcite
charity: dolomite 
childbirth & pregnancy: amazonite, amethyst (preventmiscarriage), ammonite, chrysocolla (especially for preventing miscarriage), geodes, hematite, lepidolite, malachite, rose quartz
childhood issues & abuse: bridge (inner child) crystal, black diopside, dioptase, lithio-laser crystal, petalite, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline
choices / alternatives: rhodonite 
cravings: apatite, obsidian, schorl (black tourmaline, remove chaoti energy to calm cravings), sodalite
crohn's disease: carnelian, diopside, thulite
chronic fatigue: amethyst, aquamarine, aragonite, boji stones (kansas pop rocks), orange calcite, quartz, rhodocrosite, ruby, zincite
crown chakra: information here
clairaudiance: diamond, herkimer diamond, fire opal, indigo gabbro
clairsentience: indigo gabbro
clairvoyance: ametrine, azurite-malachite, charoite, diamond, emerald, green jasper, halite (salt), hematite, herkimer diamond, indigo gabbro, kyanite
clarity: amber, danburite, diamond, dumortierite (blue quartz), halite (salt crystal), tiger eye
claustrophobia: chrysoprase
cleansing: amber, emerald, kyanite, tigers eye 
clearing ( energetically ): black tourmaline, lodestone, kyanite, meteorites, quartz, tektites 
cold sores / fever blisters: fluorite 
colds, common: bloodstone, carnelian, sodalite 
colic: amazonite, blue lace agate
comfort: agate, botswana agate, jasper, morrisonite jasper 
commitment: garnet
communication: amazonite, apatite, blue lace agate, blue onyx, blue tigers eye, blue topaz, copper, emerald, euclase, howlite (esp. difficult), kunzite, labradorite, quartz, turquoise, yellow turquoise, ulexite
compassion: green jasper, green tourmaline, jade, kunzite, moonstone, kunzite, rose quartz, red jasper
compatability: green moss agate
completion of tasks: mugglestone, red jasper
concentration: carnelian, eisenkiesel quartz, flourite, jade, lapis lazuli, obsidian, quartz crystals, malachite, flourite, hematite, ruby, sodalite
confidence: chrysocolla, grossular garnet, jade, moonstone, rhodonite jade, moonstone, 
confusion: bloodstone, lodestone, fluorite
confusion (mental, disorders): amethyst, azurite, carnelian, (orange/red),  lapis lazuli, opal, rhodochrosite, sapphire, selenite
connective tissue: tanzan aura
contentment: red jasper
cord cutting (psychic, release attachments): faden crystals, howlite, mahogany obsidian, novaculite, quartz crystal
counselors & therapists stone: king cobra jasper
courage/ inner strength: agate, amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, bloodstone, blue tigers eye, carnelian, charoite, chevron amethyst, chrysoprase, fire agate, garnet, hematite, herkimer diamond, katanganite, jade, plancheite, prasiolite, red calcite, richterite, ruby, rutile, sodalite, smoky quartz, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone), variscite
courteousy: bronzite
creativity: agate, aventurine, botswana agate, calcite, carnelian, citrine, cobaltite, dolomite, double terminated crystals, euclase, garnet, herkimer diamonds, howlite, obsidian, orange moss agate (creative thining), peach aventurine, picasso stone, pyrite
critical mindset: howlite 
cross stone: chiastolite

death or transition ( assisting the process ): amazonite, apache tears, aqua aura, jet, black quartz, botswana agate, fossils , hematite, malachite, obsidian, rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, tiger iron
decision making: bronzite, charoite, crazy lace agate, diamond, emerald, falcon's eye (blue tiger eye), fluorite, jade, lepidolite, nephrite, tiger's eye, verdelite tourmaline, wavellite
dehydration: brecciated jasper 
denial / avoidance: rhodochrosite
depression: Botswana agate, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, eilat stone, fairy quartz, kunzite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, jet, moonstone, orange moss agate, peridot, platinum, quartz (blue, clear, rose and smoky), schorl (black tourmaline), spinel, topaz
destiny (finding): charoite, labradorite, moonstone
detoxify body: agate, calcite chaorite, dalmatian jasper, dumortierite, galena, fairy quartz, mahogany obsidian, realgar, red calcite, rubellite (blood), ruby, spirit quartz, sulphur, zeolites
dexterity: thulite 
diabetes: amethyst, atlantisite, bloodstone, citrine, emerald, girasol, psilomelane (crown of silver), quartz, red jasper, serpentine (new jade), shattuckite, silver, sodalite
diarrhea: brecciated jasper, salt
digestion: blue lace agate, chrysacolla, citrine, epidote, peridot, obsidian, tigers eye, topaz
diplomacy: lepidolite
disillusionment: dalmatian jasper 
disorientation: black tourmaline, hematite
divination: charoite, hematite, moonstone, tiger's eye
dna/rna corrections: ametrine, garnet
domestic bliss: emerald
Down's syndrome: ametrine, garnet, fluorite, needle crystals, rose quartz
dowsing: brecciated jasper
dreams ( recall or dream work ): amethyst, Herkimer "diamond" quartz, citrine, clear quartz, jade, kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, nebula stone, opal, prehnite, red jasper, marble, pyrite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, ruby, sugilite, tektites

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ears / hearing: amber, celestite, rhodonite
eating disorders (anorexia, bulemia, others): picasso marble (jasper), thulite 
eczema: amazonite, aventurine, blue lace agate
electrolytes: mother of pearl, sea shells
EMF Radiation: blizzard stone (gabbro), malachite, red jasper, scapolite, schorl (black tourmaline), shungite, sodalite
emotional disturbances, pain, or trauma: amazonite, aqua aura, bloodstone, chrysocolla, citrine, crocoite, diamond, dioptase, emerald, chrysoprase, howlite, jasper, labradorite, larimar, lepidolite, moonstone, peridot, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, smithsonite, thulite 
employment/job/work ( find or  stabilize ): aventurine (green), citrine, garnet (green), jade, malachite, mookaite, moonstone, ocho geodes, peridot, sapphire (black), ruby, siderite, tourmaline (yellow)
endocrine system: alexandrite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, green calcite, chrysoberyl, citrine, howlite, magnetite, green obsidian, rhodochrosite, sodalite
endurance: brecciated jasper 
energy (increase, high energy): amber, agate, apophyllite, aragonite (magick & charms particularly), bloodstone, blue calcite, blue goldstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), carnelian, clear quartz, danburite, eisenkiesel quartz, garnet, green jasper, honey calcite, katanganite, plancheite, prehnite, red calcite, red coral, rhodochrosite, ruby, rutilated quartz, septarian nodule, spinel, sulphur, yellow calcite
energy leaks: dolomite 
enhance emotions: garnet, ruby
enhance energy of other crystals: apatite, chrysoberyl, dolomite (by balancing mineral energies), danburite, diamond, herkimer diamonds, indigo gabbro, quartz, selenite 
envy: agate 
epilepsy (and seizures): amethyst, black onyx, coral, emerald, jade, jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, moldavite, sapphire, selenite, sugilite, topaz, tourmaline
ESP: peridot (Also see Psychic)
expand consciousness: faden crystals
exploring the unknown: botswana agate
eyes/eyesight: aquamarine, celestite, charoite, holey stones (eyesight in particular), labradorite, lapis lazuli, opal, rutilated quartz

facing the cause of disorders: picture jasper
faith: emerald 
family issues: citrine, family clusters of crystals 
fear (dispel): ammonite, aquamarine, carnelian, chrysacolla, chrysoprase, citrine, orange calcite, red calcite, saginite, smoky quartz, sodalite
feet: onyx
feminine reproductive-related issues: chrysoprase (endometriosis), lapis, rose quartz 
fertility: atacamite, carnelian, chrysoprase, garnet, green calcite, green garnet, kyanite, pearl, rose quartz, smoky quartz
fevers: aventurine, diopside, indigo gabbro, peridot, pyrite, tree agate, sapphire, sodalite
fibromyalgia: amber, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, emerald, hematite, lapis, labradorite, morganite, obsidian, rose quartz, tiger eye
fidelity: jade, opal
finances, stabalizing: jet, ruby
finding lost objects, people: Peridot, Snakeskin Agate, Golden Topaz, Green Moss Agate (lost treasure or money)
flu: bloodstone, sugilite
fluid retention: aquamarine
focus: apatite, Botswana agate, fluorite, green millinneium, hematite, onyx, silicon, toumaline
fortune, good: bloodstone, lodestone (magnetite), moonstone, tree agate
friendship (making and keeping): aventurine, chrysoprase, green moss agate, sodalite, tourmalated quartz

gallbladder: amber, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, danburite, gaspeite, jade, jasper, and red jasper
gambling luck: aventurine
gardening & agriculture: herkimer diamond, green moss agate, jasper, orange moss agate, lepidolite 
generosity: citrine, dolomite 
goals (achieving): covellite, euclase, goldstone, moss agate, pyromorphite, smoky quartz, yang crystals 
grace: blue lace agate, rhodonite
grief: amethyst, Apache tear, aqua aura, bixbite, bloodstone, Botswana agate, carnelian, Caribbean blue chalcedony, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, citrine, galena, heulandite, Isis crystal, jasper, jet, Lake County "Diamonds", lapis lazuli, lithium quartz, lodestone, onyx, pyrite, quantum quattro silica, rainbow crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz, violet calcite, watermelon tourmaline, pink stones in general
gossip: ammonite, beryl, fire agate, garnet
grounding / stabilizing: agate, apache tears, bloodstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, candle quartz, carnelian, cuprite, dalmatian jasper, fluorite, garnet, hematite, mahogany obsidian, obsidian, salt, smoky quartz, sulphur, tiger iron (mugglestone), topaz, unakite, root chakra stones
growth: blue lace agate 
guilt: copper, rose quartz, ruby, sodalite

hair loss: aragonite, chalcopyrite, franklinite, galena
hallucinations: green jasper, jet, jasper, leopardskin jasper, picture jasper, rhodochrosite, coral
happiness: amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, blue lace agate, blue quartz, carnelian, chrysoprase, euclase ("the happiness stone"), herkimer diamond, moonstone, pyrite, rainbow crystals, rose quartz, smokey quartz
harmonious environment: amber, amethyst, eliat stone, petrified wood, rose quartz, tigers eye
harmony: agate, amethyst, apatite, carnelian, chiastolite, clear quartz, eisenkiesel quartz, emerald, jade, peridot, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, selenite, spirit quartz, multi-colored tourmaline, tree agate
headache, general: amber, amethyst, angelite, Arizona lizard stone jasper, aquamarine, black jade, blende, bloodstone, blue agate, blue aventurine, blue lace agate, optical calcite, cavansite, celestite, charoite, cherry opal, chevron amethyst, chrysacolla, common opal, diamond, dioptase, emerald, fire agate, green aventurine, green tourmaline, holly blue chalcedony, iolite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, moss agate, blue obsidian, pearl, phenacite (phenakite), purple fluorite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, silicon, sodalite, sugilite, sulphur, stilbite, tiger eye, trilobite, turquoise Also see migraine headache and tension headache. 
healing and health (enhancing general): agate, amber, amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, azurite, celestite, calcite, citrine, charoite, chlorite, chrysacolla, chrysoprase, coral, danburite, epidote, garnet, green calcite, green moss agate, green tourmaline, holey stones, infinite, jet, labradorite, lepidolite, moonstone, peridot, petrified wood, phantom quartz, pink tourmaline, quartz crystals, jasper, malachite, rhodochrosite, rutilated quartz, self-healed quartz, smoky quartz, spectrolite, spinel (whole body), watermelon tourmaline
heart (physical): amazonite, amber, beryl, garnet, hematite, lapis lazuli, green obsidian, heart chakra stones, onyx, peach aventurine, rhodonite, ruby, salt
heart chakra:  heart chakra stones 
herpes: lapis lazuli, quartz, and rhodocrosite.
honesty: amazonite, celestite, chrysocolla, citrine, emerald, flourite (purple), garnet,  jet, kyanite, lapis lazuli, pearl, ruby, selenite, sodalite, tiger's eye 
hot flashes: citrine, indigo gabbro
housekeeping: ammonite, mother of pearl
hunger (control): apatite, muscovite

imagination: aventurine
immortality: gold, spinel 
immune system: aegerine, amethyst, aqua aura, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, botswana agate, chrysoprase, citrine, dravite, emerald, epidote, fulgurites, garnet, green millennium, indigo gabbro, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, lithium quartz, lodestone, malachite, moki marbles, moldavite, mookaite, moss agate, obsidian, pearl, picture jasper, quantum-quattro silica, quartz, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rubellite, rutilated quartz, smithsonite, snow quartz, sulphur, topaz
incest recovery: thulite 
incontinence: petrified wood
individuality: carnelian
infection: indigo gabbro, pearl, pyrite, quartz 
inferiority complex: chrysoprase
infertility: carnelian, garnet, grossular garnet, quartz scepter, realgar, rose quartz, shiva lingam
inflamation: pyrite
inhibitions: opal
inner awareness: apache tears, rose quartz, shattuckite
inner child: amber, bridge crystals, cobalticalcite, imperial topaz, morganite, rainbow boji stone (Kansas pop rocks), rainbow quartz, quartz crystal with another crystal inside
inner growth: rhodonite
inner peace: amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, calcite, celestite, chrysocolla, blue fluorite, faden crystals, hawk's eye (blue tigers eye), herkimer diamond, howlite, jade, jasper, kunzite, lepidolite, malachite, opal, rose quartz, selenite, sugilite
inner strength: mahogany obsidian
insect bites: moonstone
insomnia: amethyst, aventurine, celestite, cerrusite, danburite, emerald, fluorite, hematite, howlite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, peridot, pink dolomite, sapphire, smoky quartz, sodalite, tiger iron, zircon
intellect: aquamarine, agate, amazonite, amber, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, azurite, bloodstone, celestite, chalcedony, coral, chrysocolla, crocoite, diopside, emerald, galena, honey calcite, malachite, obsidian, pyrite, rose quartz, sodalite, spinel, tektite, topaz, turquoise
intestinal / digestive: amber, aquamarine, barite, celestine, chrysocolla, citrine, clear quartz, pyrite, jasper, labradorite, laguna agate, moss agate, obsidian, onyx, peridot, smokey quartz, thulite 
interaction / participation:  epidote
irritable bowel syndrome: orange calcite 
intuitive awareness:  amazonite, amethyst, azurite, chrysolite, hawk's eye (blue tiger eye), emerald, euclase, indigo gabbro, lapis lazuli, Mystic Merlinite™, onyx, sodalite, tanzan aura, yellow calcite, yellow turquoise (See also: Psychic/Intuition)

jealousy:  peridot 
joy: emerald 

karma (bring in good): morganite, quartz crystals
karma (release bad, protect from bad): charoite, dravite (brown tourmaline), garnet, hessonite (hessionite) garnet 
kidney / bladder: anhydrite (angelite), amber, bloodstone, green calcite, carnelian, chrysoberyl, coral, cuprite, jade, jasper, orange calcite, rhodochrosite, smokey quartz
kindness: azurite, celestite, chalcedony, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, jasper, kunzite, morganite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, sugilite, pink tourmaline, turquoise
kundalini: garnet, jet, kundalini quartz, spinel (especially red spinel) 

laughter: crazy lace agate
law enforcement: fuchsite
leadership/management: fossils, trilobite
learning: cowrie shell, sugilite
legal issues: amethyst, bloodstone, garnet (lawsuits), hematite, lodestone (magnetite)
life purpose (discover/live destiny): charoite, garnet, glendonite
liver: carnelian, jasper
logic: fluorite, sodalite 
loneliness: dolomite 
longevity: diamond, fossils, jasper, tree agate
love (see Love Stones for more information ): amber, coral, emerald, kunzite, jade, moonstone, pink calcite, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, ruby, selenite, heart chakra stones
loyalty: dalmatian jasper 
luck (good):  agate, Apache tear,  aquamarine, aventurine, blue lace agate, citrine, copper, hawk's eye,  jade, malachite, obsidian, orange moss agate, new jade (serpentine), pyrite,  rainbow moonstone,  red jasper, smoky quartz, snow quartz, sunstone,  tigers eye, tiger iron, tree agate
lungs: amber, atlantisite, bixbite, blue calcite, bustamite, diopside, eilat stone, garnet, gaspeite, indicolite, jade, kunzite, peach aventurine, petosky stone, pink Peruvian opal, psilomelane (crown of silver), pyrite, rutilated quartz, scolecite, water opal
lupus: bloodstone

magic: labradorite, lapis lazuli
manifestation: carnelian, emerald green calcite, citrine, dolomite, euclase, garden quartz, grossular garnet, labradorite, lapis lazuli, moldavite, obsidian, oregon opal, quartz crystals, topaz, tsavorite, volcanic black salt (lava salt)
marriage: pearl, peridot
mastery: onyx
mathematics/analytical pursuits: angelite, diopside, hematite, sodalite
meditation: amethyst, ametrine, apatite, apophyllite, aqua aura, aquamarine, azurite, celestite, chrysoprase, clear quartz, chrysocolla, dumortierite (blue quartz), flourite, iolite, kunzite, kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, prehnite, sea shells, selenite, snow quartz, sugilite, topaz, tsavorite, yellow calcite
memory: blue calcite, carnelian, emerald, honey calcite, onyx, pyrite, quartz crystals, rhodochrosite, spinel 
menopause: amethyst, moonstone, pietersite
menstrual cramps: jet
mental clarity: amber, aquamarine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, sodalite, tiger eye, topaz
merchants stone: citrine
migraine headache: amethyst, green aventurine, jet (natural), phenacite (phenakite), purple fluorite, rose quartz Also see Headache, General. 
miracles: blue lace agate, ammolite, chalcedony, infinite stone, rainbow moonstone
mood swings: citrine, lepidolite 
muscles / muscular: abalone, amazonite, apatite, chrysocolla, emerald
muscle cramps (including premenstrual cramps): amazonite, bloodstone, howlite (leg), orange moss agate

nail problems: apatite 
narrowmindedness: epidote
negative energy (dispel, transmute): black tourmaline, black obsidian, quartz 
negativity: carnelian, citrine, jade, malachite, obsidian, rutilated quartz, salt, selenite
nerves and nerrvous system: alexandrite, amazonite, aquamarine, apatite, botswana agate, charoite, fire agate, emerald, galena, indicolite, kambaba jasper, lapis lazuli, morganite, peridot, seraphinite, sugilite, tourmaline, yellow solar plexus stones
new beginnings: chrysoprase, moonstone
nightmares: agate, amethyst, chrysoprase, citrine, dalmatian jasper, danburite, hematite, holey stones, lepidolite, pink manganocalcite, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, smoky quartz

obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): amethyst, chrysoprase 
old hurts: rhodonite
order out of chaos: fluorite (especially cleavage fluorite), garnet, king cobra jasper, lepidolite
organization: bloodstone, brecciated jasper, dumortierite (blue quartz), fluorite, king cobra jasper, lepidolite, red jasper, tiger iron
osteoporosis: amazonite, howlite
overspending: axinite, black agate, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, vanadinite, root chakra stones


pain relief: amber, amethyst, Boji stone, dolomite, fairy quartz, fuchsite (esp musculoskeletal pain), green calcite, hematite, howlite, infinite stone, Kansas pop rocks, kyanite, lapis, lodestone, mugglestone (tiger iron), pearl
pancreas: carnelian, moonstone, tigers eye
panic attacks: epidote, lepidolite 
paralysis: petrified wood
parkinson's disease: opal
passion: emerald, garnet, ruby 
past life: amber, amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian, faden crystals, howlite (attachments, remove), obsidian, phantom crystals, petrified wood
patience: amber, amethyst, azurite, chrysoprase, tsavorite, 
peace: amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, blue quartz, chevron amethyst, chrysocolla, flourite, malachite, rose quartz, spirit quartz, sugilite
perception: danburite, epidote
personal power: amber, andalusite, aragonite, yellow calcite, carnelian, chrysoberyl, citrine, golden tiger eye, honey calcite, rutilated quartz, yellow sapphire, yellow-brown scapolite, sphalerite, sphene, golden-yellow spinel, sulphur, sunstone, topaz, yellow jasper, yellow turquoise, yellow zincite, solar plexus chakra crystals and colors
phobias: aquamarine, carnelian, chrysoprase, spirit quartz 
physical energy: calcite, carnelian, herkimer diamond, garnet,  quartz, spinel, tigers eye
physical strength: bloodstone, garnet, herkimer diamond, quartz 
physical trauma: bloodstone, grossular garnet
pilot's stone: malachite
pituitary gland: moonstone, rhodonite
plant growth: boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, quartz
PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): amethyst, dolomite, lapis lazuli, magnesite, rose quartz, pietersite 
poet's stone: emerald, sodalite, tourmaline
positive attitude: aventurine, hematite, obsidian
post surgical: bloodstone, coal, faden crystals, jet 
power: aquamarine, charoite, epidote (personal), katanginite, plancheite, red jasper, rutilated quartz, quartz, tiger eye
prophesy: prehnite, Nebula Stone, prasiolite 
positive energy: citrine, yellow turquoise
prosperity / abundance / money (attract): aventurine, amethyst, aqua aura, bloodstone, calcite, citrine, green moss agate, grossular garnet, herkimer diamond, jade, jasper, malachite, orange moss agate, peridot, salt, spinel, tiger's eye, tsavorite, turquoise 
protection from negativity (negative energies): black kyanite, black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline (transmutes to positive energy), bornite, celestite, citrine, elestial crystals, jet (aborbs and purifies), katanganite, kunzite, peacock ore, plancheite, quartz, smoky quartz (especially in healing)
protection (children): agate (especially blue lace agate and green moss agate), jade, malachite (especially from evil eye and evil spirits), mother of pearl (newborn infants in particular), ruby (all family, including children) 
protection (general, all): agate, alum, amber (used extensively by Ancient Romans), apache tears, aventurine, banded agate, beryl, black agate, black kyanite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, calcite, carnelian, cat's eye, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, chiastolite, coral, dravite, eisenkiesel quartz, emerald, fire agate, flint, fluorite, fossils, gold, golden topaz, halite (rock salt crystal), heliodor (golden beryl), hematite, herkimer diamond, holey stones, honey calcite, imperial topaz, jade, jasper, jet, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lava, lepidolite, magnesite (lodestone), mahogany obsidian, malachite, marble, mookaite, moonstone, nuumite, ocean jasper, olivine, pearl, peridot, petrified wood, prehnite, pumice, pyrite, quartz, quartz crystal clusters, red jasper, ruby, rutilated quartz, salt, sapphire, sard, sardonyx, selenite, serpentine, shark teeth, shungite, snowflake obsidian, staurolite, sulphur, sunstone, tigers eye, topaz, tourmaline (red and black especially), tree agate, turitella agate, turquoise, yellow agate, yellow jasper, zircon (clear and red), root chakra stones
protection (angelic): angelite, selenite, seraphanite
protection (astral travel): brecciated jasper, kyanite, red jasper, yellow jasper 
protection (aura, personal energy field): aqua aura, fire agate, black tourmaline, labradorite, quartz, smoky quartz, sunstone, tiger eye
protection (from crime and/or violence): jet, sardonyx
protection (disease/illness): chalcopyrite, jade, jet, cavansite, zircon
protection (from evil): agate (especially Eye Agate), beryl, black tourmaline, blue chalcedony (especially evil magick), coral, garnet, herkimer diamond, jet, malachite, pyrite, quartz, salt, sapphire, snowflake obsidian, tiger iron / mugglestone (mirrors evil & evil spells back to the sender), turquoise 
protection (evil eye): agate (especially eye agate), cat's eye, carnelian (envious eye, evil eye), jet, malachite, topaz
protection (home, other buildings): dravite, halite, holey stones, salt, riverstone, quartz, ruby, witches fingers 
protection (possessions): ruby, sardonyx, zircon (robbery)
protection (pregnancy and childbirth): ammonite, chrysocolla (especially for preventing miscarriage), geodes, hematite, lepidolite, malachite, moonstone, picture jasper (during childbirth especially), rose quartz
protection (physical): carnelian, agate, fluorite, peridot, sard, smoky quartz, zircon, turquoise (injury)
protection (poison): diamond, serpentine (particularly snake venom)
protection (psychic): amber (psychic shielding), amethyst (from negative psychic energy of all kinds), angelite (channeling), black obsidian, hawk's eye (blue tiger eye), DT crystals, elestial crystals (esp psychic attacks), fluorite, jade (especially vs psychic attack), jet (especially vs psychic attacks), labradorite, lapis lazuli, Lemurian seed crystal, mahogany obsidian (especially psychic attacks), moqui marbles / moki balls (esp during shamanic work), nuumite, petalite (channeling), prehnite, pyrite, ruby, seraphinite (serafina, chlinochlore), sugilite, tiger iron / mugglestone (especialy during shamanic work)
protection (radiation): amber, rutilated quartz, star sapphire
protection (spiritual): black sapphire (esp. undead), chalcedony (esp. undead), silkstone (esp. spirits), silver (esp. undead, from spirits)
protection (travel): amethyst, aquamarine (travel upon water), chalcedony, garnet, herkimer diamond, jet, malachite (esp when flying), moonstone (travel at sea), mother of pearl (on water), pearl (on water) rainbow moonstone, tigers eye, petalite, yellow jasper 
psychic awareness/ abilities / intuition: amazonite, amethyst, apatite, azurite, blue tiger eye (hawk eye), botswana agate, cavansite, celestite, emerald, fire agate, garnet, green calcite, herkimer diamonds, holey stones, kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, meteorites, moonstone, opal, orange calcite, quartz, selenite, super seven, tanzanite, tanzan aura, tektite, turquoise
psychic shield / protection: see protection (psychic)
PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder): howlite, lepidolite, richterite 
public speaking: celestite, azurite , blue lace agate 
purification: calcite, fluorite, chrysocolla, halite, salt 

rape recovery: calcite (orange), chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, schorl (black tourmaline)
reconciliation: calcite, herkimer diamond, kunzite, rose quartz, rhodocrosite
relationships: dalmatian jasper (long term), diamond (esp. long term), faden crystals (healing), flourite, scolecite
relaxation: bronzite, chevron amethyst, dalmatian jasper, howlite, jasper, king cobra jasper, red jasper, richterite
releasing blockages: ametrine, bloodstone, flourite, malachite, obisdian
reliability: garnet, hematite
relieving burdens: lodestone
removing obstacles: kunzite
repressed issues: botswana agate, epidote, unakite
reproductive system: garnet, orange calcite, red calcite, garnet, ruby
respitory system: indigo gabbro Also see lungs above.
responsibility: leopardskin jasper
restless leg syndrome (RLS): chrysoprase, lapis lazuli
rheumatoid arthritis (RA): bloodstone, garnet, halite, quartz
romance: almandine garnets, amber, bixbyite, diamonds, emerald, pyrope garnets, red coral, red garnet, red tourmaline, rose quartz, ruby, sardonyx
root chakra: root chakra stones
rudeness: howlite

sacral chakra: sacral chakra crystals
schizophrenia: elestial quartz, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite
scrying: obsidian, quartz, seer quartz, window quartz
self-awareness/self-discovery: chevron amethyst
self-confidence: agate, aragonite, citrine, dolomite, garnet, labradorite, malachite, moss agate, rhodonite, ruby, sodalite, tigers eye, tiger iron, tourmaline, torquoise, , solar plexus chakra crystals
self-discipline (self-control): black obsidiandumortierite (blue quartz), onyx, sardonyx, sodalite, tiger iron, topaz, , solar plexus chakra colors and crystals
self-esteem: amazonite, carnelian, copper, kunzite, rhodochrosite, green moss agate
self-expression: chysoprase, howlite
self-love: aquamarine, danburite, feldspar, kunzite, lepidolite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, sodalite
self-realization: aventurine
self-reliance: dumortierite, jade, jet, prasiolite, rutilated quartz, striped flint, variscite 
self-worth (sense of): kunzite, mahogany obsidian, rose quartz
selfishness: howlite
sensuality/sexuality: amber, botswana agate, carnelian, citrine, jade, mexican fire opal, red calcite, ruby, rutilated quartz
serenity: aquamarine, blue quartz (dumortierite), blue tourmaline (indicolite), bronzite, chrysocolla, emerald, hawk's eye (blue tigers eye), jade, jasper, kunzite, kyanite, smoky quartz, tsavorite, turquoise,
service activities: grossular garnet, leopardskin jasper, tsavorite
sexual issues: orange moss agate (also sensuality/sexuality stones)
shamanic work: iolite, moqui marbles/moki balls, obsidian, yellow calcite
shielding: amber, black tourmaline, boji stones, hematite, labradorite, pietersite, smoky quartz 
shingles (herpes zoster): blue lace agate, chrysoprase, clay, diamond, green tourmaline, fluorite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, schorl (black tourmaline), silver, and white agate
sinusitis: aventurine, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, smithsonite 
skin / skin disorders: apophyllite, amethyst, aventurine, azurite / malachite, blue lace agate, Botswana agate, carnelian, chrysotile, corumdum (sapphire, ruby), crazy lace agate, dumortierite, fancy jasper, garnet (skin protection vs disease, especially), green jasper, moonstone, moss agate, epidote, mother of pearl, picture jasper, rainforest jasper (rhyolite), spinel, turquenite, turquoise, wavellite (dermatitis)
sleep disorders (also see "insomnia" above): amethyst, aventurine, hematite, peridot, moonstone
solar plexus chakra:  solar plexus chakra crystals
sorrow: apache tears, dolomite 
spirit contact: jade, prehnite, tsavorite
spiritual development: amethyst, citrine, epidote, quartz, selenite, topaz
spirituality: amethyst, calcite, citrine, clear quartz, hematite, heliodor, herkimer diamond, iolite, lepidolite, meteorites, pearl, rhodocrosite, selnite, silver topaz, sugilite, turquoise
spleen: fluorite, hematite, lapis lazuli, tigers eye
spirit guides (contacting, working with): amethyst, angelite, apophyllite, celestite, herkimer diamonds, moldavite, purpurite, prehnite (green), quartz, selenite, tanzan aura
stability: celestite, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, hematite, obsidian, petrified wood, smoky quartz, tiger iron (mugglestone), root chakra stones
stamina: crazy lace agate, dolomite (for dealing with hyperactive people), sodalite, spinel, tiger iron 
static electricity: amber, quartz
stomach problems: botswana agate, citrine, peridot, jasper, obsidian, prasiolite
strength: agate, carnelian, citrine, hematite, herkimer diamonds, katanginite, plancheite, prasiolite, richterite, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone), rutilated quartz
stress: agate, aragonite, azurite-malachite, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, bustamite, calcite, caribbean blue chalcedony, chevron amethyst, diopside, dioptase, dolomite, dravite, fairy quartz, fluorite, galaxite, gold, hematite, howlite, kunzite, labradorite, lepidolite, lithium quartz, malachite, moonstone, peridot, picasso marble, pink manganocalcite, richterite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, spinel, staurolite, sunstone, tourmalated quartz, tsavorite, turquoise, variscite, wonderstone, yttrian fluorite
success (general): aventurine, aqua aura, brecciated jasper, citrine, green moss agate, gaspeite, green tourmaline, kundalini quartz, orange moss agate, scapolite, scolecite, tanzanite
success ( business / career) : aventurine, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, citrine, chrysoprase, fuchsite, garnet, lepidolite, leopard skin jasper, malachite, petrified wood, tanzanite

tact: howlite
teaching: glendonite, lapis lazuli, kyanite, sodalite
teeth and gums: agate, amazonite, aquamarine, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, howlite, malachite, spinel 
tension headache: amethyst, blue lace agate, cat's eye (natural, chrysoberyl), chrysacolla, lapis nevada Also see Headache, General. 
thinking: dolomite, fluorite, hematite
third eye chakra (brow chakra): information here
throat / bronchial / lung: amber, ammonite, angelite, beryl, bloodstone (throat infections), blue calcite, blue topaz, chalcopyrite, chrysocolla, galena, larimar, malachite, morganite, opal, tigers eye
throat chakra: throat chakra stones
tissue regeneration: carnelian, citrine, garnet, malachite, turquoise 
thyroid: blue calcite, orange moss agate, rhodonite
tolerance: dravite 
toxins: amber, amethyst, botswana agate, citrine, coal, heliodor (golden beryl), leopard skin jasper, prasiolite, tree agate, rutilated quartz
tranquility: blue lace agate
transformation: bronzite, charoite, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, moqui marbles
trauma (healing): diopside, garnet
travel by water: aquamarine
travel: amethyst, aquamarine, chalcedony, garnet, herkimer diamond, jet, malachite, tigers eye
truth: amazonite, apophyllite, celestite, citrine, emerald, flourite, garnet, kyanite, lapis lazuli, selenite, sodalite, tiger's eye
tumors: prasiolite 

ulcers: chrysocolla , peridot, prasiolite 
unconditional love: kunzite, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz

vertigo: cuprite, chrysacolla, malachite, sapphire, herkimer diamond, rose quartz, candle quartz (pine apple quartz), angel aura (opal aura), aqua aura, lapis lazuli, morganite, obsidian (clear), quartz (clear), red jasper
victimization: charoite, chrysoprase, garnet, green calcite, hematite, jade, leopard skin jasper, malachite, orange calcite, orange millennium™, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, schorl (black tourmaline), self-healed/rehealed quartz crystals, thulite 
vigor / virility: tiger iron (mugglestone) 
viruses (general): chalcopyrite, copper, dolomite, fluorite, jadeite, Himalaya red Azeztulite, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, moss agate, sapphire, stichtite, and turquoise
visualization: iolite, green tourmaline, holey stones 

weight loss: agate, amethyst, angelite, apatite, blue Peruvian opal, green tourmaline, heulandite, kunzite, lepidocrocite, moonstone, picasso marble (jasper), rose quartz, seraphinite, sodalite, spinel (healthy weight), sulphur, unakite (ideal weight) 
weight gain: unakite (ideal weight) 
will power: alexandrite, blue tigers eye (hawk's eye), garnet, hematite, red jasper, prasiolite, sapphire, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone) 
wisdom: amber,apatite, calcite, clear quartz, howlite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, petrified wood, smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, tree agate
wishes: moonstone, smoky quartz, unakite
worries: petrified wood
wrinkles: rose quartz 
writing: agate, amazonite, barite, blue topaz, diopside, fire agate, graphite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, variscite, zincite 

Example of a Faceted Yellow Sapphire

Example of a Faceted Yellow Sapphire

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